How to Resolve Lenovo Driver Power State Failure

We have a lot of expectations when using a Lenovo product. It must be frustrating if we find a serious problem that makes us unable to use our PC. Various kinds of problems can occur to our Lenovo PC including Lenovo driver power state failure. We can get panicked once the blue screen appears with a statement of driver power state failure. It does not mean that it is the end of the PC. We can try these steps to fix the problem.

Lenovo Driver Power State Failure

Disconnect External Hardware

The very first solution to try is by removing the external hardware that is connected to your Lenovo PC. You need to know that although the main PC unit might work properly when the external hardware that is connected to the PC cannot work properly, it can be the cause of driver power state failure. Of course, it will not hurt to find out whether this is the main issue of the problem. You need to disconnect all of the peripherals from the speaker to the USB drive. The computer should be restarted next. If you find that the computer can run with no problem at all, it means that there might be a problem with the external hardware that affects the computer. It is recommended to reinstall the device one by one into the computer to identify the culprit.

Uninstall the Error Driver

If removing peripherals is not the solution for your Lenovo driver power state failure problem, you can try this next step. It might be necessary to uninstall the driver. The device status can be seen in the Windows Device Manager. If the device driver is corrupted or missing, the device will not work correctly. It can be seen from the yellow exclamation mark on the device icon. This kind of issue can be fixed by uninstalling the error driver.

To do this rescue, you need to boot your Lenovo PC into Safe Mode especially if your PC cannot boot in a normal way. You can open the Run box by pressing the logo key of Windows and R on the keyboard at the same time. You need to type devmgmt.msc and choose OK to continue the process. You have to find the device icon that appears with a yellow exclamation mark. If you can find any, you only need to uninstall the device. You can reboot your Lenovo PC to find out whether the problem of Lenovo driver power state failure is solved or not.

How to Prevent Driver Power State Failure on Windows 7/8/10

It’s not “driver power start failure” after all. You may misspell the word. On the other hand, failure happens all the time on many PCs and laptops around the world.

Of course, there are reasons for this occurrence. And also, of course, you can fix this issue or even prevent this from happening to your device.

In this article, we will show you a few things you can do to stop this phenomenon. It is important to maintain the health of your device in the first place.

Driver power state failure in a nutshell

A few people use “driver power start failure” to call this condition. Whatever you call this condition is, you need to know the reason behind this event though.

Commonly, your computer will show “Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE” on its screen. In Windows 10, this notification is shown on a blue bubble with a sad emoji on top of the note.

Mostly, driver power state failure is caused by incompatible drivers found in your system. So, what can you do to prevent or stop this from happening?

Driver Power State Failure BSOD

Solution to fix driver_power_state_failure

#1 Update your drivers

As has been explained earlier, this condition is caused by incompatible drivers. Thus, you need to check what drivers need to be updated. It is important to update your driver since everything has been integrated and adjusted to the newest system.

#2 Delete external hardware

Another most common cause of driver failure is the newly installed hardware. This thing happens on Windows 7/8/10.

If this is your case then you need to remove the newly installed hardware and reboot your computer. The issue is commonly fixed if the hardware is the culprit. Meanwhile, if you still see the failure message, it is not a hardware issue.

#3 Perform driver verifier

Your computer has a driver verifier. It helps to identify the problematic driver that leads to this condition. Open Command Prompt by typing “cmd” on the search box. Right-click on the icon and “Run as administrators”.

Once you’ve seen the Command Prompt window, type “verifier” then hit Enter. Your screen will show another box and choose “Create standard settings”. After that, click “Automatically select all drivers installed on this computer”.

Once the process is finished, a restart is required to check the result. Just make sure you don’t use the “driver power start failure” term anymore.

Best Laptops for Nursing Students; A Recommendation

Best laptops for nursing students are important to do essential tasks during your studies in the school. These tasks include taking notes during seminars, doing research, writing journals, learning materials via e-book, making presentations, and watching educative videos.

Without a qualified laptop, you will have difficulties in handling all the jobs. That is why choosing the best laptop is a crucial step to be successful in your study.

