How to Send a Free Fax

Send a free fax – In these modern and advanced days, we probably rarely use the fax machine. However, some companies are still using fax machines to receive and send something. Well, installing our own personal fax machine will be troublesome. You probably wonder why some of the companies use fax machines instead of email in this advanced age because of the internet. Well, I don’t know and don’t want to know. However, with the internet, we can send a fax. We can even send fax from phone. Well, the online fax service is not free, but most of them are available for a free trial. So, because of that, in this article, we will talk about how to send a free fax.

Preparations Send a Free Fax

There are a few things that you will need before sending a fax. Well, first, you need an internet connection, an email account (I prefer Gmail, though), and digital files that you need to send through fax. Lastly, you need an online fax account service. 

Sending a free fax

Sending free fax is easy, but it is limited if you don’t want to pay. So, make sure that you only send fax very rarely. If you want to send a fax for a frequent time, my suggestion is to pay for the subscription, or you can try to install your own personal fax machine through your telephone cable. Of course, it is not free either. 

Send a Free Fax

Well, all we need first on how to send free fax is to open the site of an online fax service on the internet. Well, let’s just say the Hellofax. We have to register a Hellofax account. Since it needs an email account, you should try to register using your email account (I still prefer Gmail). 

After you registered the Hellofax account using your email address, it will ask you to confirm the email. So, head to your email and find the confirmation email. 

So, let us send fax. Well, as I mentioned, you need the digital file that you want to send. If you have it, then upload it to your Hellofax. After that, input the destination fax number you want to send the file to, such as your office’s fax. After you input the number, make sure that nothing is missing. And finally, click Send. 

Remember, to send more than 50 faxes, you need to pay for the subscription. This includes receiving fax too. Well, that is the end of how to send a free fax.

Send or Receive Fax Online Free

Receive fax online free – Facsimile, or we know it in short as fax, is a machine where we can send a copy of a letter or such through the phone lines. However, nowadays, it is rare for most companies now to use it. However, you probably still need it for something urgent through the facsimile. Well, setting up your fax machine can be complicated because it can take a lot of time. Luckily, we can send or receive fax online free through the internet. 

Sending a free fax through email

Well, we actually are able to send fax from phone through the email account we have. For the email service, I personally prefer to use Gmail more than anything. I used to have a Rocketmail, but now, it is gone, including my linked social media, like Facebook. 

Since we don’t have a fax machine, the fax that we need to send must be a digital file. Alright, let us just start how to send a fax through the email. Well, open this link, right here. From there, you need to sign in with Google. After that, download the addons/extension of Hellofax for your browser. 

Receive Fax Online Free

From the extension or the addon of Hellofax, you can send your fax there. First of all, click ‘Send a Fax’ option. Remember, the stuff you want to send must be a digital file like doc, pdf, jpeg, and many more. You can use your scanner to make it digital if you only have the hard file. If you already have it, then attach or upload the file you want to send. 

The last thing you will do is to input the fax numbers you want to send to. If you need to send a fax to your office, then input your office’s fax number. After you input the number, then click ‘Send.’ Bravo, you just send fax. However, receive fax online free is a whole different matter.

Sadly, we can’t send faxes more than 50 in Hellofax. For that, we need to pay for the subscription. 

Receiving fax online

Sadly, we may be able to send a fax for free. However, when it comes to ‘receive fax online free,’ there is no such thing. As we can see, it is rare for people to use a fax service nowadays, so no wonder why we have to pay for it to keep the fax service company alive. So, that is the tutorial of how to send a fax through the internet.

Can You Fax From A Computer? Well, Sending and Receiving Fax from A Computer is Perfectly Easy

Can you fax from a computer? Ok, in Windows 7 Ultimate, there is a fax facility. With this program, computers can send faxes, even receive faxes. The conditions are having an instant fax modem and a telephone network.

How to send and receive faxes through a computer!

Send a Fax From Windows 7

In the first step, make sure you install the modem correctly. After the modem is installed, it’s time to send a fax testing. Turn on the fax program in Windows 7, the ways are:

You first click the start menu, then choose the device and printers or Windows Fax and Scan, then choose fax. The first time it is run, the program asks for our country settings, area code numbers, and telephone numbers that we use.

