Fallout 4 Crash on Startup

Fallout 4 Crash on Startup

Have you ever experience the Fallout 4 crashes on startup? If it is so, you are not alone because in fact some Windows users in this world also experience the same issue. In fact, most of them don’t know about what they have to do to fix this problem. Furthermore, there are several ways or solutions that you can try and we will share in the article below.

Before revealing the solutions to fix the Fallout 4 crash on startup, let us talk about why this issue has happened. Actually, the reasons that can cause this problem are different. Some users reported that they got this problem on loading moment; some of them are after a few minutes using the windows and many more again. However, most of the users said that the Fallout 4 crash on startup was happened because of the video resolution, the hardware issue or maybe the graphic card issue. Well, whatever the cause is, here are some methods or solutions to fix the Fallout 4 Crash on Startup.


Upgrade the Graphics Card Driver

We have said above that the Fallout 4 crash on startup can be happened because of the missing or the outdated graphic card driver. That is why; for this case you have to ensure that your video card and the driver work properly. Furthermore, there are two ways that you can do to update the graphic card driver; the automatically or manually way.

To do it manually, you can update the driver from the manufacturer’s website and then download the latest proper driver and then install in on your computer. In fact, this way requires sometimes and your computer skills too.

However, if you don’t want to waste some time and are not patient enough to do the manual way, you can use the automatic way by using the Driver Easy. This software will automatically recognize the system and then look for the suitable driver for that system. It means that you will not have a risk for doing a mistake while doing the installation process. Below are the simple steps that you can do in order to download this useful software:

  1. First of all, you have to download and install the Driver Easy. The download link can be gotten from the Internet easily.
  2. After it is installed, you can click the SCAN NOW Button. It will make this software scan and detect any driver’s problems.
  3. Then, you just need to click the Update button to download the proper driver version automatically.
  4. Install it on your computer. You can also click the UPDATE ALL button to download and install the entire correct driver version, but this action can be done only if you use the PRO Version.
  5. Restart your computer and then open the Fallout 4.

If this first method or solution is not working to fix the Fallout 4 Crash on Startup, you can try the other solutions below.


Installing the Latest Patch the Fallout 4 

The crashing issue can be also caused by the bug in a game. That is why; the game developers keep releasing the latest update for that game. Usually, this update contains the essential changes for improving the stability, performance and also security for the applications that run on your computer. Installing the latest update of a game or application will ensure that you can run the software efficiently and safely.

However, you need to check the latest patch for the Fallout 4 on your computer and then install it to keep your game is up to date. After you update it, you have to restart your computer and then open the Fallout 4 to see whether this issue has been fixed or not.


Set the Graphics Options to the Low Option

The video setting can also cause the Fallout 4 Crash on Startup. That is why; you have to pay attention to the Graphic Setting too for solving this problem. In this case, you can set the Fallout 4 to the Windowed Mode and then tweak the video setting by using the lower settings. Furthermore, it is usually varied based on certain computers and hardware and also the software combination. That is why; we will not cover it here.


Disable the antivirus program temporarily

Most of the users known that the antivirus program in a computer can be incompatible with the steam games, including the Fallout 4; that is why; you have to check your antivirus program as well. To do this fourth solution, below are the complete steps to do:

  1. You need to disable the antivirus program that is installed on your computer temporarily
  2. After that, open your Fallout 4 on your computer to find out whether it is working or not
  3. If this way is working, it means that there is an issue with your antivirus program and you have to add the Fallout 4 into the exception in your antivirus program.

If the Fallout 4 crash on startup persists, you have to try the other solution below.


 Configure the settings in your Fallout 4

For your information, the improper setting of the Fallout 4 can lead the crash issue. That is why; you have to check for the setting by doing the actions below:

  1. Check the resolution of your computer and the resolution that is set in your Fallout 4. Make sure that both of those resolutions are the same.
  2. After that, go to the graphics adapter and resolution settings on your Fallout 4. After that, check the Windowed Mode and Borderless.
  3. The next thing to do is uncheck the enable intro video or you can check the Disable Intro Video on the Fallout 4 setting.
  4. Uncheck the Enable God Rays part

The last thing is that save that setting and restart the Fallout 4 to see whether it is working or not. You just need to try the solutions above and find the right one for you.

