Changing And Creating Amazing Custom Mouse Pointers on Windows 10

Talking about custom mouse pointers is very interesting now. Well, Mouse is the main input device when interacting with objects in Windows. Moving the mouse will move the graphic image on the computer screen. This graphic image is also called a pointer or cursor. So a mouse pointer or cursor is a graphic image that is used to activate or control certain elements in a graphical user interface such as Microsoft Windows.

By default, the mouse pointer looks like a small white arrow with a black outline. Actually, there are some different types of mouse pointers. Users who like to customize their operating system may find it bored with the same set of pointers or cursors across all versions of Windows. How to change cursor or the appearance of the mouse pointer, is not so difficult. You may follow all these instructions below.

custom mouse pointers

How to Change Your Mouse Cursor

In this article, there are three ways for changing your mouse cursor especially on Windows 10. They are:

The First Way: Changing the Cursor in Windows Settings

You can change the cursor on a Windows 10 laptop very easily. You can do this first method in Windows Settings. The following are the steps of how to change your cursor:

  • First, you have to go to Windows Settings by clicking Windows key + I. After that go to Easy Access, then go to the cursor and pointer size. 
  • How to change the mouse pointer, you just have to select the Change pointer size section. You will find three cursor size options there, starting from small, medium, and large. 
  • If you want to change the cursor color, click the Change pointer color section. There are three color choices for the cursor here, namely black, white, and black and white.

The Second Way: Changing the Cursor in Pointers Settings

In this second method, you can change the visual style of the cursor along with various other various settings. The following are the easy steps of how to change mouse cursor:

  • Click the Start button at the bottom left of the display and select the search box. Type the word ‘Mouse’ until the result is ‘Mouse settings’. Click the search result. 
  • When you enter the mouse settings, look for the Additional mouse options section and click. Later a new window will appear with various menus. Select the “Pointers” settings menu. 
  • In the Scheme section, you can change and assign the entire visual cursor or mouse pointers for windows 10 (for example, the cursor selects, waits, moves, etc.) at once. There are dozens of schemes that you can choose from there. Each cursor scheme you want to set, a preview will appear in the box on the right.
  • Alternatively, you can use the Customize section to change the visual cursors for windows 10 randomly to your liking. 
  • To get more choices or mouse pointer download, click Browse and look for an .ANI format file. (animation) or .CUR (static) to change the visual of various kinds of cursors. When the author tries to browse, there are dozens of related file types that you can choose from. 
  • When you have finished changing the cursor, click Apply then OK.

So, how do I change my cursor? Never say that again!

The third way: Changing the cursor in the Control Panel

The third way of how to change your mouse cursor is actually almost similar to the first method. It’s just that you will do it in the Control Panel menu. The following are the steps:

  • Go to the search menu on the Start button. Type in ‘Control Panel’ and go there when it is found. After that, select the “Easy of Access Center” section. 
  • Look for the menu of “Make the mouse easier to use”. After the new page opens, there will immediately be displayed various kinds of cursor options for you to change. There are nine cursor choices such as Regular White, Regular Black, Regular Inverting, and others. 
  • If you have set the cursor replacement, click Apply then OK to complete the setup.

How to Get Custom Mouse Pointer 

Do you know how to get a custom cursor based on your creativity? Well, the steps above are just a simple way. Because basically, to change the cursor to another view it has been provided by Windows by default.

Then, is it possible if you don’t use the default version? The answer, yes. On the internet, there are many, cool cursor provider sites. Try searching on Google. In fact, you can create your own version of the custom mouse pointers. Come on, see the explanation!

How to Make Your Own Cursor Icon Using Corel Draw

Corel Draw software is generally used to make graphic designs and other digital images, but Corel Draw can also be used to create a file to change the appearance of the Windows OS, for example, like making a cursor display, and to make it very easy. Then, how to make custom cursors in this way? Well, you only need to follow the tutorial:

  • Draw an arrow, triangle or box that will be used to change the appearance of your cursor or pointer icon
  • After you make the pattern you want for your custom cursors Windows 10, then you save or save it using the .cur file format
  • Then you will be directed to a new window called Convert To Bitmap which is related to the file format. if already click ok
  • After that, there is a new view called Convert To Palleted, and just set the settings like this:
  • Smoothing: 100, the higher the value, the smoother the image / not broken
  • Palleted: Adaptive, to choose better quality
  • Dithering: Ordered
  • Colors: 256, the higher the colors value, the better the resulting color

For other menus, you don’t need to set it because it’s better with the default settings or the original, if everything is finished click OK to continue.

  • Next, you come to the last step, namely the Cursor Export window which contains menu options:
  • Hotspot: namely as a point or as a marker or pointer on the cursor and this point is usually placed at the end of the cursor.
  • Xor: I still don’t know for this menu, maybe some of you added the info.
  • Transparent Color: this menu is used to remove the background on the cursor, if you don’t remove the background with this menu, the cursor display that you will export will have its own background even though when you create a custom mouse pointer without a background in Corel Draw.

How to Make A Cursor Using A Website Converter (

How to change the cursor on Windows 10 by using the first step is easy, right? Then, this second step is also much easier. Yeah, you can make it online without the need to install software on our computers which will burden computer performance. To make custom mouse cursor download or a cursor with an online converter provider site, I will suggest a ‘Convertio’ site that I have tested myself and the results are very satisfying, especially free or free of charge, but this site cannot convert cursor in a box shape so that it can only be used convert the arrow-shaped image, and here’s the tutorial to make custom cursor windows 10 or also for other windows:

  • Prepare an arrow-shaped image and format .jpg or .png if possible. here I will give an example of converting images in .png format
  • Visit the Convertio site and select the convert image menu as needed and select the output .cur format
  • After you have selected the required format, you can directly import images for your windows 10 mouse pointer via computer, Dropbox, Google Drive, or also via Url. if you have imported the image then click the change button to start converting, when it’s finished click download to save the file to your computer.

Well, those are everything about custom mouse pointers. By

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