If so, it will return to the program. Click New Fax – type the desired data – specify the destination number. At that time I tried to fax it from home to the office. The program will work, usually, there are typical data fax sounds. Sending a fax is very easy and fast, right? The way to send fax from the phone is also as easy as this.

Fax From A Computer

Receiving Faxes From Windows 7

Ok, can you fax from a computer is not a big question anymore. You already know how to send a fax and of course, you can do it. Then, how to receive it using a computer? In most cases, when someone sends a fax to the house number, it turns out that the call was picked up instead.

How did this happen? Indeed, the difficulty when receiving fax is: there is no difference between the sound of a telephone and the sound of fax. Then try again to find out how it works according to the case.

The case is like this:

  1. If someone sends a fax to our number, the telephone will ring 5x. after that there will be a notification on the computer, and the fax will be received (in file form)
  2. If someone sends a fax, and we think it is an incoming telephone, then we pick up, then the fax fails to send.
  3. If someone calls you, and you think it is a fax, then the phone will ring 5x, there will be a notification on the computer, but the fax is empty, then the network looks like a short-circuit and sounds loud “tuuuuuuuuuut” (it sounds the same as the telephone receiver you picked up during 5 minutes). On the side of the person who calls after hearing the ringtone 5x, then there will be a fax machine sound ‘tiit tuut tiit tuut’ (it hurts the ears, and usually when you hear that people don’t want to call back, because they think it’s a special fax line).


  • Temporary solution: to receive a fax, you need confirmation from the sender.
  • Weaknesses: if the computer is off, it won’t be able to receive faxes.
  • Pros: save paper, faxes are received directly in the form of files, and when sending faxes do not need to be printed, just from the worksheet directly printed to fax. for example we type in word press ctrl + p, point to fax. type the destination number, then our worksheet will be printed on someone else’s fax machine.

So, if there is no budget to buy a fax machine, you can use a computer to send faxes (guaranteed 100% easy), to receive faxes also can, even if it’s a bit complicated.

How to send a fax without a fax machine

How to send a fax without a fax machine? It is possible after all. In this article, we will break down the steps and tips to send fax documents without using a traditional fax machine in the first place.

Sending fax documents with an app

The first yet the easiest way to send fax documents without a fax machine is by using a faxing app. There are several apps available on the market. Some of them are free and the rest may require a paid subscription so the features can function well. 

All you need to do is to download the app and sign up or register your account. As long as you have an internet connection, you can access your fax whenever and wherever. 

You can also use the app from your computer (even though not all apps have this feature). Send fax from phone is easier and more practical by using a faxing app.

How to send a fax without a fax machine

Sending fax documents through a web browser

How to send a fax without a fax machine?

Some apps are also accessible through a browser. This way will transform your PC or smartphone into a virtual fax machine.

The procedure is similar to sending fax documents through an app. Of course, you need to have a fax number before sending or receiving fax documents.

To complete the procedure, you may need to spend a few minutes. You need to use an internet connection to access the browser.

Sending fax documents by using email

If you use fax services for your business, you can use your email address to receive and send the documents. This service is offered by most online faxing providers.

To use this feature, some providers require you to sign up for a paid account. Signing up for a paid account also allows you to use other premium features.

The process is similar to faxing through a web browser or an app. When you get a fax document, you will get an email with a PDF document attached.


You don’t need to have a traditional fax machine in the first place. You can send and receive documents easily. As long as you have a decent internet connection, Online faxing can be done anytime and anywhere. 

Since there are a lot of ways you can try to send fax documents without using a fax machine, you need to choose the one that suits your lifestyle better. And this is the end section of “how to send a fax without a fax machine”.

How to Solve TLS Security Settings Problems

Have you ever experienced a problem when trying to connect to a website? The browser keeps showing that it might be because of outdated or unsafe TLS security settings. This is the last thing you want to see, especially when you are in a tight deadline. How to solve this security setting problem when you are not a computer geek? What is actually TLS security setting?

Well, there is nothing to do with computer expertise. Even if you are not a techy person, you can solve this TLS problem in no time. All you need to do is understand what TLS security really is and how to set it to default. Here, you are about to know more about TLS including what it is, how to set to default, and many others. Keep scrolling and be insightful!

TLS security settings

What Is TLS Security Settings?