However, picking the 5 best laptop for students in nursing school is challenging. The fact is, not all of the nursing students understand what kind of laptop requirements that they need to have.

There are so many innovations in technology nowadays, and new updates come every day. Moreover, they are written in specific terminologies, so that it becomes harder for nursing students to figure out which laptop is the best for them.

An Apple Mac looks lovely, but a Windows laptop seems more comfortable to use in doing simple jobs. There are pros and cons to both of the laptops. If a gadget is suitable for a person, there is no guarantee that it will be ideal for the others. By reading this article, you will be able to conclude which laptop is the best for your daily activities as a nursing student.

Best 3 Laptops for Nursing Students

When we are talking about the best laptop, it is always related to the person who will use it. Nursing students need a laptop which has an excellent operating system, storage, processor, and a quite big RAM to make sure that every application runs well. A long-lasting battery will give a perfect touch for the laptop. If you want to know which laptops can match your needs, here are some recommendations for you:

  1. Apple MacBook Air

Who doesn’t love the MacBook? If you have a friendly budget, you would like to get a MacBook Air – a 13-inch laptop with a Retina display. Intel Core i5 and 8GB memory support it. It weighs only 1,35 kg, and the battery can last for 12 hours.

This laptop can perform well as an assistant to do your daily tasks. Moreover, if you need entertainment, playing games and watching films here is very enjoyable.

  1. Dell XPS 15

Best Laptops for Nursing Students Dell XPS 15 9560 REVIEW

If you need to bring a laptop to do your long-term research, Dell XPS 15 9560 will be the best. DDR4 16GB RAM and 512 GB storage complete it. It runs Intel Core i7-7700HQ, a sophisticated technology that will make your tasks more comfortable to do. This laptop can run office applications smoothly. If you want, you can play games and watch high-quality videos here.

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  1. Asus Chromebook Flip

This laptop has been famous recently, given the fact that you can use this laptop in a 360 degree. It weighs 1,2 kg, so light that you can quickly bring it everywhere. It does not use either OS X or Windows as the operating system.

It runs Chrome OS, specially made by Google. Instead of installing third-party software such as Microsoft PowerPoint, you can have some software from the Chrome Web Store.

Optimizing Your Work Using the Best Laptop

Studying hard to be a nurse will be helpful if you get the best laptop, mac, or pc for nursing students. To optimize your work, you should know the nursing school laptops’ requirements. The conclusion, you should at least check some prerequisites.

First, you should check the operating system. Which one is the most suitable OS for your daily tasks? You can choose either Mac OS, Windows, or Chrome OS. Each of them has strengths and weaknesses, so you should choose the one that gives more benefits to you. If you have got used to the display of Windows, it will be better if you get a laptop that runs Windows inside.

Second, you should consider having a high-quality processor and a big capacity of RAM inside. It is vital to make sure that your laptop will not stop working whenever you do some tasks at the same time. Do not choose a laptop with less than 4 GB RAM because it will not be able to cope up with opening multiple applications at once.

Third, choose a laptop with a long-lasting battery. As a nursing student, sometimes you do not get a chance to charge your gadget. Therefore, make sure that your laptop has a good battery that will last for at least 10 or 11 hours. There are many choices for this kind of laptops nowadays, especially if you have mid-budget.

If you are not sure about the minimum requirements that your laptop should have, you can ask your seniors. However, we do not suggest you ask them about the exact type of recommended laptop.

Asking about it is useless because the best laptops for nursing students 2018 can be very different from the latest ones. The way to find the best laptops for nursing students UK can be different from finding ones for students in other countries.

Apple MacBook Air, Dell XPS 15, and Asus Chromebooks Flip are the most recommendable laptops you can buy to help you do your nursing tasks. Your teachers or lecturers might also have another recommendation. So, if you think you still need more advice, you can ask them. You will find out that you can have a different choice because after all, everything is a matter of taste.

After observing all of the requirements that you need, you can choose the best laptop you can afford with the budget. If you do not have much money or you have something else to buy, then you need to compromise a little bit.

