How to Get a Custom Cursor – Best Places to Get Mouse Cursors for Windows

If you need to know about how to get a custom cursor for Windows, you are on the right page. it is normal to feel bored. Other than that, the default cursors and pointers are not that impressive even though they are quite functional. 

If you love to customize and personalize your Windows interface, this article might make you love your hobby more. Here we will show you the best resources to get custom mouse pointers. The best part is that they are free to download.

#1 EvolutionOS Custom Cursors

Looking for some customized cursors, you can head to this cursors website. How to get a custom cursor wouldn’t be that hard with this site. 

The selections are great but you may need to install each cursor manually, one by one. Still, you don’t need to worry about security or safety matters by downloading the bundles from this site.

How to Get a Custom Cursor

#2 Breeze Cursors

If you have used Linux, you may know KDE for its stunning environment. Breeze Cursors was inspired by that environment. 

You can download the cursor packs and get a nice set of pointers with cursors. Just like the previous resource, you need to manually install the cursor one by one. Still, the pack is free.

#3 Oxygen Cursors

The cursor pack was initially made and designed for KDE. Today, you can enjoy this stunning series of cursors for Windows. 

The pack contains 37 different schemes which you can choose according to your preference. If you often visit DeviantArt, you will be familiar with this cursor pack.

#4 Polar Cursors

Another resource of great cursor packs is Polar. Linux has inspired a lot of cursor creators in the past years. 

This cursor pack features mouse cursors with blue, green, and red editions. The shape looks thicker and the dark shadow around makes the cursors look stunning and cute. 

The good part is that the Polar Cursor provides the .inf file so you can simply install all cursors at once.

#5 Numix Cursors

Talking about the most favorite cursor all the time, you need to check the collections of Numix Cursors. You would love its smooth pointers wrapped with elegant look and professional impression. 

Other than that, you can pick between the dark and light edition of the cursor. Besides free to download, Numix also provides .inf files so you can install all files at once with no hassle at all. And this is the end section of how to get a custom cursor.

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