Transport Layer Security (TLS) as a successor of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a cryptograph protocol to provide a secure and safe internet communication. Both TLS and SSL use X.059 certificate to perform their asymmetric encryption. Asymmetric encryption typically use private key and public key. TLS also requires certificate authority to make sure the encryption that uses public key infrastructure can be carried out securely.

In an internet protocol, TLS and SSL conducts encryption in Application layer. The encryption is subsequently brought to Transport layer to continue the data. To perform its job, TLS requires to be set to default. Otherwise, you will be unable to access any website and your screen shows that you have outdated or unsafe security settings.

Each browser may require different method to set to default. If you happen to experience the same problem, make sure you set the setting according to the browser you are using. Setting the TLS is quite easy as it does not require complex steps. As long as you have the tutorial, you can do the computer geek way to solve the problem.

How to Set TLS Security Settings to Default

After noticing that your web browser has problem with TLS security setting, you can directly find simple tutorials to set the TLS to default. As aforementioned, each browser requires a different method to set the TLS to default. Having that said, all of them are pretty easy that you can do it by yourself. Check this out to find how to set TLS security for Safari and Firefox.

  1. Firefox

Follow the instructions below to enable TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 in your Firefox browser:

  • Open Firefox
  • Navigate to address bar and type about:config then press Enter
  • In your Search field, type tls. Double-click for the security.tls.version.max entry
  • Set the integer value to 4. This is to force a TLS 1.3 maximum protocol.
  • Click OK
  • Close and restart your Firefox browser.
  1. Safari

In fact, there is no way to enable SSL Protocols in Safari. If you are using later version of Safari, 7 or greater, both TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 are enabled automatically. If you want to boost the performance by using TLS 1.3, you can do the following steps:

  • Open the terminal, then become a root
  • Type command defaults write /Library/Preferences/ tcp_connect_enable_tls13 1 then hit enter
  • Relaunch your Safari browser and feel the difference.

Unsafe TLS Security Settings

Unsafe TLS security issue is undoubtedly annoying. You didn’t do anything wrong, only use the browser as usual and this problem suddenly emerges. You may not know what possibly cause unsafe TLS security. But when you don’t fix the problem, it is nearly impossible to use the browser unless you have the other one.

The issue can be caused by related features that are disabled. You may unintentionally disable the feature in the Settings, causing an alteration in the browser settings that affects the TLS security. Or else, it can also be caused by Windows update or application re-setup. If you didn’t do anything with the browser, the second reason may explain the problem.

The one and only way to get rid of unsafe TLS is by restoring the settings to the default. As stated previously, the method depends on what browser that you are using. Internet Explorer requires different steps from Firefox or Safari. However, solving the problem by restoring the setting is not a permanent solution. The issue may appear again in the future.

TLS Security Settings Internet Explorer

Many Internet Explorer users complain about having TLS security issues. The error message indicates that your TLS is outdated or unsafe. Good news, you can get rid of this problem without too much effort. Specifically for Windows 10 users, you can use the following steps to fix TLS issue in IE.

  • In the Windows Search field, type Internet Options. Open the top result
  • You will see a pop-up dialog box. Navigate to the Advanced tab. Find the tab under the Security heading. Try to find Use SSL 3.0 and check the box.
  • Also check the boxes of TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, and TLS 1.2. Click Apply and OK button.
  • Restart your IE browser and the issue will disappear.

You can also try another method to fix the TLS security problem. This may be a shortcut as you can do the setting directly from the IE browser.

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Click Tools, then click Internet Option
  • Navigate to Advanced tab and click.
  • Under the Security section, check USE TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, and TLS 1.2.
  • Reload the website you are opening, check if the method works.

Source : Microsoft Community

TLS Security Settings Chrome

In Chrome, the connections are automatically performed at the highest grade. Specifically for Google Chrome version 22 or later, TLS 1.1 is automatically enabled. For Chrome version 29 and later, TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 are automatically supported. But you can always enhance the experience by enabling TLS 1.3 in your Chrome browser. Follow the instructions below:

  • Open Chrome
  • Type the command chrome://flags/#tls13-variant in the address bar then press Enter
  • Relaunch your browser and feel the difference.

All in all, TLS security settings play a major role in ensuring your internet communication. It ensures your communication is safe and secure in the internet. When you see the error message related to TLS issue, you don’t need to worry as it requires simple steps to overcome.

