The Best Fax App for iPhone – 2020 Review

When it comes to sending fax documents from a phone, you need to check out the best fax app for iPhone. Using an app or an online service allows you to ditch the fax machine. 

Your business could grow bigger without using too many devices that take up space in your office. More importantly, a lot of benefits are what you will get by using a fax app.

best fax app for iPhone

Benefits of using a fax app

The best fax app for iPhone allows you to send and receive fax documents easily, practically, and hassle-free. All documents are searchable and archived. As long as you have an internet connection, you can access the fax anytime and anywhere. 

You don’t need an additional fax line and no printer ink is required. Running a small business would be much more convenient since it’s cheaper than a traditional fax machine.

The best fax apps for iPhone


If you send fax from phone, you need to try Fax.Plus. The app is accessible from the web and app. You need to register your account and all features can be used for free. 

Scanning documents with the camera is easier now and you can sign your document easily. Using the app allows you to check your contact effortlessly.

If you use an iPhone, you can turn your device into a virtual fax machine. Once you’ve installed the app, you can send documents to up to 5 countries without signing up. 

However, you can only send one page per day if you use the free version. Of course, you need to subscribe to the paid version if you wish to send more documents.


iFax is another faxing app that allows users to send documents to almost the entire globe. However, you need to pay for the service. 

The price depends on how many pages you want to send. The price is also affected by the region. The good thing is that you can assign documents directly from Dropbox or Box.


eFax is another iOS-dedicated faxing app. You can send, receive, and sign documents through your iPad or iPhone. However, the full features are only available in the USA. 

The pages you can send are also limited. In case you want to get a custom fax number or upgrade the number of pages, you can purchase the add-ons directly from the app. 

If you are looking for the best fax app for iPhone, this list is worth your shot.

Windows 10 Upgrade Folder

The “C:\ Windows10Upgrade” folder appears after you install the Windows 10 Update Assistant to get the latest version of Windows 10. Containing a program for Windows 10 Update Assistant App, this folder is only 19.9MB in size.

Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant is an automatic update feature launched by Windows to help the Windows 10 update process. This application allows you to update at once automatically. Furthermore, by installing Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant, you can secure the entire Windows system.

In terms of its function, the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant feature has many benefits. However, many users also feel annoyed since this program consumes enough RAM, reducing the performance of their laptops.

Besides, this application frequently updates without notice once the laptop connects to the internet. The users complain that the unwanted updates reduce their internet quota without them knowing. Therefore, if you experience a similar problem, you should turn off the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant before starting the update process.

However, some people are hesitant to delete it for fear of having an impact on the Windows operating system. If you do not need Windows 10 Assistant App, you can delete this folder easily and securely by uninstalling the application. To have a better understanding of how to remove windows10Upgrade folder, here are some explanations that you need to know.

Windows 10 Upgrade Folder Location

As discussed in the previous paragraph, the location of the Windows 10 Upgrade folder is in Local Disk C. This folder contains Windows program files that you install on PC or laptop. If you want to delete program folders in Local Disk C, you must also uninstall the programs related to that folder. Do the same way if you want to delete the Windows 10 Upgrade folder.

Do I Need the Windows 10 Upgrade Folder?

This folder is part of the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant after you update the Windows 10. If you think that the operating system is running well, you may delete this folder. Microsoft will not allow you to remove this folder directly. However, you can automatically delete it after uninstall the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant.

You have a choice to delete this folder or not, but it is safe to remove it from the computer. Do note that the folder containing program files from Windows 10 is meant to protect these programs from viruses. Worry no more since you can reinstall the Windows 10 Assistant App if you want to get it back any time.

Can i delete windows10upgrade folder ?

How to Delete Windows 10 Upgrade Folder

If you think that Windows Update Assistant interferes with your PC’s performance, you can turn it off or uninstall it. In some cases, the PC users are at a disadvantage since Windows Update Assistant updates programs without asking for approval. If you feel the same way, you may turn it off temporarily or permanently.

