Computer Freezes but Mouse still Moves Windows 10

As a computer user, you might be understood that some issues and problems can happen during the usage of your computer. It can be a little bit annoying where this issue forces you to fix it as soon as possible. One of the issues that can be happened is when the computer is a freeze, but in the other case, the mouse still moves. This problem can happen on some versions of Windows, including the Windows 10.

Computer Freezes but Mouse still Moves Windows 10

Actually, this kind of problem can be caused by several actions such as when you try to put the SSD on your computer. Your computer can be suddenly “freeze”. If it happened to you usually you could not click on anything, but the mouse still moves around the screen. Most of the users will try to press the Control +ALT+Delete button together, but it is not working. It will make them are unable to access the Task Manager or restarting the computer. Well, the only option is maybe just pressing the power button for a long time and then killing the power and restarting your computer.

In fact, there are still some other ways that you can do to solve this problem. Below are the two methods that we will describe further.


Updated drivers automatically

To do this first method, below are the instructions and steps that you can follow:

  1. First of all, you need to go to the “Device Manager” and then Choose the IDE ATA / ATAPI Controllers option that is available there
  2. After that, right click on the option of “Generic SATA Controller” and then you have to choose the “Update Driver Software”
  3. From that option, find and click the “Browse my Computer for driver software” part and then you can browse to the folder where the driver is extracted to.
  4. The next step to do is clicking the NEXT button where it will detect all the updated drivers automatically and it will also ask you to reboot the computer.

That is the first method that you can try and maybe it is a suitable method for you in order to solve the freezing computer when the mouse is still being able to move. However, if it is not the right method for you, maybe you want to try the other method below.



This second method is for the case when your computer is freezing while you are playing a game. In fact, it usually happens to some users. If you have the same condition, below is the solution that you can try.

  1. First of all, you need to press the Windows button + L button together. This action will log the user out from a game that is running. This way is effectively working as long as your keyboard responds.
  2. After that, you just need to log back into your account where usually the game is minimized because of the action above.

You can try the simple steps above and take a look at whether it is working or not. One thing to remember is that this second method is only for the case when your freezing computer is because of the games.


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Fix Computer Freeze by Hard disk Maintenance

Your computer can be frozen or hang because of a problem on its hard disk. Actually, there are some causes in related to the hard disk case. Below are some of them:

  • The Low Space Hard disk capacity. To fix it you have to run the Disk Cleanup first in order to clean the Hard Disk from some temporary files or the trash files. To run this Disk Cleanup you can click the start option and then choose the RUN part and type; cleanmgr
  • The fragmented data on a hard disk that makes your hard disk needs to be de-fragmented.
  • The Hard disk bad sector. This problem needs the more complex way to fix it. In addition, you need to put off the hard disk and apply it in the other computer. After that, you need to run the check disk program to check and fix the broken things in that hard disk. After it is fixed completely, you can take off the hard disk and place it on your computer again. Usually, this way is quite effective.

So, just try it.


Fix Computer Freeze by anti-virus scanner tools

This second method is for the freezing computer because of the virus. The Virus activity on your computer can eat a lot of computer resources and it can cause your computer to hang or freeze. The most effective way to erase and clean your computer from that virus is just by booting the computer and then chooses the safe mode. After that, you can scan the computer with some anti-virus scanner tools such as the norman malware scanner, Malwarebytes, trend microsystem cleaner and many more again.



Actually, the freezing computer can be also caused by the not suitable driver that is used. That driver can be not suitable with the hardware or with the operating system that is used in a computer. This thing can make your computer hangs, freeze or even has the blue screen appears. To know about the driver that you have to install, you can use the Driver Easy tool or the DVD Driver Pack Solution. It will help you to choose the suitable driver for your computer.


Fix Computer Freeze Using WhatIsHang application

To get the right solution, the main thing that you have to note is that finding the cause why your computer is freezing. In addition, it can be happened because of the software problem to know about what is the cause of a freeze or hang computer, you can use an application that is called the WhatIsHang application. It means that when you know the cause, you will be able to pick the right solution to fix a problem.

Those are some methods to solve the computer freeze but mouse still moves in the computer or in your Windows 10 devices.

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