An Ultimate Guide to Fix Driver Power State Failure Windows 7

What is driver power state failure Windows 7? Commonly, you will see a blue color on your computer screen so suddenly. Also, commonly, it makes you somehow panic or annoyed.

You will also see the “0x0000009f: driver_power_state_failure” notification on your screen. This can occur to all classes of the Windows operating system.

Driver Power State Failure windows 7

What is driver power state failure Windows 7?

As its name suggests, this thing happens to Windows 7 operating system. Even though this OS is one of the lightest operating systems for PCs we’ve been using, some issues might still appear after all.

According to experts, driver power state failure windows 7 is caused by obsolete drivers. Later, your system will send a notification on a blue screen. In Windows 7, this issue commonly appears after installing a new driver of software or hardware.

How to fix driver power state failure Windows 7

When you are facing driver power state failure, all you need to do is to update the drivers manually. Before that, you may want to restart your device to see if something has changed after reboot.

If the issue is still showing, you can search for “devgmt.msc” on the search box and you will see the Device Manager window. Find the hardware you want to update and choose “Update Driver” after right-click. However, if this is not your case, you can try these following.

#1 Check drivers’ digital signatures

Your computer is equipped with a signature verifier system. You can search “sigverif” in the search box. When you see another window, click “Advanced” and click “look for other files that are not digitally signed”.

Find “look in this folder” and type “C:\Windows\system32\drivers”. “C:” refers to the drive where you install the Windows. Find the “Logging” and choose “save the file signature verification results to a log file”. Finish the process with OK and Start.

#2 Run sfc

Another way to fix driver issues on Windows 7 is by running sfc. Type “cmd” in the search box and click right to select “run as administrators”. Once the Command Prompt window is open, type “sfc/scannow” and Enter. Your system will scan the incompatible drivers and fix the issues.

#3 Reinstall Windows

If all solutions didn’t work for your issue, reinstalling your Windows might be the best way. This is the last thing you can do though. However, you will lose all files in the C drive.

In case you choose this solution to fix the driver power state failure Windows 7, make sure you backup your files in the first place.

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