  1. How to Turn off the Windows Update Assistant Temporarily
  • Open the Task Manager, then select the “Services” option on the right side.
  • After that, look for “Windows Update” program. Click and select the “stop” option and then “okay” option.
  • Next, you can return to Task Manager, then open the “Process” tab.
  • Look for the program called “UpdateAssistantApp.exe” in the table, then click and select End Task.
  • This method is only temporary. In other words, when the computer restarts, the Windows Update Assistant download process will resume. Therefore, if you feel at a disadvantage, you should turn it off permanently.
  1. How to Turn off the Windows Update Assistant Permanently
  • First, click the “Start” menu, then open the “Control Panel” option.
  • After that, select the “Apps & Features” menu.
  • In this menu, you can see a list of all applications installed on your computer.
  • Select “Windows 10 Update Assistant”, then click uninstall.
  • After uninstalling Windows 10 Update Assistant, Windows 10 Upgrade Folder will disappear.

Besides, there are the other steps to turn off Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant as follows:

  • First, look for the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant application on the computer desktop. After that, right-click and select the “Open File Location” menu to see the location of the program.
  • After that, find the folder called “Windows10upgradeapp” and right-click. Find the “properties” option and enter the “security” menu tab.
  • Next, you will see three names in the “group or usernames” section, namely System, Administrator, and User.
  • Check all the “deny” columns in all three sections, then click “ok” to save all changes you have made.
  • After following the steps above, you still need to turn off the application access permission so that the application does not automatically turn on again.

Those are some ways to remove Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant. Try these steps if you feel disturbed by the update process, which is often without approval. By doing this, you can prevent the losses of internet quota for the unwanted updates without prior notice.


From the explanations above, we can conclude that you must first uninstall the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant program to delete windows10upgrade folder. Furthermore, you may delete Windows 10 Upgrade Assistance if you are disturbed by its performance.  For More Details reference you may going to microsoft community

Windows Update function:

  • Check for updates that your computer needs.
  • Resolve an error during the update process.
  • Improve the security of your computer.
  • Update and add operating systems.
  • Help the device operate more efficiently.

The advantages of Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant:

  • Help to overcome Windows operating systems experiencing bugs or errors.
  • Automatically update security-related databases to increase security protection.
  • Keep the computer up-to-date since the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant will download the latest available software.

The disadvantages of Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant:

  • Turning off the automatic feature will make a buildup of programs that your computer must update. It makes files you have to download bigger.
  • Turning on the automatic feature will make the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant work behind every time you connect to the internet. Sometimes, it burdens the computer performance.
  • The Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant application can download and install any available updates without the user’s consent.
  • Due to unconnected computer with the internet, accumulate updates can cause longer update processes, which sometimes also interfere the computer performance.

Looking for Best DVD Ripping Software in 2019?

Looking for the best DVD ripping software can be a bit hard, but if you know the right place to find them, it will be a piece of cake. As we live in a modern era, we all know we are now using Blu-Rays instead of DVDs. However, even though Blu-Rays have been in the market, DVDs are somehow still popular than Blu-Rays. Some people will still prefer to use DVDs rather than Blu-Rays. The only problem is, some modern technologies or devices such as smartphones cannot support the older DVD movies. Hence, you will need to use the DVD converter or ripper. This DVD ripper will help you to convert your movies to the format that is supported by many kinds of media players. If you want to know more detail about the DVD ripping software, you might want to keep on reading this article.

The important features DVD ripping software

When buying the DVD ripping software, there are some things that you must pay attention to. Such as:

  1. Hack Ability

The software needs to be able to hack the DVD copy protection and back up the encrypted DVDs.

  1. Ripping and Converting Files

The software needs to be able to rip and convert the files without decreasing the quality.

  1. PC and Mobile Devices Supported

The software needs to be able to have great quality and compatible with PC and mobile devices.