After all, you are the one who knows what you need the most. You should choose a laptop that makes you feel comfortable in using it.

To pick the best laptops for nursing students, think about what activity you are going to do with it. Think of which applications you will need to run on the laptop. Are you ready to find the best laptop for your nursing activities?

Best Printer for Cardstock : Ultimate Guide to Pixma PRO-100

Do you often use the printer for cardstock printing? Of course, you often ask, what is the best printer for cardstock? The value of using a cardstock is quite different from plain paper.

Cardstock has a thickness and a larger size than paper in general. Printing using cardstock requires more ink and toner. Also, because it is heavier, the printers need more power. Choosing the best printer for cardstock is an important step that you must take.

One of the best printers for cardstock is the Canon Pixma Pro-100. This printer can use paper in sizes up to A3 +. This printer can use up to 150 standard A4 paper in one load. Apart from that, this printer can also print borderless photos.

best printer for cardstock Canon Pixma PRO-100

In general, the Canon Pixma PRO-100 is a printer that you can count on to print cardstock. This printer uses dye 8 ink that produces photos with bright and long-lasting colors. If stored in good condition, the color of the picture can last up to 200 years. This printer also fits various types and sizes of paper.

Here are some features of the Canon Pixma PRO-100. This feature makes this printer very suitable for cardstock printing.

  • Use color inkjet.
  • The paper media used are very diverse, ranging from A3 +, A4, and several papers of other sizes.
  • The print borderless photo quickly, in just 34 seconds.
  • Uses dye 8 ink with Chromalife 100 + technology.
  • Compatible with various types of paper, both official paper from Canon or from other paper mills that comply with PIXMA standards.
  • Able to print with large paper sizes.

Also, Canon provides several types of paper that are compatible with this printer. Some papers provided include.

  • Fine Arts Premium FA-SM1 Smooth weighing of 310 gsm
  • Photo Paper Pro Laser LU-101 weighing of 260 gsm
  • Photo MP-101 Matte weighing 170 gsm
  • And some other photo paper available directly on the printer’s official website page.

You need to know that the Canon Pixma PRO-100 is specially designed for photography enthusiasts. This printer supports the professionalism of photographers and the sophistication of the tools they use. The primary advantage of this printer is the sharpness of the image is produced. Apart from that, color accuracy and durability are impressive.

Best Printer For Cardstock

The chroma optimizer feature of the Canon Pixma PRO-100 provides the best color accuracy for the resulting image. This technology makes the printer ink droplets become very smooth and makes the color layers even and smooth. As a result, the printed photographs have even gloss, sharper black colors, and high color densities.

This printer uses an ink system with the latest technology, the LUCIA PRO Ink System. The ink system uses four monochrome colors, namely Matte Black and Photo Black and Gray and Matte Gray.

Black and gray increase the brightness of the black color and also the sharpness of the shadow in the darker parts. Red and blue have dedicated color channels, so there is no need to change channels when you change print media.

This printer is also equipped with software to help the printing process, namely Print Studio PRO. Print Studio PRO enables you to use images from the graphics processing software after the editing process has been completed. By using this software, you can maintain image quality very well. This software can transmit images easily because it has 16-bit processing technology.

The printing process using Print Studio PRO is also very optimal. This optimization of the printing process maintains a high level of printing productivity.

Besides, Print Studio PRO also has an easy-to-use interface. Plus, this printer also supports printing using various types of paper, both plain paper, and glossy photo paper.

How to Optimize the Use of the Canon Pixma PRO-100

After making your choice, you need to know the right steps to get optimal print results. Here are some critical keys to getting consistent and maximum printing quality.

Be Sure Always to Check the Printer’s Status Before Printing

Checking the printer status before printing is an important step. Make sure that the printer nozzle is ready to print. A nozzle that is not ready will make the printing process fail. This will waste the ink and paper you use.

Also, clean the remaining ink in the printer. Printing in large numbers or printing borderless images will make the ink splatter in the printer machine. Make sure that the components inside the printer are free of ink. Cleaning the printer components from the remaining ink will make optimize printing quality, and makes the machine durable.

