4 Types of Mouse Pointers You Need to Know

Most of us see a mouse pointer as a not-that-important part of an OS. Therefore, if someone asks you, whether there are different types of mouse pointers or not, you will have a problem answering it. Here is the truth. Mouse pointer can be differentiated into several types, according to its function. In this article, we are going to explain those types. We hope it will be useful knowledge for you. Let’s start!

Selection Mouse Pointer or Execute Command

The first type of selection or execute pointer. It is the standard or initial mouse pointer that you use. Mostly, it has an arrow shape. Where the sharp point is the point that you use to click or select an object. You use this type on most of the occasions and features on your computer.

Of course, with a little tweak, you also can change this shape into something else. There are many ways to do that. But, this time, we are not going to talk about those custom mouse pointers. Let’s focus on the types only.

Size Pointer

The next type is the sizing mouse pointer. The shape is represented by a two-way arrow. The direction can be horizontal, for adjusting the width, vertical, for adjusting the height, and diagonal, for adjusting the height and width at the same time. The diagonal type also changes the size of the object. You can make this pointer by placing the selection pointer on the edge of sizable objects.

Move Pointer

This pointer shape will appear when you are going to move the window or object. The shape of this mouse pointer is similar to a plus sign. However, at the end of each line that forms this plus sign, there are four arrows pointing out to the outside direction. Or, we also can say that its shape is like a four-direction in the compass.

Wait / Busy Pointer

The last one is the wait or busy pointer. When your computer is still processing a command or load the software/program you just opened, the mouse pointer will change into this shape. The shape is different, depending on the OS and mouse pointer style. However, mostly, it uses an hourglass or spinning circle.

Wait Busy Pointer


That’s all mouse pointer types that you need to know. Knowing the different types of mouse pointers will help you to understand what is going on in your computer. And we hope it also helps you to use your device better.

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