  1. Simple and Friendly

The software needs to be easy to use when it comes to converting videos to many formats.

  1. Stability

The software needs to have stability so that you will be able to process the ripping without any error occurs.

  1. Functionality

The software needs to have some pinpoint functionalities such as burning, ripping, converting, and also video editing.

  1. Clean and Safe

The software needs to always be clean and safe without any ads, malware, or adware.

  1. Customer Support

The software needs to have good-quality customer support such as live chat, online help, FAQ tutorials, email, and also online forums.

  1. Affordable

The price of the software needs to be affordable and better with free trial options.

  1. Various Language

The software needs to have various languages to help those who are non-English speakers.

The best and recommended DVD ripping software

Now, after you know what kind of important features that need to be in the best DVD ripping software, it is time for you to go shopping. Read carefully so you will not regret your decision later on.

  1. WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

The first DVD ripping software that you can buy is this software from WonderFox. Why do we recommend this software? The reason is that this software is kind of easy to run with only 3 steps to complete the ripping process. By using this software, you will be able to rip your DVDs into various formats such as MP4, MPG, AVI, MKV, and many more. Not only that but this software is also compatible with Samsung Galaxy, iPad, iPhone, and many more. This software also has embedded DVD decryption technology to remove the DVD copy protection such as CSS, UOP, Sony ARccOS, Region Code, and many more. Lastly, this software can do the ripping process so fast and you can also use the software to edit your movies. Unfortunately, this software is not compatible with macOS X and will have an imprecise display during the ripping process.

download button img

  1. Aimersoft DVD Ripper

The second DVD ripping software that you can buy is this ripping software from Aimersoft. By using this ripping software, you will be able to rip all of your DVDs including the commercial and copy-protected DVDs such as Puppetlock, Region, CSS, Sony ARccOS, and also RCE. Not only that but you can also use this software to rip your DVDs into various formats such as WAV, AIFF, MP3, 3GP, M4V, AVI, FLV, MKV, AC3, M4A, MPEG, WMV, MP4, MOV, and also VOB. This Aimersoft is also compatible with Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, iPod, PS3, Xbox 360, and many more. There is also a built-in video editor in this software to help you to adjust the resolution and aspect ration, add the visual effect, watermarking, trimming, cropping, and many more. Lastly, you can use this software to extract the audio track of your DVDs. Unfortunately, this software cannot rip the ISO or folder files of the DVD directly even though you can the converting before the ripping process. Other than that, this result of this software also is not that good.

Best DVD Ripping Software 2019

  1. WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

The next DVD ripping software that you can buy is the software from WinX. This software is pretty easy to use and will help you backup the DVD, rip the DVD, and also edit the DVD. Not only that but this software can also help you rip your DVD movies to various formats such as FLV, MPEG, MP4, H.264, MOV, WMV, and many more. This software supports both commercial or homemade DVDs and also remove the copy-protected discs such as region code, UOPs, Sony ARccOS, RCE, CSS encryption, and many more. Furthermore, this software is also compatible with smartphones, tablets, iPods, iPhone, Android phone, Apple TV, PSP, and many more. Unfortunately, this software only has limited editing features such as watermarking and adjusting the contrast and brightness of the output.

  1. Xilisoft DVD Tool Ultimate

The last best DVD ripping software that you can buy is the software from Xilisoft. By using this software, you will be able to rip all of your DVD movies to various formats such as WAV, WMA, 3GP, FLV, AVI, MP3, WMV, MOV, DivX, MPEG-4, and many more. Not only that but this software is also compatible with many devices such as Kindle, Xbox, HTC, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, PS3, PSP, iPad, and also iPod. Furthermore, you can use this software to edit your DVD movies with the editing features such as add effects, join/split, soundtrack, crop, add subtitle, add watermark, and many more. Unfortunately, you cant use this software to rip DVD movies with copyright.