Make Sure the Paper is Loaded Correctly

First, ensure to load the paper in the right direction. The easiest way to install paper precisely is to install paper with the printer facing your body. Next, make sure that the paper is loaded in the right slot according to its thickness and size. If using plain paper, be sure to install two or more papers at the same time.

However, if you use large or thick paper, load one paper at a time. Also, make sure the paper is not bent or curled when it is loaded. If there is a folded piece of paper, continue to install the paper after the folding is fixed.

The Key to Getting Consistent Printing Quality

The consistency of printing quality is very dependent on your habits in using the printer. Here are a few things you need to pay attention to get consistent quality prints.

First, never unplug the power cord while the power light is still on. When you press the power button to turn off the printer, the printer will automatically close the nozzle, so it doesn’t dry up.

If the power light is still on, and you unplug the cable, then the nozzle capping process will not be perfect and will reduce the quality of printouts and also damage the printer.

Second, make sure to use the printer regularly. If it is not used for a long time, printer nozzle will dry up even though it has been capped. So using a printer regularly will ensure that the printer nozzle will always be ready for use. Use the printer for at least once a month to make sure the printer nozzle is in a good condition.

That’s the article about the best printer for cardstock. So far, the Canon Pixma PRO-100 is still the best cardstock printer. Besides, this article also discusses the superior features of the Canon Pixma PRO-100. In the end, it is completed with a way to get optimal and durable print quality.

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Finding the Best Laptop for Realtors, A Simple Guide

Looking for the best laptop for realtors is easy, as long as you know the minimum requirements and understand the terminologies of gadget specifications. However, not all realtors have time to research them.

Therefore, if you are a realtor and you want to pick the best laptop for daily activities, you need to read this report. At the end of the article, you will get a recommendation for the most suitable gadget for you.

A laptop is highly essential for a realtor because you should bring it when you are meeting some clients, giving presentations, or traveling. Almost all of a realtor’s activities are related to gadgets.

In the real estate industry, computer technology can help you to do operational and analytical tasks. Best laptops for real estate agents 2019 can help you to manage the client database and investigate their needs.

A real estate agent laptop or tablet should be lightweight, and it should not have a widescreen so that you can bring it everywhere. The RAM installed should be big enough to enable the applications to run well.

You can choose a laptop with a Core i5 processor if you need it to run decent applications. However, if you have tougher jobs to do, you would like to have a better processor. In the end, choosing a laptop will be easy if you wish to invest a lot of money on it.

4 Best Laptops for Realtors

Out of so many laptops that a realtor can have in his or her bag, we have picked four gadgets to be the best laptop for realtors 2019. Here is the list:

  1. Apple MacBook Pro

If you like to use the Mac Operating System, you can pick Apple MacBook Pro to do your jobs. Intel Core i5 Quad-Core processor, a reliable and super-fast SSD, strengthen its performance.

You will enjoy using it since it has a long-lasting battery, up to ten hours without charging. The robust security system inside it is marvelous, and the screen is not too wide (13 inches).

  1. HP Spectre x360-13t Quad-Core

HP Spectre x360-13t Quad-Core is the best laptop for real estate investors. You can fold it into 360 degrees so that you can use it as a design book or a tablet. It is so light (only 2,78 pounds) that you can easily carry it in your bag and take it with you during urgent meetings.

Best Laptop for Realtors HP Spectre x360 13

HP Spectre runs with the 8th Generation Core i7 Processor Quad-Core, 16GB RAM, and 512GB stable SSD. You will love to use it all day because this touch screen laptop’s battery can last for up to 14 hours.

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  1. Google Pixelbook

If you like simplicity, you will love to have a Google Pixelbook for its lightweight and fast processor (best for office tasks). It runs 7th Generation Core i5 Processor in an 8GB RAM and 128 internal storage.

As you might have guessed, this laptop does not aim to save large databases, because Google Pixel Book can work well with cloud synchronization. However, if you need some more space for data, you can get an external SSD to complete this lovely gadget.

