Do I need vulkan runtime libraries?

vulkan runtime libraries

Vulkan is maybe not a new thing again, especially for you who always deal with your computer. In the beginning, Vulkan was announced by the non-profit technology consortium, The Khronos Group in a “Game Developers Conference” in 2015 where it is a programming interface for the cross-platform application that can increase all the graphics card powers which exist until now with a new level.

As a low overhead API, Vulkan is a step to the Mantle AMD API that becomes the spiritual successor from the OpenGL Interface. Although it is built with the Mantle and AMD, in fact, it can help and contribute. The Khonos Group is the one that has more than a half responsible to develop Vulcan. Now, the question is that ‘what is the thing that can be done by Vulkan?”

In a simple way, Vulkan is a further step in open standard evolution that is popularized by OpenGL and in fact, it becomes the direct disappearance from the API Mantle AMD. This technology will make it brings a lot of advantages that are quite similar with some other technologies such as the DirectX 12, especially if it is compared to the predecessor.

With the Vulkan Technology, you will be able to see a better graphics appearance and the game will be seen faster; whether you use the DirectX 12 or Vulkan. The Vulkan code, in fact, is the best option for the platform agnostic where it can be used from a console to PC, smartphone and many more again exclude the operating system. You can even see every kind of the game that feels good in the OS Windows, Linux and etc.


Vulkan Technology for Better Gaming Experience

Usually, the older standard like DirectX 11 and Open GL has the automatic allocation process for its memory in GPU. Meanwhile, the Vulkan Technology gives a bigger control for the hardware which means the developer has a bigger flexibility in having an interaction with the GPU and CPU. This control level is suitable for a thinner driver, but it also gives another option to the developer about how much hardware control that they want. You can choose to use Vulkan directly which means you will get a full control to your hardware.

In the other words, it also means that a game that is equipped with this technology will be able to handle the future virtual reality application and also the other hardware enhancement like a monitor with 4K range and for sure with a higher dynamic option. It also means that a game performance will be much better and we can even see that a game that is running with Vulkan will have 25% higher performance enhancement.

Usually, the Vulkan Runtime Libraries are automatically downloaded in your PC or computer. However, if you are not that sure about owning the Vulkan Run Time Libraries or not, you can try to check it by following the steps below:

  1. Press the “Windows” Key and press R button together
  2. After that, you have to type “appwiz.cpl” and then press the ENTER button
  3. Next, scroll down and then locate a program that is named the “Vulkan Run Time Libraries”

Those three simple steps are so easy to do so that you can try to do it by yourself.


Why the Vulkan Libraries installed on your computer?

In fact, it is a normal thing when Vulkan is installed automatically even without any permission. Usually, when you install the NVidia driver or Stream or the other program that requires this Vulkan Run Time Libraries, it will make the system installing Vulkan automatically. Most of those programs don’t have an option for not downloading and installing Vulkan even if you have already chosen the custom installation.

What is usually happened is that some programs might ask you permission and some are may not. In addition, you will not even notice that these will be getting installed. However, it doesn’t mean that it is a threat or malware for your computer.

The point that we want to share is that you don’t have to worry about anything if you see the Vulkan Run-Time libraries downloaded and installed on your system. What you need to do is just leave it there, especially if you want to keep the fun with the great graphics appearance of your demanding programs. Vulkan is not a virus, malware or threat, but it is a new graphics PAR render with the thinner driver, simpler and efficient CPU multi-threading capabilities. One thing that you have to know is that not all the games use Vulkan. That is why; when you are pretty sure that there are no games which use Vulkan, you can uninstall it as you want to.

One more thing to remember is that Vulkan Run Time Libraries cannot be installed manually after you delete it from the operating system. For a solution, you can install the most recent version of the graphics adapter driver such as the NVIDIA and many more again.


Are there any big impacts on the Vulkan Run-time?

To make the convenient Vulkan Real-time experience for the users regardless of the hardware or software, the graphics option is the main thing where it must be able to run the performance at 90 frames /second. However, if the GPU is able to handle it, so the software existence has to maintain the 90 fps without taking down the other frame so that the gamers will not lose the soaking or worse experiencing the pain physically. In this case, Vulkan helps you to press the lower overhead for the virtual reality and a faster feature performance. However, it will reduce the latency. For your information, the low latency is so important for the VR experience.

So, do you need the Vulkan Runtime Libraries? The answer is yes if you are really caring about the good graphics performance and if you mostly play the games that require to use the Vulkan Technology. If you are pretty sure that the games on your computer are not requiring it, installing the Vulkan is not an obligation.

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