Best Backup Software for Windows 10 in 2019

Best Backup Software for Windows 10 in 2019 – The data back-up software function is similar to the insurance you buy. By using data backup software, all essential data that you store in your computer will remain safe. It will be useful, especially when you have computer problems.

For Windows users, Windows already has a program called Backup and Restore. This program will help you back up the data in the event of an unexpected software outage. However, you cannot just rely on this feature because the program is slow. Moreover, it also only supports full backups. That is why you need additional Windows backup software.

There is various Windows backup software to choose, ranging from free to paid version. The difference between them is in the quality and features they offer. To have a better understanding of this matter, here are some things about Windows backup software that you need to know.

Windows Backup Software

As explained earlier, Windows has been equipped with the Backup and Restore software. Although it is not practical, this feature is pretty effective for saving some of your valuable data and restoring the computer. To use this feature is quite easy; you can follow some simple steps below.

  1. First, click the start menu. Look for “Control Panel” and open the “System and Security” option. You will see a “Backup and Restore” option there. After that, click it, and you will find several options.
  2. The “Set up Backup” option is suitable for you who use the Windows operating system for the first time.
  3. The “Create a System Image” option is suitable to save your information in certain situations.
  4. The “Create a System Repair Disc” option allows you to create files that can be used to repair Windows.
  5. You should save the backup file on an external storage media outside the one for Windows installation (other than the C: \ drive).

To save a file containing information about your computer in certain circumstances, you can select the “System Image” option. This option allows you to restore Windows, complete with software and files on the computer when your Windows system is having problems.

To create a “System Image”, click the “Create a system image” option in the left panel and follow the directions. You need administrator access to use this feature. Furthermore, you can create more than one version of the system image. Set different output folders when you specify the folder directory to store the system image.

Windows 10 Backup Software

For Windows 10 users, there are also several additional software options that you can install to secure your vital data. You can buy the paid version or use the free one, as needed. For those who are looking for additional Windows backup software, here are some best Windows 10 Backup Software to opt for.

  1. Backup & Recovery Advanced

Many people like this backup software because of its user-friendly appearance and various backup options. Now, Paragon has also upgraded its product to support Windows 10. Offering several conveniences, it is no wonder that many Windows 10 users entrust their data backup & restore to this product.

The latest version of this backup software also has more stable performance. You can schedule backups, starting from daily or weekly, or customize it based on your needs. Moreover, this software can back up 15 GB of data in just five minutes. Available in paid and free versions, this backup software is suitable for home users.

best free backup software for windows 10

  1. FBackup

Looking for backup software that has a scheduling feature, FBackup is one of the right choices. The user interface is user-friendly so that beginners can use it easily. Besides, you can also set backup destinations as needed, such as external drives, CD/DVDs, to online.

FBackup has a protection system against ransomware. Moreover, you can also connect it to Google Drive or Dropbox to keep your important files safe. FBackup is reliable software to manage all the backup problems easier.

  1. Acronis True Image 2019

Acronis is also one of the user-friendly additional backup software for Windows with a variety of well-packed features for home users. This software allows you to make the entire PC as the backup place. You can easily change storage to drives, files, partitions, and folders. Besides, you will get a warning before backing up if the chosen space is not enough. Thus, there will be no corrupt files.

Furthermore, you can protect your data backup using a password. After the backup is complete, this software will give you options, namely Recover PC and Recover Files. This software is the best choice for you who want a combination of backup, disk-cloning, and rescue-disk creation.

Best Backup Software for Windows 10 Acronis True Image 2019

  1. StorageCraft ShadowProtect 5

For you who need backup software with full protection, fast, and reliable, StorageCraft ShadowProtect 5 Desktop might be the right choice. You can restore data in one process or copy a few files that you need. This backup software allows you to explore or copy files and folders.

This software offers essential features, such as scheduled backups, passwords to access the backups, as well as the option of file qualities you want to keep. Furthermore, it does not take a lot of memory, so you can still use the computer to do other activities during the backup process.

  1. NTI Backup Now 6

Launched in 1995, NTI is one of the Windows backup software you can trust. The NTI program allows you to do full-drive backup and restore. You can also create a USB or disc recovery. Apart from that, the user-friendly appearance is suitable for beginners.

Furthermore, NTI Backup Now 6 will let you transfer your system to a new PC or hard drive. You can install this additional backup software to protect your folders and system files from threats that can come at any time.

Those are some points about best backup software for windows 10 you need to know. Windows already has a Backup & Restore feature. However, it is recommended to install additional software since you never know what kind of threats that your computer will face.

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