  1. Dell G5 15

If you think you need stable and large storage capacity, Dell G5 15 is perfect with its one terabyte SSD. You will no longer need to use clouds to store precious data, such as clients’ portfolios, company assets, and other crucial databases.

Dell G5 15 runs with 16 GB RAM and Intel 4.5 GHz Core i7 processor – a combination that lets you work with no worries. If you need to do a task with multiple applications at the same time, this laptop can perform its best for you.

Enjoy Your Work Using the Best Laptop

If you ask your partners about what is their ideal laptop’s minimum requirements, you will find out that there are at least four aspects to consider. The first is the operating system because some of you can use Windows well, and some others love to work with Mac OS.

The second is the specifications of memory and processor, because we know laptop runs with RAM more than 4GB can work faster. The third and fourth will be about the storage and battery because everyone has different need about it.

Another way to find the best laptop is by looking at last year’s recommendations (best laptop for realtors 2018). Usually, the same company will have an upgraded version of the previous year’s best laptops so that you can buy the latest ones.

You can find it on the internet or ask anyone around you that understand computer technology and its updates. If you have found an answer, you can start to check whether the list is related to the laptops we have mentioned previously.

When you are thinking about which gadget to buy, do not only consider the basic tasks you often do. In the meantime, you will need entertainment sometimes.

So, having a good laptop for watching videos or playing games can help you to relax after doing a pile of tasks. A 6GB or 8GB RAM laptops which have a high quality of graphics and big storage capacity can be the best solution for the needs.

If you have picked the best laptop with amazing specifications, you can start to consider other little things. Think about the design, choice of colors, and many other things. Some gadget companies launch limited editions of some series of laptops. If you like to have it, you can come to the official laptop galleries and ask about it directly to the sellers.

Another essential thing about picking the best laptop for realtors is about the budget. We suggest that you choose a laptop with at least mid-budget because this gadget can be a long time investment.

However, if you do not have that much money and you need to pick the best laptop for realtors among those you can afford, think about the processor, RAM, and storage first. If you can deal with the specifications of those three aspects, the rest can compromise.

Programmers Need These the Best Keyboards for Programming

In the future, a programmer will become a good job for a great payment. This job will become more popular due to every person’s task will be done by using a computer. There will be many of the best software for a programmer. You who study this major and become a programmer should buy the best keyboard for programming to support your job.

You recognize that this kind of keyboard supports and give advantages to your comfort and speed to type program. It has good durability and lifetime also compared to an ordinary keyboard. It will become a good weapon to empower your skill as a professional programmer.

You should buy the right keyboard and don’ wait until your old keyboard dies. The function of this keyboard is crucial due to encode language that is understood for a computer.

The Importance of a Good Keyboard

We can say that the keyboard is like a sword or weapon for the programmer. Whatever you are still studying on your major as a programmer, you will need this stuff. A good keyboard can boost performance due to comfortable and can be pushed easier by fingers. It provides better durability towards finger push.

Besides a good computer, a programmer should concern about keyboard specs also. There will be many programming keyboards that the programmer can buy. Almost the more spec, you have to pay more money to obtain this kind of keyboard.

Anyway, this kind of keyboard may not easy to be bought offline. You can buy it through the online store so that you don’t have to go outside your home. After you have done with your task, you can play games together comfortably with your friends. This keyboard is enabled you to do those things.

There will be a list of programming keyboards on this website. You can say the list below.

  1. Leopold Fc660c
  2. Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo
  3. Logitech Craft
  4. Unicomp Classic 104
  5. Corsair K83 Wireless Entertainment Keyboard

That keyboard has its own specification and price. You should understand every specification to meet your needs. Anyway, you can understand the whole specification on this site.

Specification and Price Range About Programming Keyboards

You want to buy one of the best keyboards so that you should understand about every keyboard review. There will be a plus and minus for every single product. You can choose whatever keyboard is suitable for your programming needs.

