What Is Windows 10 Driver Power State Failure?

Driver power state failure – An operating system will never be free from damage even though it has been updated to a more modern version. This is due to the unpredictable and unpredictable problem of the damage.

Therefore, it’s good to solve this problem, we should understand the various problems that will come to the operating system at one time, for example on Microsoft’s Windows operating system.

Of the many problems that arise in the Windows operating system, one that often appears and often annoys users is a problem with the information in the form of a driver power state failure.

What is driver power state failure windows 10 ?

Driver power state failure occurs because of a communication problem that occurs between the operating system on the device and the driver that has been installed on the device. Usually, this is often due to an incompatibility between the operating system and the driver.

The driver power state error is often indicated by a message in the form of an error driver power state failure on the screen along with a blue screen. This blue screen is also often known as the Blue Screen of Death or BSOD.

driver power state failure

The appearance of the screen will certainly not be able to predict when it will appear. Often in conditions where your device is turned on and not used at all, it can also cause these problems.

Even so, this condition is very minimal. Mostly, this case occurs when you try to run a certain program on your device. When there is a mismatch between the operating system and the driver to run this command, this message will appear.

This problem is very common, especially on Windows. This problem existed in early Windows versions up to the newer versions of Windows today. Whether it’s the Windows 7 version which is considered a stable version, there are still some users who encounter problems in the form of the driver power state failure Windows 7.

Likewise in the next Windows version, namely Windows 8. Some users still have problems in the form of driver power state failure Windows 8 and driver power state failure Windows 8.1 as well. This appearance is more frequent and some people think that this version of Windows is not better than the previous version of Windows, namely Windows 7.

Even though Microsoft has released the latest Windows version which is currently famous for Windows 10 which has overhauled the entire operating system by turning it into a service and is even better than the previous generation of Windows operating systems, still the problem of driver power state failure windows 10 was discovered by multiple users.

With such conditions, it seems that the problem of the driver power state failure that exists in Windows can no longer be avoided. Even so, that doesn’t mean we can’t solve these problems. There are several ways we can do when we face this problem when we encounter it on the device we are using later.

How to fix Windows 10 power state failure drivers?

Unfortunately, you will still encounter this problem even though you have upgraded your device to Windows 10 to make it a more stable device and avoid system problems and get support.

But don’t be discouraged, you can still solve these problems in some easy ways. Here’s how to fix driver power state failure found in Windows 10 on your device.

  1. Remove the last installed driver

Even though updating to a newer driver, it doesn’t guarantee that it won’t cause problems later. Often, the latest updates to drivers that have problems such as bugs can cause problems with your device. If so, then the solution is to downgrade or delete the driver that you installed earlier and use the previous driver.

  1. Driver upgrade

Unlike the case above, here you are advised to upgrade your driver later. Often some people feel lazy to upgrade their drivers because they don’t understand or feel that it’s a waste of time. The newer the operating system, usually it will demand the use of newer drivers. If you force it, the old driver version will certainly not be compatible with newer versions of the operating system.

  1. Use system restore

As users who are careful of the recommendations and warnings were given by the system, surely we will come across a message where we are asked to do a backup on our device. This is sole because it is a form of backup to restore our device to its original state if at a later time our device has a problem. Therefore, it is very important to back up your device. That way, when you encounter this problem, you can also use the system restore option to restore your device to its original condition without losing data, of course.

  1. Reinstall

If the above methods are not able to solve the problem, then it’s a good idea to reinstall Windows on your device. This is considered very effective because it will make your device completely new as before. Unfortunately, you have to back up your previous data first, because this process will erase all the data in it, and make it completely new, just like factory settings from scratch.

  1. Check components

Not only that, but problems can also occur in the parts themselves. Therefore, try to also check other components such as CPU, VGA, or motherboard. If the problem is with these components, then the only solution is to replace these components, of course.

So, the methods above are some of the ways you can do later to overcome the driver power state failure that occurs on your device later, especially if you are using the Windows 10 operating system.

One of the ways to upgrade the drivers that were mentioned earlier is also the best way in terms of how to fix a driver error on your device. You can visit the website of the driver brand you are using, or you can easily go through Windows update or device manager.

You can use the method above on various devices, of course, that use the Windows 7 operating system, including fixing the Lenovo driver power state failure as well.

