How to Clear the Clipboard in Windows 10

When you want to copy in your computer, you can press and hold the CTRL + C buttons in your keyboard together. In the other side, if you want to cut the text or something, you can press and hold the CTRL + X buttons together. Automatically, the system will make the snapshot or copy first inside the clipboard. On this tutorial article, you will get the fast and easy way of how to clear the clipboard in Windows 10.  It is for sure that it will be beneficial to clean the copy in the clipboard after the process of data movement is doing, whether it is the cut or copy process.

The last copied or cut item in Windows is stored in the temporary storage area in which it is called the clipboard memory. It will be stored in there until you log off or restart the computer. Meanwhile, if you cut or copy the other items, the earlier items will be replaced with the new items. Maybe, sometimes you feel that you have to clear that clipboard memory for some reasons, whether it is for the security of privacy purposes. This is essential to prevent the data theft.

The easiest way to clear clipboard in Windows 10

There is a way of how to clear the clipboard in Windows 10 and it is addressed as the easiest way that you can do. The easiest way is that you can open the run option directly or you can press and hold the WinKey +R button together. After that, please type the command of:

Cmd / c echo. |clip

If it is done, you can press the Enter button.

How to Clear the Clipboard in Windows 10

By doing that way, the data in your clipboard will be deleted; to make it is easier, you can change it to a shortcut if you don’t want to type the same command again in the future. You can try this easiest way to clear the clipboard in Windows 10. If it is not worked, you can try the other methods that we will share below.


The first method is almost similar to the easiest way above. What we mean here is that you can create the desktop shortcut for clearing the clipboard. In the other side, you can also add an item to the desktop by right-clicking the context menu.

To do so, you have to right click on the desktop and then choose the new > shortcut. There will be a location box there and in that box you can type the following command:

%windir%\System32\cmd /c echo off | clip

After that, click the next option and name the shortcut that you made as the Clear Clipboard and if it is done, you can click the Finish option.

Additionally, you can also do the right click in the new shortcut that has been made and then chooses the Properties option. From that option, you can do three different things if you want to. Those three things are as follows:

  1. a) Give it the suitable new icon by using the button of change icon
  2. b) Makes the windows run minimized
  3. c) Give it the keyboard shortcut key.

You can try this first method to find out whether it is worked or not for you. If you found that it is difficult to do and it is not worked, you can try the other two methods that we will share below.


The first method above to solve the problem of how to clear the clipboard in Windows 10 can be effective for some people. However, if that first method is not worked for you, there is still the other method that you can use. This second method is to clear the clipboard in Windows 10 by using the command prompt.

To do this second method or clearing the clipboard history using the command line, you have to open the CMD.exe and then execute this command:

Echo off    clip

We hope that the second method above is worked effectively to solve your problem in how to clear the clipboard in Windows 10. If it is hard for you to follow the 2 methods above, the third method below is maybe perfect for you.


The third method of how to clear the clipboard in Windows 10 is by adding the clear clipboard to the context menu. Below are the detail steps or instructions that you have to follow in order to do this third method:

1)         First of all, you have to open the Registry Editor and then navigate the following key of HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\Background\

2)         After that, in the left panel, you have to do the right click on the shell option

3)         Then, choose the New > Key; you can name it the clear clipboard

4)         The next step is right click on that newly created clear clipboard key. You have to choose the new > key and the next thing that you have to do is naming it with the Command name.

5)         After that, in the right panel, you can double click on the default and then choose the modify option

6)         The next step is that in the Value Data box, you can give it the value data of cmd. exe / c echo off | clip

7)         Click the OK button and then press the F5 button in your keyboard to refresh the registry

8)         Exit it

9)         After doing the steps above, you will see the Clear Clipboard entry in the desktop context menu. That entry can be used to clear the clipboard memory.

10)       Actually, you can also clear the clipboard to or context menu easily by using the Ultimate Windows Tweaker (but, it is optional)

Those methods above can be your references of how to clear the clipboard in windows 10. You can choose the method that seems easy and work for you. We hope this article is beneficial for you in order to find the right way to clear the clipboard in your windows 10. Good luck.

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