  1. Leopold Fc660c

One of the best keyboards for programmers is Leopold FC660C. This keyboard has a sturdy board and some time you need more effort to press one button on this keyboard. This programming keyboard has a demure weight rather than other programming keyboards. The weight is around 45 grams.

Leopold FC660C Best Keyboards for Programming

This board provides all arrow keys which is so important for the programmer. There is some additionals button on the keyboard which is almost similar to a laptop keyboard, such as Fn+Arrows that give you Page Up, Page Down, Home, or End.

Anyway, this keyboard also has weaknesses such as media controls and volume. Fortunately, you can solve this problem by using AutoHotKey by using mapping issues. This board will give a sound of “thock” due to needing more effort to push the button on a keyboard.

  1. Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo

The next keyboard is Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo that will not produce a sound of “thock” because it uses new technologies. This keyboard has released to aim gamers and programmers. It has good arrangement of the board and cool aesthetics. You can see RGB lighting shines in a combination with red, purple, yellow, blue, and so on.

This keyboard provides a mute button, toggle to switch, and volume control. You can say that this keyboard has a complete button rather than Leopold Fc660c. You can buy this keyboard with a price of $159.99. Anyway, it is worthed to buy this keyboard that can support your job.

You don’t need to press the keyboard too hard to solve your program such as Leopold Fc660c. This keyboard does not release “thock” sound so that it is more silence. You may not find pass-throughs on this keyboard, because this keyboard does not possess macro keys.

  1. Logitech Craft

Sometimes more expensive is better. Otherwise, you may also find a case where the stuff like the keyboard is not fit enough with the price. That is why you should search for the whole specification before you buy keyboard. One of the best keyboards for programmers is Logitech Craft.

You may not see RGB lighting that can lure gamers to buy this keyboard. It persuades people to buy because of the minimalistic design. You can say that this keyboard is really similar to the ordinary keyboard. It means that it is not interesting design. It offers good media control button for programming.

This keyboard also has characteristics of the tactile board. This keyboard does not provide an extra button that can confuse users. You can also use control customize control such as Fn key by using this keyboard.

There will be no complaint about this keyboard. You also know that Logitech is an awesome company with perfectionist performance.

This keyboard offers a higher price range than Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo that is $200. This keyboard is also useful for creative design. Anyway, many of the programmers use this keyboard.

  1. Unicomp Classic 104

Another best keyboard layout for programming is Unicomp Classic 104. This keyboard has released by an American company so that you can ensure the long life of this keyboard. It offers users to use incredible configuration and comfortable for typing in long term.

It has a simple and minimalistic design also like the Logitech Craft keyboard. The base made of black plastic and the keys are white in color. This keyboard produces a little noise due to you need more force to push the keys.

This keyboard is more affordable than others so that you can buy it without any further consideration. The price range is $99 that makes this keyboard becoming popular for any programmers.

  1. Corsair K83 Wireless Entertainment Keyboard

You may see different shaped for Corsair K83 Wireless Entertainment Keyboard. This keyboard is not suitable for gamers, but this keyboard offers strong power for programmers. This keyboard has the best key feel and lightweight that make it portable.

You can connect this keyboard with your computer in several ways. You can connect it through Bluetooth or USB port. This is suitable for the typing program due to its trackpad ability. You can replace annoying small arrow keys by using an analog stick that is easy to use.

Anyway, there will be several options for the best keyboard for coding. You can consider it based on your needs and your budget. Those can be easily bought through online store whenever you have to change your old keyboard. You can use keyboard shortcuts also to improve your encoding productivity.

Kindle Fire not showing Up on Windows 10

Kindle Fire is the mini-computer tablet as a reader for the Kindle e-book in We can say that Fire is a popular tablet that is made by Amazon. This device gets its popularity really fast due to its solid hardware and also affordability. Although it is a great device, some users reported that this device was not recognized by Windows 10 or by the other Windows system. That is why; today we will share some solutions to fix that.