By preparingwindows.com

3 Steps to Download the Best Custom Mouse Cursor

You might be wondering how your friend can have that unique, and funny mouse cursor when you take a peek at their laptop or computer. The answer is only one. They use a custom mouse cursor. How can we get that cursor? You can try to search the internet for custom mouse cursor download. You will find many websites that provide the cursor file for free. However, you can’t just download them. Make sure you know several things below.

Trusted and Safe Place to Download

The first and most important of all is choosing the safest and trusted place to download the cursor. The famous mouse cursor provider is preferable. Those places mostly are providing a safer service than other places. Furthermore, those places also gain that reputation thanks to a good review from its users. It means many people have experienced the benefits, which is also the sign of a good place to get your mouse cursor file.

The Type of Mouse Cursor

When you are visiting the mouse cursor provider, you will find many types of custom mouse pointers. However, you don’t need to be confused by those many options. Practically, there are only two types of mouse pointer. They are the still image type and the animated type.

As you can see from its name, the still image type will give you a stiff and non-moving icon you can use for your mouse pointer. On the other hand, the animated type cursor will always move according to the animation program used in it, when you use it as a mouse cursor. It is interesting and funny. So, you might choose it, if you want a nice replacement for your boring standard mouse cursor.

custom mouse cursor download

The Size of Cursor

Also, choose the correct size of the mouse cursor. First of all, take a look at the maximum resolution that your monitor can produce or the resolution that you use. Higher resolution means the mouse cursor with a bigger size and more detail will look great on it. However, if your computer monitor doesn’t have a high-resolution display, you may need to choose the low detail cursor. Otherwise, the mouse cursor won’t look like what it should be.

Now, use the search engine, and find the custom mouse cursor download provider that you want. Choose the cursor, download it, and use it to replace your old mouse cursor. Guaranteed, you will have a great time with it.

How to Get a Custom Cursor – Best Places to Get Mouse Cursors for Windows

If you need to know about how to get a custom cursor for Windows, you are on the right page. it is normal to feel bored. Other than that, the default cursors and pointers are not that impressive even though they are quite functional. 

If you love to customize and personalize your Windows interface, this article might make you love your hobby more. Here we will show you the best resources to get custom mouse pointers. The best part is that they are free to download.

#1 EvolutionOS Custom Cursors

Looking for some customized cursors, you can head to this cursors website. How to get a custom cursor wouldn’t be that hard with this site. 

The selections are great but you may need to install each cursor manually, one by one. Still, you don’t need to worry about security or safety matters by downloading the bundles from this site.

How to Get a Custom Cursor

#2 Breeze Cursors

If you have used Linux, you may know KDE for its stunning environment. Breeze Cursors was inspired by that environment. 

You can download the cursor packs and get a nice set of pointers with cursors. Just like the previous resource, you need to manually install the cursor one by one. Still, the pack is free.

#3 Oxygen Cursors

The cursor pack was initially made and designed for KDE. Today, you can enjoy this stunning series of cursors for Windows. 

The pack contains 37 different schemes which you can choose according to your preference. If you often visit DeviantArt, you will be familiar with this cursor pack.

#4 Polar Cursors

Another resource of great cursor packs is Polar. Linux has inspired a lot of cursor creators in the past years. 

This cursor pack features mouse cursors with blue, green, and red editions. The shape looks thicker and the dark shadow around makes the cursors look stunning and cute. 

The good part is that the Polar Cursor provides the .inf file so you can simply install all cursors at once.

#5 Numix Cursors

Talking about the most favorite cursor all the time, you need to check the collections of Numix Cursors. You would love its smooth pointers wrapped with elegant look and professional impression. 

Other than that, you can pick between the dark and light edition of the cursor. Besides free to download, Numix also provides .inf files so you can install all files at once with no hassle at all. And this is the end section of how to get a custom cursor.

How to Change Cursor in Windows – Windows Corner

How to change cursor has become a trending keyword lately. It is fun to have a customized cursor especially if you care about the look of things. 

Windows even changed its cursor to mark the modern design movement the company has done. Some people prefer to pick from custom mouse pointers to make the appearance of their windows more appealing.

From choosing colors and sizes, you can also opt for better visibility. In this article, you can read a guide about how to change cursor in the Windows operating system.

How to Change Cursor

Switching the default cursor

#1 Change the settings

Click the Windows button on your keyboard and type “mouse” in the search box. Find “change your mouse settings” and proceed with “additional mouse options”. In case you are using older Windows versions, you can find this option on the Control Panel.