How to Send a Fax from Gmail

How to Send a Fax from Gmail – A fax machine is a machine to send a copy of files or documents identical to the original one. This machine was booming in the early 2000s, and most of the companies used it. However, as the process of sending data becomes more accessible, we now rarely find fax machines.

The inventor of the fax machine was Alexander Bain in 1843. The Scottish physicist initially developed a communication tool called telegraph. This machine continues to be developed by scientists, becoming a fax machine that we now find in offices.

To send documents this way, the sender and the recipient must have a fax machine. First, you need to place the files on the machine. After that, press the recipient’s telephone number. The recipient’s machine will print the documents on a special paper called thermal paper.

The need for information exchange between agencies is increasingly high, making a great presence of fax machine at that time. Technology researchers keep developing its data transmission speeds to exchange information faster. In this case, the latest fax machine can send files within 10 seconds.

Nowadays, the use of fax machines is indeed not as vibrant as before. Some people think that sending data using email is more practical, easier, and faster. However, it turns out companies in some countries still rely on fax machines to send documents; one of them is Japan.

For the Japanese, several fax roles cannot be replaced by e-mail. They prefer to use traditional fax machines for several reasons. Some of these reasons include:

  1. The Japanese have a habit of seeing the handwriting. They believe that a person’s signature or handwriting can describe his/her mood.
  2. The process of scanning documents to sending an e-mail is quite time-consuming. The Japanese think that this method is less efficient.
  3. Sending data using e-mail has a risk of data leakage. Unlike faxes, e-mails must pass through many internet servers before reaching the recipient. Therefore, it is better to use a fax to send valuable and confidential data.

To survive, the fax machine manufacturer must innovate their products. The printer and scanner are added to the most modern fax machine. This way, the buyer will get a fax machine that can simultaneously become a printer, scanner, and photocopier.

How to Send a Fax from Gmail

If you need to send a fax, but don’t have a fax machine, you can also send it via a computer. Try the following ways to send a fax using a computer.

  1. For Windows User
  • First, click the “Start” menu. Then, go to the “All Programs”, find “Windows Fax and Scan”, and click it.
  • After that, click the “New Fax” option located in the upper left corner.
  • You can follow the guidelines for connecting a computer to the telephone network.
  • Fill the box with the recipient’s phone number, message, and attachment of the documents you want to send.
  • Lastly, you can click “Send” to send your fax.
  1. For Macintosh User
  • First, open the document that you want to send.
  • After that, click the “File” option and look for the “Print” option.
  • Click the “PDF” button, then select “Fax PDF” from the menu.
  • In the “To” column, enter 0, area code, and access code if needed.
  • Meanwhile, in the “Modem” column, you can select the “Internet Modem” option.
  • If you want to include a cover, you can select the “Use Cover Page” option and fill it as needed.
  • Before sending it, click the “Preview” option to make sure that you send the right file.
  • Once ready, you can click “Send” to send your document.
  • However, take note that not all versions of Mac OS X include fax functions.

That is a glimpse of the fax function and how it works. In essence, the reason some companies or organizations still use fax is to maintain the security and confidentiality of documents. Besides using the two steps above, you can also send faxes via Gmail. To find out how the steps are, you can see the explanation below.

Can you send a fax from gmail?

Before sending a fax from gmail, register with an online service that supports faxing by email. If you have already registered, you can easily compose and send a fax. Some services let you use for free, but some will ask you to pay using credit. Besides, the Gmail address you faxing must match the email address on the file on your fax provider. Here some steps you must follow how to send a fax through gmail.

  1. First, create a new e-mail message by clicking the “Compose” button.
  2. Second, insert the recipient’s fax number and area code in the “To” column. Also, put the domain of your fax provider behind the number. Make sure you and the recipient use the same domain.
  3. Next, you can attach the file you want to send. You can send a variety of file formats, from DOC, JPG, PDF, to TXT. The way to attach it is the same as if you attached a file when sending an email.
  4. Moreover, just like traditional fax, you can also add a cover letter. Write the contents of the cover letter on the body of the email as to when you send a regular email.
  5. After all the documents are complete, you can click the “Send” button. The speed of delivery depends on the provider you are using. If the transmission is successful, you will get confirmation from the fax service provider.