How to Create and Install Windows 10 Bootable USB the Easy Way 2019

People nowadays find it is easier to install a fresh copy of Windows. USB device can serve more than a mere transfer device, it can help you boot Windows 10 easily. A USB stick allows you to install Windows 10 within minutes on laptop, PC, or media center. If your PC does not have optical drive, Windows 10 bootable USB is the best solution.

There are lots of benefits of using USB device to install a Windows copy. USB device is highly portable and it is highly compatible with almost all desktop and laptop. It is also worth mentioning that USB port presents in every computer and laptop, unlike DVD drive that some computers might miss it. In addition, installing Windows 10 is faster than the optical drive.

Windows 10 USB Install Tool

Downloading Windows 10 from Microsoft gives you two options, either to download a pack of compressed files or download an ISO file. When you decide to choose an ISO, you will get all installation files in an uncompressed file. These files allow you to create a bootable file from USB drive, copy the Windows files and run the Windows USB Download Tool. In short, you can install Windows on your computer from USB.

When downloading the ISO file, you have to copy to a USB stick. Whenever you want to install Windows, simply insert the USB device and run Setup.exe from the folder. This explains why installing Windows from USB is faster as you don’t have to run the existing operating system.

Windows allows you to create a copy of the ISO files as a back-up copy in case you need to reinstall on the computer. Your copy after installing the Windows counts as one copy. If you need to download the software, visit your Download Purchase History and access the download there.

Windows 10 Bootable USB

Create Bootable USB from ISO Windows 10

There are at least 3 methods to create a bootable USB from Windows 10. Considering the convenience, the methods are worth trying. As long as you follow the instructions, you don’t need to be a techy person to carry out this job. Here are the 3 methods to make a bootable USB:

  1. Windows USB Download Tool

Despite this method is considered old, Windows USB Download Tool is still an effective method to create a bootable USB for Windows installation files. As Windows users, you can make a bootable USB disk from ISO image file. Simply follow these instructions:

  • Prepare an empty USB stick, at least 8GB. It is advised to quick format the drive.
  • Open Windows USB/DVD Download Tool page, click Download and Run to install. Follow the dialogue box.
  • After installing the tool, run it. This tool requires ISO image file. Choose the ISO image then start the process.
  • Your bootable USB / DVD Installer will be created.


  1. Windows Media Creation Tool by Microsoft

Among other methods to create Windows 10 bootable USB, this is the easiest one that you can try. It does not take many steps, simply download Windows Media Creation, make an installation, and you are ready to go. Follow the instructions below to make a bootable USB using Windows Media Creation:

  • Download Windows Media Creation from Microsoft.

download button img

  • Choose Create installation media for another PC.
  • Choose Language / Edition and Architecture as you desire.
  • Choose USB Flash drive for Bootable USB.


  1. Use third party software

You can also create a bootable USB from Windows 10 using third party software. There is a lot of software that will help you do this job, including Rufus. Below, you will figure out how to make a bootable USB using Rufus software:

  • Download Rufus software, then open Rufus.exe

download button img

Or Rufus Portable Version

  • Plug in the USB flash drive when the software launches.
  • Navigate to Create a bootable USB drive
  • Select an ISO image from the menu
  • Click Next button, then click Windows 10 ISO you want to install
  • Click Start and Rufus will begin to make a bootable USB flash drive
  • Once finished, you are ready to install Windows 10.


  1. Create bootable USB using command prompt

You might want to challenge yourself. If the three methods above are too easy for you, this last method may be a bit challenging. You can create a bootable USB disk using command prompt, which takes more complicated steps.

  • Plug in USB drive
  • Search Command Prompt on your computer
  • Run as administrator
  • Using command prompt, open the disk management utility
  • In the CMD, type: diskpart and press Enter
  • Type: list disk and press Enter. At this point, you will see the display of available connected disks
  • Select USB drive. Type: select disc # and hit Enter (replace # with the disk number on the list)
  • Type: clean to clean the USB drive. Press Enter
  • Create a bootable partition by typing: Create partition primary and hit Enter
  • Select the partition you just created by typing: select partition 1 and type: active. Hit Enter
  • Format the USB, type: format fs=fat32 and press Enter
  • Type: assign to assign a letter to the USB drive
  • Copy all Windows 10 files and paste in the USB drive.