#2 Pick a scheme

There are several schemes ready to choose after you click “mouse properties”. On the “pointers” tab, you can pick “scheme” to change the default cursor. 

A drop-down menu will show you the options available and provided by Windows. Don’t expect something spectacular though. 

Still, most of the options are boring and functional at the same time. The variations come in a few color options and sizes to suit different resolutions of the screen and make those who live with poor eyesight.

#3 Choose and apply a scheme

Feel free to pick on any option of schemes on the window. There you can check the preview easily. You can also move back and forth to find the best yet most suitable custom cursor for you. 

If you have a hard time seeing standard white cursors, you can try the “inverted” scheme though. Once you get what you like, pick “apply” to complete the changes. 

After that, go back to the “mouse properties” in case you need to change things in the future. Windows also gives an option for you to give a cosmetic shadow to the cursor. 

You can access it by clicking the “enable pointer shadow”. Even though it looks interesting, it’s not that useful after all.

Final word

Generally, Windows give a few options in case you want to change your cursor into something different. Even though the options are not all bizarre, those are worth considering to give a new breath to your daily activity with your device. And this is anything you need to know about how to change cursor in Windows.

Changing And Creating Amazing Custom Mouse Pointers on Windows 10

Talking about custom mouse pointers is very interesting now. Well, Mouse is the main input device when interacting with objects in Windows. Moving the mouse will move the graphic image on the computer screen. This graphic image is also called a pointer or cursor. So a mouse pointer or cursor is a graphic image that is used to activate or control certain elements in a graphical user interface such as Microsoft Windows.

By default, the mouse pointer looks like a small white arrow with a black outline. Actually, there are some different types of mouse pointers. Users who like to customize their operating system may find it bored with the same set of pointers or cursors across all versions of Windows. How to change cursor or the appearance of the mouse pointer, is not so difficult. You may follow all these instructions below.

custom mouse pointers

How to Change Your Mouse Cursor

In this article, there are three ways for changing your mouse cursor especially on Windows 10. They are:

The First Way: Changing the Cursor in Windows Settings

You can change the cursor on a Windows 10 laptop very easily. You can do this first method in Windows Settings. The following are the steps of how to change your cursor:

  • First, you have to go to Windows Settings by clicking Windows key + I. After that go to Easy Access, then go to the cursor and pointer size. 
  • How to change the mouse pointer, you just have to select the Change pointer size section. You will find three cursor size options there, starting from small, medium, and large. 
  • If you want to change the cursor color, click the Change pointer color section. There are three color choices for the cursor here, namely black, white, and black and white.

The Second Way: Changing the Cursor in Pointers Settings

In this second method, you can change the visual style of the cursor along with various other various settings. The following are the easy steps of how to change mouse cursor:

  • Click the Start button at the bottom left of the display and select the search box. Type the word ‘Mouse’ until the result is ‘Mouse settings’. Click the search result. 
  • When you enter the mouse settings, look for the Additional mouse options section and click. Later a new window will appear with various menus. Select the “Pointers” settings menu. 
  • In the Scheme section, you can change and assign the entire visual cursor or mouse pointers for windows 10 (for example, the cursor selects, waits, moves, etc.) at once. There are dozens of schemes that you can choose from there. Each cursor scheme you want to set, a preview will appear in the box on the right.
  • Alternatively, you can use the Customize section to change the visual cursors for windows 10 randomly to your liking. 
  • To get more choices or mouse pointer download, click Browse and look for an .ANI format file. (animation) or .CUR (static) to change the visual of various kinds of cursors. When the author tries to browse, there are dozens of related file types that you can choose from. 
  • When you have finished changing the cursor, click Apply then OK.

So, how do I change my cursor? Never say that again!

The third way: Changing the cursor in the Control Panel

The third way of how to change your mouse cursor is actually almost similar to the first method. It’s just that you will do it in the Control Panel menu. The following are the steps:

  • Go to the search menu on the Start button. Type in ‘Control Panel’ and go there when it is found. After that, select the “Easy of Access Center” section. 
  • Look for the menu of “Make the mouse easier to use”. After the new page opens, there will immediately be displayed various kinds of cursor options for you to change. There are nine cursor choices such as Regular White, Regular Black, Regular Inverting, and others. 
  • If you have set the cursor replacement, click Apply then OK to complete the setup.

