How to Delete System 32 Windows 10

Have you ever heard about the System 32 on Windows, included for the Windows 10? If you have ever heard about it, you are in the right place for reading this article. It is because in this article we will share so many information about the System 32 on Windows 10, included how to delete system 32 Windows 10.

In fact, there are so many users or people who do not understand completely about the detail of Window; for the examples are about the system inside the Windows that is easy to be attacked by some virus so that the essential folders can be gone and many more again. Actually, knowing more about the detail of your Windows is so important.

How to Delete System 32 Windows 10

What is the System 32 Folder?

Before knowing how to delete system 32 it is better to know first about the definition of system 32 and what the function of that system is. Actually, we can say that the System 32 folder is the most important folder for the Windows operating system. It is a folder that places almost all the Windows file systems like the DLL Files, Executable and many more folders and files again. If you use the Windows 64 bit, then the most important folder is the SysWOW64.

What will happen if the System 32 on your Windows 10 is deleted?

In some cases or for various reasons, someone maybe wants or has to delete the system 32 of their Windows 10. The question is that what will be happened if that system 32 is deleted from the Windows 10? Are there any damages that will be gotten?

For answering that question, we have to say one more again that the system 32 is the most important folder for your Windows. That is why; deleting this folder will be causing some damages for the Windows operation. Please ensure that you have the strong and important reason to delete the system 32 and ensure that you do it right as well.

The ‘heart’ of your Windows

Once you tried to delete the system 32 on your Windows 10 or on the other types of WINDOWS, what is happened next is that you will lose your Windows. It will force you to re-install the new Windows again. In the other words, we can say that you had already killed your Windows by deleting its ‘heart’ which is the system 32.

For our body, the heart is the central organ that gives us life. That function is also owned by the system 32 in which that folder gives ‘life’ to whole the Windows operation system. Knowing more about that system is essential to run your Windows.

So, how is if the system 32 on your Windows 10 is affected by the virus? If it has happened, you can do the complete scan or don’t just do the scan for the System 32 folder. Why? It is because the virus that was entered through that folder can be affecting the other system applications that are related to the system 32 folder. It means that if you find any viruses on the System 32, you don’t need to straightly delete that folder because it will cause the worse risk for your Windows 10.

In fact, deleting the system 32 on your Windows 10 will cause your operating system is becoming unstable since it is the most important system folder. If you want to delete the system 32, you have to ensure that you take the ownership of that folder. It is also better to learn correctly about how to delete System 32 Windows 10 folder and it is recommended to learn about it for the educational purpose only.

How to delete system 32 Windows 10: the Steps

So many question about “what is the command to delete system 32 ?”, If you want to delete the system 32 on your Windows 10, here are some easy steps that you can try how to delete system 32 with cmd :

  • First of all, click the start button and then type the cmd
  • After that, click the ctrl, shift and also the enter keys together for loading the command prompt console by using the administrative privileges.
  • The third step is typing the takeown/f C:\\Windows\System32 after that press the enter button to take the ownership of this system 32 folder.
  • The next step to do is by typing the lcacls C:\\Windows\System 32
  • Then, press the enter button where it will give you the right to delete the System 32 folder on your Windows 10.
  • Close the command prompt console. To do so, please type ‘Exit’ and then press the ‘Enter’ button.
  • Delete the folder
  • After that, you have to close all the applications that are running in the computer
  • After closing all the running applications, you can double-click the icon of the computer on the Windows desktop for opening the Windows Explorer
  • Done with the step above, now it is the right time to double-click the icon labeled Local Disk C
  • After that, enter the folder that is labeled Windows.
  • The next step to do is that select the folder that is labeled with the system 32 by clicking on that labeled folder
  • Last but not least, press the shift button and the Del button together. After that, click “Yes” on the delete folder dialog box that is asking for your confirmation.
  • Click Yes to All on any File delete dialog box that is displayed or that is encountered during the process of deletion.

The whole steps above are the ways or instructions of how to delete system 32 Windows 10. You can try the easy method above to delete the system 32 properly. However, please make sure that the deletion process is made by purpose and you had already taken the ownership before deleting the system 32 folders. This step will avoid you from the worse risk that can harm the Windows 10 operation system since the system 32 folders are the most important folder for all the Windows, included for the Windows 10.

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