How to install xbox 360 Drivers in Windows 10

Xbox 360 is maybe a familiar thing, especially if you are a gamer. However, maybe some of you do not know about this tool. That is why; before going further about how to install Xbox 360 drivers in Windows 10, we will talk about the definition of the Xbox 360.

What is the Xbox 360? Actually, it is a home video game console that is developed by Microsoft. In fact, the Xbox 360 is the second console for the Xbox series. In the market, you will find that this product competes with the Nintendo’s Wii and the Sony’s PlayStation 3 in which they are the part of the 7th generation of the video game consoles.

FIXED install xbox 360 Drivers in Windows 10

In fact, the Xbox 360 is so interesting and it offers so many attractive features and functions for the users. It will be more convenient for every gamer who prefer to use the Xbox controller than a mouse or keyboard to play a game. What makes it is more comfortable is that you can play games via the Xbox controller in some different PC devices. You can use the available USB Ports regardless of the version of your Window OS.  In the other words, we can say that you can enjoy playing the game by using this Xbox controller in some different Windows OS such as the Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or the Windows 10.

Today, we will talk more about how to use and install the Xbox 360 drivers in the Windows 10. If it is your first time of using this gaming tool, you can continue to read this article to know how to install Xbox 360 drivers in Windows 10 and how to solve the installation issues that maybe occurs.

Installing the Xbox 360 Drivers in Windows 10

Here are some steps to install the Xbox 360 wired controller on your Windows 10:

  1. Plug this Xbox 360 drivers controller into the USB 2.0 or the 3.0 port on your computer
  2. After that, your Windows 10 will be automatically installing the Xbox 360 drivers for your controller. That is why; you don’t need to download or install any software other than the updates from the Windows 10.
  3. Once you see a pop-up notification that the Xbox 360 drivers have been installed, you can start to use it.
  4. Open a game to test the Xbox 360 drivers’ controller to know whether it is worked correctly or not.

Actually, there are some notes that you need to know in related with this installation process:

  • If the Xbox 360 drivers are not detected by the PC, you can try to plug it into the different USB port and then try it again
  • If it is still not working, you can check the updates of your Windows 10. Install any updates and you can try again.
  • Try to refer the game documentation about the information of how to configure the Xbox 360 drivers for certain games.

If you still have the errors in related to how to install the Xbox 360 drivers in Windows 10, there are two solutions that you can try. Below is the further description:

SOLUTION 1: Update the Xbox 360 Controller Driver Tool Manually

Please ensure first that the Xbox 360 drivers’ controller is not plugged in. To do this first solution, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Uninstall the Xbox 360 drivers accessories from the control panel if you have installed it
  2. Press the windows key + x from your keyboard and then choose the Device Manager
  3. Click the view option and choose the ‘show hidden devices’
  4. Check for seeing where the Xbox 360 drivers could be. Usually, it is under the category of Universal Serial Bus Controllers
  5. However, some people notice that it is under the Universal Serial Bus Devices option or under the Xbox 360 Peripherals category
  6. After you knew which driver is the right one for the Xbox 360 drivers controller, do the right click and choose the uninstall option
  7. There will be a notification. Tick the box to delete the driver software and then choose the OK Button to continue.
  8. Then, restart your computer
  9. After the computer is restarted, try to plug-in the device. Usually, windows will help to install the latest version of the Xbox 360 drivers’ controller. However, there are not any guarantees for it.

If this first solution is not worked, you can try the second solution below.

SOLUTION 2: Update the Xbox drivers automatically

In fact, you have to know that Windows just provide the driver for Xbox 360 on build earlier than the Windows 7. That is why; if you are using the Windows 8, 8.1 or the Windows 10, the driver that is provided by Windows can be not helpful.

Actually, you can do or solve the installation problem by using the Driver Easy. It is the right solution if you don’t have any times, computer skills or patience for solving the Xbox 360 driver’s installation process.

The Driver Easy will recognize your system automatically and then look for the right drivers for it. It is much easier and will make you stay away from any risks. Actually, you can install the pro or the free version of this Driver easy. If you choose the PRO version, here are the simple steps that you can follow:

  1. Download and install the Driver Easy
  2. Run the Driver Easy and choose the scan now button. Then, it will scan your computer and detect any drivers’ problems
  3. Click the update button that is located next to the Xbox 360 drivers’ controller. It will make you automatically download and install the right version. This step can be done with the FREE version as well
  4. You can also click the Update All to download and install the right version of all the drivers automatically

So, that is the information about how to install Xbox 360 drivers in windows 10 that we can share.