How to Get Custom Mouse Pointer 

Do you know how to get a custom cursor based on your creativity? Well, the steps above are just a simple way. Because basically, to change the cursor to another view it has been provided by Windows by default.

Then, is it possible if you don’t use the default version? The answer, yes. On the internet, there are many, cool cursor provider sites. Try searching on Google. In fact, you can create your own version of the custom mouse pointers. Come on, see the explanation!

How to Make Your Own Cursor Icon Using Corel Draw

Corel Draw software is generally used to make graphic designs and other digital images, but Corel Draw can also be used to create a file to change the appearance of the Windows OS, for example, like making a cursor display, and to make it very easy. Then, how to make custom cursors in this way? Well, you only need to follow the tutorial:

  • Draw an arrow, triangle or box that will be used to change the appearance of your cursor or pointer icon
  • After you make the pattern you want for your custom cursors Windows 10, then you save or save it using the .cur file format
  • Then you will be directed to a new window called Convert To Bitmap which is related to the file format. if already click ok
  • After that, there is a new view called Convert To Palleted, and just set the settings like this:
  • Smoothing: 100, the higher the value, the smoother the image / not broken
  • Palleted: Adaptive, to choose better quality
  • Dithering: Ordered
  • Colors: 256, the higher the colors value, the better the resulting color

For other menus, you don’t need to set it because it’s better with the default settings or the original, if everything is finished click OK to continue.

  • Next, you come to the last step, namely the Cursor Export window which contains menu options:
  • Hotspot: namely as a point or as a marker or pointer on the cursor and this point is usually placed at the end of the cursor.
  • Xor: I still don’t know for this menu, maybe some of you added the info.
  • Transparent Color: this menu is used to remove the background on the cursor, if you don’t remove the background with this menu, the cursor display that you will export will have its own background even though when you create a custom mouse pointer without a background in Corel Draw.

How to Make A Cursor Using A Website Converter (Convertio.co)

How to change the cursor on Windows 10 by using the first step is easy, right? Then, this second step is also much easier. Yeah, you can make it online without the need to install software on our computers which will burden computer performance. To make custom mouse cursor download or a cursor with an online converter provider site, I will suggest a ‘Convertio’ site that I have tested myself and the results are very satisfying, especially free or free of charge, but this site cannot convert cursor in a box shape so that it can only be used convert the arrow-shaped image, and here’s the tutorial to make custom cursor windows 10 or also for other windows:

  • Prepare an arrow-shaped image and format .jpg or .png if possible. here I will give an example of converting images in .png format
  • Visit the Convertio site and select the convert image menu as needed and select the output .cur format
  • After you have selected the required format, you can directly import images for your windows 10 mouse pointer via computer, Dropbox, Google Drive, or also via Url. if you have imported the image then click the change button to start converting, when it’s finished click download to save the file to your computer.

Well, those are everything about custom mouse pointers. By preparingwindows.com

How to Get a Fax Number – Send Fax Documents from a Phone

When it comes to how to get a fax number, there are a few ways you can try. You need a fax number so others can send fax documents to you.

Whether you use a traditional fax machine or rely on an online faxing service, a fax number is essential. Below we have tips you can try to get a fax number for your faxing needs.

How to Get a Fax Number

A toll-free fax number

There are various ways you can try to get a toll-free fax number. Even if you use an online faxing service, you can still use this kind of fax number. Other than that, you can sign up for this number by using your phone provider. A toll-free fax number is the most convenient.

A fax number from a local phone company

If you turn to local phone companies, you have a huge chance to get a fax number easily. You don’t even need to go to their company since everything can be set through a phone.

You can simply call them and ask for an additional phone line. Some fax machines come with a “dual ring” feature. This will allow you to use a phone line and fax line on the same phone without interrupting each other.

An online fax number

How to get a fax number for an online fax service? If you prefer to use an online service to send fax documents, you need to get an online fax number. All you need to do is to download an app and sign up for an account. 

Later, you can choose a local or toll-free fax number for your fax line. For more information about this, you can check the guidelines of an app you choose. Using an online service allows users to send fax from phone.

Fax with a VoIP phone line

You can also use a VoIP phone line for your fax line. However, according to evidence, there is a conflict between the transmission of the fax with the signal of the VoIP. 

There would be too much obstruction on the line. In the end, the fax couldn’t transmit properly. According to the list above, a toll-free fax number is easier to get and you can find a lot of ways of getting one. 

