What Is Windows 10 Driver Power State Failure?

Driver power state failure – An operating system will never be free from damage even though it has been updated to a more modern version. This is due to the unpredictable and unpredictable problem of the damage.

Therefore, it’s good to solve this problem, we should understand the various problems that will come to the operating system at one time, for example on Microsoft’s Windows operating system.

Of the many problems that arise in the Windows operating system, one that often appears and often annoys users is a problem with the information in the form of a driver power state failure.

What is driver power state failure windows 10 ?

Driver power state failure occurs because of a communication problem that occurs between the operating system on the device and the driver that has been installed on the device. Usually, this is often due to an incompatibility between the operating system and the driver.

The driver power state error is often indicated by a message in the form of an error driver power state failure on the screen along with a blue screen. This blue screen is also often known as the Blue Screen of Death or BSOD.

driver power state failure

The appearance of the screen will certainly not be able to predict when it will appear. Often in conditions where your device is turned on and not used at all, it can also cause these problems.

Even so, this condition is very minimal. Mostly, this case occurs when you try to run a certain program on your device. When there is a mismatch between the operating system and the driver to run this command, this message will appear.

This problem is very common, especially on Windows. This problem existed in early Windows versions up to the newer versions of Windows today. Whether it’s the Windows 7 version which is considered a stable version, there are still some users who encounter problems in the form of the driver power state failure Windows 7.

Likewise in the next Windows version, namely Windows 8. Some users still have problems in the form of driver power state failure Windows 8 and driver power state failure Windows 8.1 as well. This appearance is more frequent and some people think that this version of Windows is not better than the previous version of Windows, namely Windows 7.

Even though Microsoft has released the latest Windows version which is currently famous for Windows 10 which has overhauled the entire operating system by turning it into a service and is even better than the previous generation of Windows operating systems, still the problem of driver power state failure windows 10 was discovered by multiple users.

With such conditions, it seems that the problem of the driver power state failure that exists in Windows can no longer be avoided. Even so, that doesn’t mean we can’t solve these problems. There are several ways we can do when we face this problem when we encounter it on the device we are using later.

How to fix Windows 10 power state failure drivers?

Unfortunately, you will still encounter this problem even though you have upgraded your device to Windows 10 to make it a more stable device and avoid system problems and get support.

But don’t be discouraged, you can still solve these problems in some easy ways. Here’s how to fix driver power state failure found in Windows 10 on your device.

  1. Remove the last installed driver

Even though updating to a newer driver, it doesn’t guarantee that it won’t cause problems later. Often, the latest updates to drivers that have problems such as bugs can cause problems with your device. If so, then the solution is to downgrade or delete the driver that you installed earlier and use the previous driver.

  1. Driver upgrade

Unlike the case above, here you are advised to upgrade your driver later. Often some people feel lazy to upgrade their drivers because they don’t understand or feel that it’s a waste of time. The newer the operating system, usually it will demand the use of newer drivers. If you force it, the old driver version will certainly not be compatible with newer versions of the operating system.

  1. Use system restore

As users who are careful of the recommendations and warnings were given by the system, surely we will come across a message where we are asked to do a backup on our device. This is sole because it is a form of backup to restore our device to its original state if at a later time our device has a problem. Therefore, it is very important to back up your device. That way, when you encounter this problem, you can also use the system restore option to restore your device to its original condition without losing data, of course.

  1. Reinstall

If the above methods are not able to solve the problem, then it’s a good idea to reinstall Windows on your device. This is considered very effective because it will make your device completely new as before. Unfortunately, you have to back up your previous data first, because this process will erase all the data in it, and make it completely new, just like factory settings from scratch.

  1. Check components

Not only that, but problems can also occur in the parts themselves. Therefore, try to also check other components such as CPU, VGA, or motherboard. If the problem is with these components, then the only solution is to replace these components, of course.

So, the methods above are some of the ways you can do later to overcome the driver power state failure that occurs on your device later, especially if you are using the Windows 10 operating system.

One of the ways to upgrade the drivers that were mentioned earlier is also the best way in terms of how to fix a driver error on your device. You can visit the website of the driver brand you are using, or you can easily go through Windows update or device manager.

You can use the method above on various devices, of course, that use the Windows 7 operating system, including fixing the Lenovo driver power state failure as well.

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