How to Get Your Free FTP Server Windows 10

If you are always depending on Cloud Storage to save and keep your file through the internet, you probably want to try your own free FTP Server Windows 10. FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, can be an alternative for you to move your data in an easy and efficient way. Moreover, it is free and faster than using Cloud Storage services. 

Activating your FTP Server on Windows 10

As for the first step of activating or installing your own personal Cloud Storage, which is FTP is simple. First of all, go to the Control Panel. After that, you need to click the Programs, and then click Programs and Features. On the left side of the bar, you will see an option called ‘Turn Windows Features on or off,’ and you need to click that. This function requires access to the administrator’s account. So, you need to click OK when the UAC (User Account Control) notice appears. 

After that, you will see a lot of features inside the Windows Features. So, scroll down until you find the Internet Information Services section. After you find it, activate or checklist the FTP Server and its sub-functions, FTP Extensibility and FTP Service. You need to checklist the IIS Management Console on the Web Management Tools section, right under the FTP Server one. 

Making FTP Folder

After you finish the first part, it is time for setting up your free FTP Server Windows 10 folder. It will make your FTP can be accessed on any electronic devices as long as there is an internet connection. So, open Control Panel, then System and Security, and then Administrator Tools. After that, open the Internet Information Service (IIS) Manager. 

On the left side of the bar, right-click on your computer’s name. After that, click Sites, and then Add FTP Site. In the next section, you can choose which folder you want to be as your FTP Server Windows folder that can be accessed by any device. As long as they are connected to the internet.  Let all of the options are on default, then click Finish at the end of FTP Configuration. Finally, your FTP folder is ready to use.

Accessing your FTP folder from other devices

To access your free FTP Server Windows 10 folder, just type ‘ftp://(your computer’s IP address)/ on the Windows Explorer, such as ‘’ Congratulations for your own personal cloud server. You don’t have to pay monthly cloud storage services anymore.

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