After creating the bootable USB, now you can install Windows 10 on computer or laptop. All you need to do is safely remove from the PC and insert to a computer you desire. Turn on the computer in which you want to install Windows 10, wait for a few minutes to detect the USB drive. When the computer does not detect the device, press the key to access boot menu.

The second reboot should detect the installation media. At this point, Windows 10 is ready to install. You can get started by powering up the installation wizard. Once it is installed, your Windows will be installed.

In a nut shell, Windows 10 bootable USB is the easiest way to get a fresh copy of Windows. You can experience a new version of Windows even though your PC does not have an optical drive, or you are out of DVDs. There are several ways to create bootable USB, allowing you to choose one that you like the most.

Best PDF Editor Review You Should Have

PDF editor allows you to modify any PDF files without effort. Individuals or business owners need to know the best PDF editor review that helps them choose the best program to support and improve their business efficiency. When it comes to PDF editor, there are lots of choices available out there, each of which provides different features that can be adjusted with your preferences.

While many of you might be familiar with the one and only Adobe, there are several other programs to give you engaging experience when editing the PDF files. Choosing the right editor is important as it influences the quality and your convenience when doing the job. You can opt desktop software or online editor as you desire.

Best PDF Editor Review for Windows 10

The wide array of PDF editor choices can make you overwhelmed. To help you make decision, you should know what you need. There are several aspects to take into account, such as editing features, create and convert feature, OCR technology, ease of use, and language support. Price should also be considered, enabling you to avoid overpriced program with abundant features that you won’t use.

So, what PDF editor programs are available out there? Here are 10 best PDF editor that will work for your Windows 10. Read carefully and pick one that suits you best!

  1. Adobe Acrobat Standard

Everybody knows Adobe Acrobat, a member of Adobe big family. Adobe Acrobat provides a lot of features to support your business and project. This software makes gathering comments and sharing documents far easier. You can also perform a full control and tracking. Simply send a link to your friend or client and they can easily open, view, and comment on the document.

Adobe Acrobat Standard is ideal if your team is working in separate locations. In addition, this application enables you to create, organize, and export PDF files on the phone or tablet. Overall, Adobe Acrobat is great but it may be a bit overpriced.

best PDF editor review

  1. ABBYY FineReader

ABBYY FineReader is created to make your job easier. This program allows you to edit scanned PDF files as easy as digitally-created PDFs. Using this program, you can also open any PDF files and start editing, no matter its source. There are lots of things to do, starting from change the data, correct typos, and adjust photos.

Interestingly, this software provides eraser tool that lets you delete any area that you need. ABBYY FineReader also enables you to modify the metadata of the document for a better organization.

  1. PDFelement

If you need an all-in-one solution, PDFelement makes a great choice to go. This software facilitates you to edit, annotate, convert, and watermark any PDF files. Using PDFelement, no need to waste time formatting the files in a graphic editor. It is also worth mentioning that the program enables you to make PDF files scratch. For this reason, the PDF can be customizable.

PDFelement is an alternative to Adobe Acrobat for it is less costly. It provides PDF functionalities with enterprise grade to improve and support your business.

start your free trial

You May Direct Download Here


  1. Foxit PhantomPDF

You might want to skip the boring steps to edit PDF such as modifying the source files. PhantomPDF grants your wish as it lets you skip the step. You can edit the layout and content directly. The program also lets you edit text to make it flow across multiple paragraphs, pages, and columns. You can even change the text size and justify the content.

Other features provided by Foxit PhantomPDF is watermarks, footers, and stamps. It also enables you to track the readers’ activity and reviews.