Those are some steps how to send a fax via gmail. Although the process is longer than using a traditional fax machine, this method is quite helpful for you who do not have the machine at home. To send a fax through Gmail, make sure that the provider you use is the same as the recipient’s, so there are no document rejections.

Getting to Know About Online HTML Editors

Developing your own website without a good coding skill is still possible with the help of online html editor. People right now have very easy option to fulfill every need through internet. Internet is making life more comfortable to deal with. In the field of website making, people should be able to understand the programming language well. Programming is not for everyone. It is very special ability that needs time to master it. Coding somehow seems as bizarre thing for some group of people. It is just difficult. Coding requires focus and high detail orientation. The script in coding use language for programming that combines letter and numeric. There are few people who do coding as their occupation for living. Programmer is a reputable job.

People create websites for many purposes. Some of them are requested from their company. Some others are making for their own usage. This aim varies including website for business or personal blogging. Html is one of common tool to develop a website. Most of programmers are familiar with this website creator tool. This html is only platform. You can design your own website through this tool. If you are not capable to do it on your own, you have option to ask help from html tool for editing. An html editing tool can assist you to build a beautiful website. Your website may become very well-functioned with an editor’s help. It is highly recommended to select best device as your html editing equipment. This way will leave you less worry about your website in general.

Talking about this html website editor, there is also online html editor. This version is quite effective. Every editor for html has different features to offer. The more features are available to use, the better it becomes for programing. It will allow you to be more productive with your website.  A particular html provides some features like syntax highlighting, auto-complex text and correction for syntax. The example of this editor is Windows Notepad. This is the offline version editor in html. It is for some for professional programmers. For you who are a newbie in programming, it is better to use other type of html interface for editing purpose.

Online html editor shares similar functionality with other editors in general html. The main purpose of it is making coding a way more exciting and easier for everyone. This is a kind of tool for website developers.  It serves features for programmer to comfortable design a website. These features are numerously excellence. There is plenty of it. Both professional coders and amateur one can learn about this editor easily. This html affords code tracking and correction. Html is set of multiple usable tools for website. You can use it independently or combine it together with sort of toolbox for developers like integrated development environment or IDE.

It is great to apply html for your website development process. It helps you to fix your problem within grammar and syntax. Errors in programming process are deniable. It happens a lot. Finding the location of this error can be problematic. Fixing the error may be more challenging to perform. Writing many lines and checking it at the same time is surely tiring. Some developers seem stressful when dealing with this error. Using html editor is very helpful to make sure you coding in a correct position. As a coder, you can spot incorrect syntax quicker. This html is helping you by giving an alert for each error. Then you may notice them and solve the wrong code for proper answer. This one is part of good solution in website development field.

Free Online html Editor

Furthermore, there are many types of html website developer. The option is very open. In this post, we manage to compile some of it for your information. The following points are example of free online html editor that can be your preferences in building up your websites. Let’s get to know the detail of each editor below:


Online HTML Editor Real time online

This one is truly simple website programming editor with html. It has basic features for an html editor. It enables you to create document in your website. You may also edit this html document if a change is needed. In order to benefit this advantage, you are not required to sign up an account at this editor. It is very easy to use this tool anytime. You can access it for the whole week. It is accessible without any restriction day. With this, your website editing or creating process can run smoothly without any hassle. As the result, it will never let you feel disappointed. Your website will be stunning and very well-functioned.

2. online html editor

online html editor

The next is html editing tool provided by This one is a bit different. There are normally two panels. It is called double-panel interface. This version is only having one side panel in the interface. There is mainly single worksheet available for your coding area. This panel is designed as space for formatting html document. You need to click a source button if you want to check your code. This editor can be used directly without an account. It is free of charge to create a website with this device. Every individual may cultivate documents in html for a website development.


Best Free Online WYSIWYG HTML Editor

Last but not least, we have as our next preference in html editor tool. This one is claiming to be the online html leader in editing among others. This claim is quite relevant at certain point. You can find a complete html features with in this tool. It is best for html with WYSIWYG online editor. It has toolbar with multiple variants of option for designing and doing html document formatting. These are some toolbars in this editor. There is button maker, field maker and other essential maker tool for website creating process. It has single panel and also additional source button for code checking of your writing. Some people say that this interface shares similarity with the online html editor version.