Make sure you have a fax number before letting people so send documents to you. And this is the end section of how to get a fax number.

Complete Guide to Send Fax From Phone Easily

Do you want to send fax from phone? People might see this question as a non-sense. It is true, though. Rather than using a fax, we can easily email our message or document. Then, if the recipient needs a physical document, they can print the email they receive. It is as simple as that. 

However, there are many times when we still need to send a fax. For example, the document we are going to send is important and is only available in physical form. Using a scanner will only take too much time. A fax machine can simplify this matter. Now, the problem is when you don’t have a fax machine to send this document. So, here is the question. Can i send a fax from my phone? 

If it is doable, we don’t need to worry about doesn’t have a fax machine. We can use our phone to send the document to the recipient fax machine. And, guess what!? We can do that.

How to Send a Fax from My Phone

This is maybe the important question that you want to know its answer. The first thing you need to do is scanning your document. Therefore, you must have an image scanner app installed on your phone. You can find many of them. Or, you also can use the built-in photo editor to do that, if it has the scanner feature. 

Use that app to scan the document by taking its picture. The app will process it to change it into digital form. Now, you are ready to use your phone to send a fax. The best benefit of using this method is you don’t need to find, where can i send a fax near me? You don’t need to visit a store to pay for their fax machine to do that. Everything can be done via your mobile device.

–      Send a Fax Using App

Complete Guide to Send Fax From Phone
Complete Guide to Send Fax From Phone

The first method is using a mobile app to send a fax. There are many apps you can use. However, for the best and safety process, you can use the RingCentralFax app. Here is the guide for sending a fax using this app.

  1. Download and install the app, and pay for its service/subscription,
  2. Launch the app, and tap “Message” on the lower-left corner,
  3. On the Message page, tap “Fax”,
  4. Tap the pencil in a rectangle icon. This is the button for creating a new message or fax,
  5. You will be brought to the sending page. On the “To:” field, enter the recipient fax number. Or, you also can tap the “+” icon to use the fax number that you save in your phone contact list.
  6. Tap the paper clip icon (Attach icon) to attack the file that you want to send fax from android. 
  7. Choose the location of that file. If you keep your scanned document on your phone, choose “Documents” or “Photos”, and this app will open your file manager. Or, you also can choose a file directly from DropBox or GDrive.
  8. Once you select the file, tap the “Send” button to send that file.

Why RingCentralFax? This is the safest app you can use to send fax from phone. It is owned by Cisco and AT&T, which is known for its safety features. So, if you plan to send a fax that contains personal information, such as for healthcare documentation, you don’t need to worry about its safety. Your personal information won’t be leaked using this service.

–      Send a Fax Using Email

You also can use email to send a fax using your phone. This is more convenient, as you don’t need to install an app or such. You only need an email account and you can use your phone built-in browser to do that. Here are the steps.

  1. Create a Gmail account. You might already have one. 
  2. Create an account on the company that will deal with your online fax. In this case, we recommend RingCentral. They even have 30 days of the free trial you can use. But, you also can use other online fax providers that you like and trust.
  3. Open Gmail using your Gmail account, and tap “Compose” to create a new email,
  4. On the “To:” field, enter the fax number where you want to send your document and behind the number, type the fax company that you use. For example, “2323232323@faxservice.com”. Make sure the fax number doesn’t have any spaces or dashes. 
  5. You can write a message on the area where you write the email content.
  6. Choose the file you want to send by using the Gmail attachment feature. You can do it by tap the paper clip icon and choose the file from your phone storage.
  7. Tap the “Send” button, and you have already sent fax via your phone.

As you can see, it is easy, right? You don’t need to find a store or place where to send a fax near me. Everything can be finished just using a Smartphone. However, before you use the method above, there are several things that you also need to understand this method.

How to find a place to send a fax near me

You don’t need to pay for the fax machine rental or find a place to send a fax near me. However, these online fax companies still charge you for their service. But, compared to the money you need to spend to buy a fax machine, this is much cheaper.

Another thing you also need to know, make sure the document you are going to send has a high resolution. It is important to prevent any printing mistake because of low resolution on the recipient fax machine. On the other hand, some fax companies also limit the size of the file that you can send through their service. So, make sure you choose the right resolution that doesn’t exceed that file size limit. 


As you can see, sending a fax using your mobile phone is not difficult. You just need to follow our guide and tips above. If you do it correctly, you can easily send fax from phone anytime you want.