  1. PDF Architect

PDF Architect is another best PDF editor review you should consider. There are lots of features offered by this software including change colors, text sizes, and styles. PDF Architect improves your experience when editing the PDF documents, as easy as operating a Word document. You can also rectify typos and formatting issues in the documents.

If you need to delete pages, extract, or add pages, PDF Architect can do the job. It also allows you to merge or split the documents for the best PDF results. Modifying the background and margins is also available in this software.

  1. com Editor

A beginner can have fun with This online PDF editor enables you edit PDF documents effortlessly. And the most important, you don’t need to spend a dime! The online tool works well for Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can also access the website through your phone or tablet.

Despite it is a small editor, offers a lot of features including convert document, add text, or fill out forms. You can also import the files from PC, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

  1. Power PDF

Enjoy the convenience of editing PDF documents with Power PDF. This software lets you combine files, remove pages, replace pages, and many other activities. You can easily convert PDF files to other formats such as Word, Excel, even Corel. Whether the document layout includes tables, columns, or graphics, you can easily convert the materials.

  1. Nitro PDF Editor

Whether you need to add logos, modify text, or swap images, Nitro PDF Editor can be a good companion. It provides custom PDF creation that enables you to enjoy editing PDF documents. You can even share sensitive data as it offers multiple security options such as password protection, data redaction, and permissions.

  1. Able2Extract Professional

This software is all you need to delete or add text directly from the PDF. You can also add vector shapes or image format to customize the document. Able2Extract lets you open and edit PDF documents as well as create new files. You can easily split and merge document and add bates numbering. It also enables you to use formatting options such as prefixes, suffixes, and numbering sequences.

According to best PDF editor review above, which one sounds good for you? With a lot of options available, you are free to choose one that suits your preference. Whether you need a paid or free program, desktop or online, these PDF editors can support your business and projects.

Best Windows 10 Migration Tool

Best Windows 10 Migration Tool – Nowadays, there are a lot development either on computers and its parts. Thus, everything is getting quicker and quicker. One of the examples of those developments is SSDs that is used to reinstate the conventional hard drive at a very fast percentage. SSDs is in short of Solid State Drive and gives much faster as well as much speed compared to a mechanical hard drive. However, when you want to migrate your current Windows installation to your SSD, you will need an assistance of tool to do that. Hence, we are going to talk about several best Windows 10 migration tool which could be beneficial for you, when you are going to upgrade your mechanical hard drive to an SSD.

Why You Need Windows Migration Tools?

First thing first, when you are currently added an SSD on your computer, then you need to ensure that all of the systems and programs are already installed to it. When they are not fully installed on the computer, you won’t be able to use the full performance of your SSD. Even though, you could re-install your programs and system manually to your SSD, it will cost you so much time. Therefore, in order to save you sometimes, you will be needing an assistance of Windows 10 migration tool.

Additionally, when you are using a migration tool for Windows 10, you could easily migrating your programs and systems to your SSD. Furthermore, the complete OS separation of your hard drive will be duplicated on your SSD as it is. Most importantly, there are some software that offers special features such as file back up that will be such a convenience for many users.

The Best Windows 10 Migration Tools

Right now, you already knew the benefits of using Windows 10 migration tool, the odds are you also need to get one for your computer. However, because today there are a lot of people who are using SSD, as a result there also will be a lot of such tools and software that are already available out there. Thus, selecting the right software that will suit your needs and requirements could be a little tough. Particular data migration software comes with distinctive set of features which differ them from another migration software. Therefore, bellow list is several best Windows 10 migration tool download that you could use as references. The list is as follow:

  1. EaseUS Todo PCTrans

As we all know that EaseUS is a manufacturer that work in creating numerous storage- associated tools such as separation manager, file backup, data recovery and particularly an SSD migration software. Thus, EaseUS Todo PCTrans is one of the best Free Windows 10 migration tool that you could definitely try.  This tool gives a simple and interactive interface for the users which are very likeable.

