Best Printer for Cardstock : Ultimate Guide to Pixma PRO-100

Do you often use the printer for cardstock printing? Of course, you often ask, what is the best printer for cardstock? The value of using a cardstock is quite different from plain paper.

Cardstock has a thickness and a larger size than paper in general. Printing using cardstock requires more ink and toner. Also, because it is heavier, the printers need more power. Choosing the best printer for cardstock is an important step that you must take.

One of the best printers for cardstock is the Canon Pixma Pro-100. This printer can use paper in sizes up to A3 +. This printer can use up to 150 standard A4 paper in one load. Apart from that, this printer can also print borderless photos.

best printer for cardstock Canon Pixma PRO-100

In general, the Canon Pixma PRO-100 is a printer that you can count on to print cardstock. This printer uses dye 8 ink that produces photos with bright and long-lasting colors. If stored in good condition, the color of the picture can last up to 200 years. This printer also fits various types and sizes of paper.

Here are some features of the Canon Pixma PRO-100. This feature makes this printer very suitable for cardstock printing.

  • Use color inkjet.
  • The paper media used are very diverse, ranging from A3 +, A4, and several papers of other sizes.
  • The print borderless photo quickly, in just 34 seconds.
  • Uses dye 8 ink with Chromalife 100 + technology.
  • Compatible with various types of paper, both official paper from Canon or from other paper mills that comply with PIXMA standards.
  • Able to print with large paper sizes.

Also, Canon provides several types of paper that are compatible with this printer. Some papers provided include.

  • Fine Arts Premium FA-SM1 Smooth weighing of 310 gsm
  • Photo Paper Pro Laser LU-101 weighing of 260 gsm
  • Photo MP-101 Matte weighing 170 gsm
  • And some other photo paper available directly on the printer’s official website page.

You need to know that the Canon Pixma PRO-100 is specially designed for photography enthusiasts. This printer supports the professionalism of photographers and the sophistication of the tools they use. The primary advantage of this printer is the sharpness of the image is produced. Apart from that, color accuracy and durability are impressive.

Best Printer For Cardstock

The chroma optimizer feature of the Canon Pixma PRO-100 provides the best color accuracy for the resulting image. This technology makes the printer ink droplets become very smooth and makes the color layers even and smooth. As a result, the printed photographs have even gloss, sharper black colors, and high color densities.

This printer uses an ink system with the latest technology, the LUCIA PRO Ink System. The ink system uses four monochrome colors, namely Matte Black and Photo Black and Gray and Matte Gray.

Black and gray increase the brightness of the black color and also the sharpness of the shadow in the darker parts. Red and blue have dedicated color channels, so there is no need to change channels when you change print media.

This printer is also equipped with software to help the printing process, namely Print Studio PRO. Print Studio PRO enables you to use images from the graphics processing software after the editing process has been completed. By using this software, you can maintain image quality very well. This software can transmit images easily because it has 16-bit processing technology.

The printing process using Print Studio PRO is also very optimal. This optimization of the printing process maintains a high level of printing productivity.

Besides, Print Studio PRO also has an easy-to-use interface. Plus, this printer also supports printing using various types of paper, both plain paper, and glossy photo paper.

How to Optimize the Use of the Canon Pixma PRO-100

After making your choice, you need to know the right steps to get optimal print results. Here are some critical keys to getting consistent and maximum printing quality.

Be Sure Always to Check the Printer’s Status Before Printing

Checking the printer status before printing is an important step. Make sure that the printer nozzle is ready to print. A nozzle that is not ready will make the printing process fail. This will waste the ink and paper you use.

Also, clean the remaining ink in the printer. Printing in large numbers or printing borderless images will make the ink splatter in the printer machine. Make sure that the components inside the printer are free of ink. Cleaning the printer components from the remaining ink will make optimize printing quality, and makes the machine durable.

Make Sure the Paper is Loaded Correctly

First, ensure to load the paper in the right direction. The easiest way to install paper precisely is to install paper with the printer facing your body. Next, make sure that the paper is loaded in the right slot according to its thickness and size. If using plain paper, be sure to install two or more papers at the same time.

However, if you use large or thick paper, load one paper at a time. Also, make sure the paper is not bent or curled when it is loaded. If there is a folded piece of paper, continue to install the paper after the folding is fixed.

The Key to Getting Consistent Printing Quality

The consistency of printing quality is very dependent on your habits in using the printer. Here are a few things you need to pay attention to get consistent quality prints.

First, never unplug the power cord while the power light is still on. When you press the power button to turn off the printer, the printer will automatically close the nozzle, so it doesn’t dry up.

If the power light is still on, and you unplug the cable, then the nozzle capping process will not be perfect and will reduce the quality of printouts and also damage the printer.

Second, make sure to use the printer regularly. If it is not used for a long time, printer nozzle will dry up even though it has been capped. So using a printer regularly will ensure that the printer nozzle will always be ready for use. Use the printer for at least once a month to make sure the printer nozzle is in a good condition.

That’s the article about the best printer for cardstock. So far, the Canon Pixma PRO-100 is still the best cardstock printer. Besides, this article also discusses the superior features of the Canon Pixma PRO-100. In the end, it is completed with a way to get optimal and durable print quality.

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