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How to change cursor has become a trending keyword lately. It is fun to have a customized cursor especially if you care about the look of things. 

Windows even changed its cursor to mark the modern design movement the company has done. Some people prefer to pick from custom mouse pointers to make the appearance of their windows more appealing.

From choosing colors and sizes, you can also opt for better visibility. In this article, you can read a guide about how to change cursor in the Windows operating system.

How to Change Cursor

Switching the default cursor

#1 Change the settings

Click the Windows button on your keyboard and type “mouse” in the search box. Find “change your mouse settings” and proceed with “additional mouse options”. In case you are using older Windows versions, you can find this option on the Control Panel.

#2 Pick a scheme

There are several schemes ready to choose after you click “mouse properties”. On the “pointers” tab, you can pick “scheme” to change the default cursor. 

A drop-down menu will show you the options available and provided by Windows. Don’t expect something spectacular though. 

Still, most of the options are boring and functional at the same time. The variations come in a few color options and sizes to suit different resolutions of the screen and make those who live with poor eyesight.

#3 Choose and apply a scheme

Feel free to pick on any option of schemes on the window. There you can check the preview easily. You can also move back and forth to find the best yet most suitable custom cursor for you. 

If you have a hard time seeing standard white cursors, you can try the “inverted” scheme though. Once you get what you like, pick “apply” to complete the changes. 

After that, go back to the “mouse properties” in case you need to change things in the future. Windows also gives an option for you to give a cosmetic shadow to the cursor. 

You can access it by clicking the “enable pointer shadow”. Even though it looks interesting, it’s not that useful after all.

Final word

Generally, Windows give a few options in case you want to change your cursor into something different. Even though the options are not all bizarre, those are worth considering to give a new breath to your daily activity with your device. And this is anything you need to know about how to change cursor in Windows.

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