Windows 10 migration tool EaseUS Todo PCTrans

Though, it is very simple and easy to use, it gives plentiful features. Hence, this tool is a great migration tool for either basic or advance users. This tool has two version, the free one, and the paid premium one. The paid premium version offers the users with extra features. However, the free version will be more than decent for many users, because it already has a lot of useful features regarding the SSD migration.

Windows 10 migration tool free-download

  1. AOMEI Backupper Professional

The second great Windows 10 migration tool SSD alternative that you could try is AOMEI Backupper Professional. It is one of the easiest migration tools that is exist out there.  When you are cloning an SSD, sometimes the target drive is smaller than the hard drive, thus it will become an issue because then the migration tool could not work appropriately.  However, you will not experience such a thing when you are using the AOMEI Backupper Professional migration tool. Because one of its features will enable you to clone a disk to a smaller one by moving the running system files.

buy now amazon button

  1. Laplink Software Inc. PCmover Professional

The third alternative Windows 10 migration tool that you could try is Laplink Software Inc. PCmover Professional, especially when you are such a newbie in to SSD cloning and data migration. It will give you an easy to use user interface and 24/7 assistance. However, you will only be able to use this 24/7 assistance feature when you have acquired this tool. This feature is vital for you to reach Laplink which will be helping you to solve all of the problems. Beside that this tool has a fast performance. Even more, this tool also has a feature that don’t exist on another migration tools. Hence, this tool is one of the most user-friendly, particularly when you are new to this kind of migration tools.

buy now amazon button

  1. Tranxition Software Migration Manager

The next Windows 10 migration tool that you could try is Tranxition Software Migration Manager. Furthermore, this is one migration tool which gives you automation support. This tool is perfect for those IT professionals that have to manage more than one computer at once, because if they had to do SSD migration process manually, it would be such a waste of time. Hence, this tool will enable you to setup the automated disk cloning schedules that can automatically transfer your data from one drive to the other drive. Moreover, this tool also migrates all of your operating system along with your data.

  1. Windows 10 Migration Acceleration

Last but not least Windows 10 migration tool that you must definitely try is Windows Migration Acceleration. This tool could accelerate the entire migration process. This tool is also perfect to be used by the IT professionals out there. Furthermore, this use not only can be used by consumers PCs, but it could be used by cloud server also. The Windows 10 Migration Acceleration also offers you a lot features that is essential for your data and system migration process while you are migrating your data from one drive to the other drive. Because this tool could also be used by users, you will definitely get a technical assistance. Hence, this would be such a convenience for those who are new to these kinds of data and system migration and software related program.

Animated Mouse Cursors Download for Windows 10

Animated Mouse Cursors Download for Windows 10 – A mouse cursor, mouse arrow, or mouse pointer is a graphic image on a computer or device, functioning to execute commands when you use the device. In other words, its function is as a mediator of our hand to some specific actions on the computer. For example, you want to open and close a program, move files, or do certain activities like designing or drawing.

The shape of the mouse cursor is generally like the tip of a white arrow. However, if you are bored with this look, you can change it to suit your preference. Here are some ways to change the cursor model.

  1. First, open the search column on the “Start” menu and type “Mouse Settings” in it. Then, click the search results.
  2. After entering the mouse settings, look for the “Additional Mouse Option” option and click it. The screen will show a new window with various menus. You can choose the “Pointers” settings menu.
  3. To change the cursor visual, check out the cursor models through the “Scheme” menu. A preview is also available if you want to try applying it. Then, click the “Ok” button.
  4. Have a favorite cursor design that you have downloaded before? You can search for it through the “Browse” button, and set it as your cursor.
  5. After finding the cursor you want, click the “ok” button. Your cursor has changed as you wish.

Besides using the standard cursor, you can also install animated cursors for the Windows. There are different types of mouse pointers and various models and designs are available, and you can download them for free on the internet. You can get more information about the animated cursor for Windows in the following explanations.