Kindle Fire not showing Up on Windows 10

SOLUTION 1: Installing the MTP USB Device Driver

If some devices are not detected in your Windows, it can be caused by the missing driver. To fix this problem, you can install the driver manually because it is so simple. Below are the steps:

  1. You need to press the Windows Key and X button together to open the Win + X menu. After that, choose the Device Manager in that list.
  2. After the Device Manager is opened, you have to go to the VIEW part and then check the “Show hidden device” option.
  3. Search for the Kindle Fire in Device Manager. If it is not installed properly, you have to see it as the Portable device with the yellow exclamation mark next to it. You can right-click it and then choose the Update Driver Option.
  4. Chose the option to Browse your Computer for the Driver Software
  5. After that, select the option of Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer
  6. Select the Portable Device part and click NEXT
  7. You need to uncheck the part of Show Compatible Hardware and then choose the MTP USB Device.
  8. Click on the NEXT option for installing the driver.

After installing this MTP Driver, usually your computer will recognize the Kindle Fire and you can transfer any files that you want.


SOLUTION 2: Downloading the Latest Version of Kindle Fire

If the kindle fire that you have is not recognized by the Windows, maybe it is because of the Kindle app itself. If the app is outdated, it may trigger this issue. Some users reported that installing the latest version of the Kindle fire can solve this problem. You can even still try this way even you had already downloaded the latest version of the Kindle Fire.


SOLUTION 3: Setting your device to connect as a camera

Some users said that you can fix the Kindle Fire not showing up on Windows 10 by connecting the Kindle Fire as a camera. To do this solution, you can open the pull-down menu and choose it by going to the Settings > storage part on your tablet. For your information, the other users also stated that they can fix this problem by connecting the Kindle Fire as the USB Device or MTP. You can also do this thing from the storage section. It is not a permanent solution, but you can always try it when the problem occurs.


SOLUTION 4: Transferring the files over the WiFi Network

To do this solution, you can use the Amazon Cloud Drive and the File Manager. The other application that can be your reference is the “Send to Kindle” and the WiFi explorer. By using this app, you can transfer the files to Kindle over the WiFi network. This is just the workaround solution, but it can be useful if you really need to transfer some important files at a certain time.


SOLUTION 5: Trying the Different Cable

If the Kindle Fire is not recognized by Windows, it can be caused by your cable. Sometimes, the cable can stop working due to the damage or the other reasons. If it is the case, it means that you need to replace the cable. After that, try to check whether this issue is solved or not. Some users said that they had tried some different USB cables before they find the best one for them. In addition, some other users also suggested using the non-Amazon cable. You may try this too.


SOLUTION 6: Connecting the Kindle to the PC and then Restarting It

In fact, the Kindle Fire not showing up on Windows 10 issue can be solved by simply connecting the Kindle with your PC and then restarting it again for few times. Here are the steps to do this solution:

  1. First of all, connect the Kindle with your computer
  2. After that, restart it
  3. If everything is in order, there will be a sound that you can hear. If it is not, you can repeat the previous steps above until you hear the connection sound.
  4. Next, enter your PIN Code on the kindle. If you get a message stating a low-capacity charger, you can just ignore it.
  5. Go to “this PC” option and you can find the Fire Drive next to “My Pictures” or My music option.

You have to try this solution as well.


SOLUTION 7: Turning off both the devices and use Calibre for transferring files

To try this method, try these following ways:

  1. First of all, turn off the computer or PC and Kindle. After that, disconnect all the cables
  2. Then, turn on the PC again
  3. After that, open Calibre and connect the Kindle to the PC
  4. Turn on your Kindle

Usually, after doing the steps above Windows will recognize your Kindle and you can transfer any files without any problems.


SOLUTION 8: Connect Your Device to the Different USB port

Some people said that the Kindle was not recognized when it is connected to a USB 3.0 port. This USB port is relatively new and maybe some older devices cannot have the capabilities to deal with it. If you are using the USB 3.0 port, maybe you need to try for connecting the Kindle to the USB 2.0 port. Some users reported that it can fix the issue, so it is better to try this simple solution. However, some users also reported that the Kindle can be recognized only when it is connected to the USB 3.0 Port.