Can You Fax From A Computer? Well, Sending and Receiving Fax from A Computer is Perfectly Easy

Can you fax from a computer? Ok, in Windows 7 Ultimate, there is a fax facility. With this program, computers can send faxes, even receive faxes. The conditions are having an instant fax modem and a telephone network.

How to send and receive faxes through a computer!

Send a Fax From Windows 7

In the first step, make sure you install the modem correctly. After the modem is installed, it’s time to send a fax testing. Turn on the fax program in Windows 7, the ways are:

You first click the start menu, then choose the device and printers or Windows Fax and Scan, then choose fax. The first time it is run, the program asks for our country settings, area code numbers, and telephone numbers that we use.

If so, it will return to the program. Click New Fax – type the desired data – specify the destination number. At that time I tried to fax it from home to the office. The program will work, usually, there are typical data fax sounds. Sending a fax is very easy and fast, right? The way to send fax from the phone is also as easy as this.

Fax From A Computer

Receiving Faxes From Windows 7

Ok, can you fax from a computer is not a big question anymore. You already know how to send a fax and of course, you can do it. Then, how to receive it using a computer? In most cases, when someone sends a fax to the house number, it turns out that the call was picked up instead.

How did this happen? Indeed, the difficulty when receiving fax is: there is no difference between the sound of a telephone and the sound of fax. Then try again to find out how it works according to the case.

The case is like this:

  1. If someone sends a fax to our number, the telephone will ring 5x. after that there will be a notification on the computer, and the fax will be received (in file form)
  2. If someone sends a fax, and we think it is an incoming telephone, then we pick up, then the fax fails to send.
  3. If someone calls you, and you think it is a fax, then the phone will ring 5x, there will be a notification on the computer, but the fax is empty, then the network looks like a short-circuit and sounds loud “tuuuuuuuuuut” (it sounds the same as the telephone receiver you picked up during 5 minutes). On the side of the person who calls after hearing the ringtone 5x, then there will be a fax machine sound ‘tiit tuut tiit tuut’ (it hurts the ears, and usually when you hear that people don’t want to call back, because they think it’s a special fax line).


  • Temporary solution: to receive a fax, you need confirmation from the sender.
  • Weaknesses: if the computer is off, it won’t be able to receive faxes.
  • Pros: save paper, faxes are received directly in the form of files, and when sending faxes do not need to be printed, just from the worksheet directly printed to fax. for example we type in word press ctrl + p, point to fax. type the destination number, then our worksheet will be printed on someone else’s fax machine.

So, if there is no budget to buy a fax machine, you can use a computer to send faxes (guaranteed 100% easy), to receive faxes also can, even if it’s a bit complicated.

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