Animated Mouse Pointers for Windows 10 Free Download

You can download many animated cursor designs for Windows 10 for free. Here are some of the best mouse pointer recommendations and information about where you can download them.

  1. Night Diamond

With a modern and elegant design, these 3d animated cursors are available in several colors, such as silver, bloody red, amethyst, golden orange, and emerald green. For gaming mouse cursors lovers, you will definitely like this cursor design. This gaming mouse cursors free download.


night diamond cursor

  1. New Mac OS X Cursor

Want to change the look of your cursor like Mac OS X, this animated cursor theme set might be the right choice. In one set, there are six different styles. You can choose to install which design to suit your style and preference. Reference:

New Mac OS X Animated Mouse Cursors

  1. Hello Cursor

For Hello Kitty and girly-look pointer lovers, this set of Hello Kitty character-shaped cursors are worth to try. However, this Hello Cursor set is not complete, so you must use it with the other cursor themes. Reference:

hello Animated Mouse Cursors

Cool Mouse Pointers for Windows 10 Free Download

If you prefer a simple yet elegant cursor design, these cool mouse pointers might be a perfect choice.

  1. Gaia

If you want a colorful and refreshing mouse cursor, Gaia might be the answer. This cursor theme set has six static and four animated cursors to opt for. Moreover, this mouse pointer design idea emerges to increase users’ awareness about climate change. Reference:

  1. Transparency

The next cool and elegant cursor design is Transparency. This cursor display is perfect for you who like simplicity but still want a modern cursor look. By using this pointer, your Windows 10 display will look more pleasant. Reference:

  1. Umbrella

This cursor design is a little unique. With a zombies-style theme, this cursor will make you feel like using an Umbrella corporation computer. This theme is very appealing and has a cool design. Reference:

Animated Mouse Pointers for Windows 8.1 Free Download

For Windows 8.1 users, some of these animated cursors might be the right choice to enhance your desktop appearance.

  1. Zune’D Animated Cursor Set

Zune’D Animated Cursors design is cool and trendy. Inspired by old and extinct Microsoft Zune devices, this cursor has a unique and antique look. This mouse pointer design is perfect for you who like a colored cursor with a solid look. Reference:

  1. Oxygen Cursor

Initially, this cursor was presented for KDE. KDE is an international community that focuses on free and open-source software development. However, the creator—Riccardo Iaconelli—ported it to Windows. Consisting of 37 color schemes, you can choose it to suit your favorite color. Using this cursor will give a unique and playful impression to your desktop display. Reference:

  1. Rainbow Cursor

For Windows 8.1 users who like the appearance of a more colorful cursor, the Rainbow Cursor can be one that you should try. This animated mouse has a Mac cursors’ design that can continuously change color. Reference:

Cool Mouse Pointers for Windows 7 Free Download

For Windows 7 users who want to have a more elegant and modern look of the cursor, here are some animated mouse cursors for windows 7 which recommended for you.

  1. Mario Gant

This cursor set has a Super Mario character theme. Mario Gant is a perfect choice, especially for the Super Mario games or character lovers. Your desktop display will look cooler after using this cursor. Reference:

  1. Metro X Cursor Set

If you are using Windows 7, but want the Windows 8 cursor display, download the Metro X Cursor Set. This modern and simple cursor design will make your desktop look cool and attractive. Moreover, it also is suitable for you who love simplicity and elegance. Reference:

  1. Krystal

This unique cursor is perfect for Windows 7 users who like the colorful look. Unfortunately, this set is not available in INF format, so you have to set it manually, following the instructions.

Those are some cool cursor recommendations that you can install to beautify the desktop display. Make sure that you follow the installation instructions, especially for the cursor in which the INF format is not available. However, if you are reluctant to bother setting it up, you should look for a set with an INF format to facilitate the installation process.

From some of the recommendations Animated Mouse Cursors for Windows 10 above, which one is your favorite?