Why League of Legends won’t open Windows 10?

league of legends wont open windows 10

League of Legends is maybe one of the most famous games apps that we can find nowadays. Before talking about the main topic that we will discuss in this article, let me explain about this game first.

League of Legends is a PC game with the MOBA Genre or the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. You will meet the other players in a battle arena and you have to finish a certain objective (usually to destroy something) to win the battle.

In that game, you have to play five on five. Your friends and enemies are them who are chosen by the system randomly based on your ability. However, you can also play together with up to 4 of your friends by using the Party feature. Each of the team has the same objective that is to destroy the Nexus or the enemy.

In fact, the League of Legends game has tons of fans in this universe. Furthermore, in some countries, there is also held the final season that is usually held in a place and it is joined by a lot of League of Legends communities from that country. So, it is like the National Championship and maybe the International Championship is also held.

League of Legends won’t open on Windows 10

In fact, there is a problem that is commonly appeared and happened in most of the League of Legends players where that game won’t open in the Windows 10. Maybe, you also have the same question about why the League of Legends won’t open Windows 10. If it is so, you are in the right place because right now we will answer that question. So, keep reading this article.

Some users complain about the time when the League of Legends launcher does not open. In this case, most of them don’t have the other option then find the League of Legends.exe and then re-launch it again to try to solve that problem. The question is that, is it worked?

Yeah, maybe it can work, but in some cases, it is not worked at all. That is why; you have to find the other solutions to fix why the league of legends won’t open Windows 10.

3 Simple Ways to Solve the League of Legends will not open Problem

In fact, there are 3 effective and simple ways that you can learn in related to the League of Legends will not open issues. Those three ways are as follows:

1. Launch the LeagueClient.exe for opening the League of Legend

2. Change the League of Legends client option

3. The third solution is un-install and re-install the League of Legends


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Below, we will talk more about each of the solutions above to make you have the clear overview to fix the problem.

SOLUTION 1: Launching the LeagueClient.exe for opening the League of Legends

In some case, the file storing this game can be mistaken. That is why; you can consider restarting the League of Legends.exe file in order to see if the League of Legends that is not launching can be opened in the usual way.

At any time you download this League of Legends game on your Windows 10, you are free to store or locate the file of that game, so as an effort to solve the League of Legends won’t open on Windows 10 after you click the launch option.

Below are the further steps that you can do:

1. In the ‘Start’ search box, find the File Explorer and then click the enter option to navigate to it.

2. In that File Explorer, you have to go to the local disk C:\Riot games\League of Legends. The other way that you can do is installing it on the other path

3. Do the double click on the League of Legends for starting it on Windows 10

After that, you can check your League of Legends again to see whether it is fixed or not.

SOLUTION 2: Change the Client Option

You have to know that the League Client Option is related to the problem of that game doesn’t work on your Windows 10. However, if that option can be easily changed for that game, Windows 10 will be hard to open the League of Legends game.

That is why; you have to change the settings and below are the guides:

1. In the File Explorer, find where the League of Legends file was downloaded and installed

2. After that, go as League of Legends file\RADS\System

3. Navigate to the ‘user.cfg’ file and then open it in the notepad

4. Next, transform ‘LeagueClientOption=Yes’ and change it to No

5. go back and start the League of Legends on Windows 10 one more  time

6. come back to LeagueClient again and right click it to delete it

7. do the double click lol.launcher.exe file to begin it again on your Windows 10

If it is not worked, maybe you want to try the third solution.

SOLUTION 3: Uninstall and Re-Install the League of Legends

Maybe, installing the new League of Legends can be the perfect solution if the two solutions above are not worked. Below are the steps that you can do:

1. go to the control panel

2. Choose the view by category and then locate the uninstall a program in the Program

3. In the program and features window, go down to pinpoint the League of Legends and then right click on it to Uninstall

4.  After you remove the League of Legends completely, you can search for the new League of Legends program online and install it again on your Windows 10

This third solution is addressed as one of the solutions that are mostly tried by the League of Legends players. That is why; you can try to use that third solution as the easier way.

That is the information about why the League of Legends won’t open windows 10. We hope that this article helps you to make you be able for playing the League of Legends game comfortably.