How to Send a Free Fax

Send a free fax – In these modern and advanced days, we probably rarely use the fax machine. However, some companies are still using fax machines to receive and send something. Well, installing our own personal fax machine will be troublesome. You probably wonder why some of the companies use fax machines instead of email in this advanced age because of the internet. Well, I don’t know and don’t want to know. However, with the internet, we can send a fax. We can even send fax from phone. Well, the online fax service is not free, but most of them are available for a free trial. So, because of that, in this article, we will talk about how to send a free fax.

Preparations Send a Free Fax

There are a few things that you will need before sending a fax. Well, first, you need an internet connection, an email account (I prefer Gmail, though), and digital files that you need to send through fax. Lastly, you need an online fax account service. 

Sending a free fax

Sending free fax is easy, but it is limited if you don’t want to pay. So, make sure that you only send fax very rarely. If you want to send a fax for a frequent time, my suggestion is to pay for the subscription, or you can try to install your own personal fax machine through your telephone cable. Of course, it is not free either. 

Send a Free Fax

Well, all we need first on how to send free fax is to open the site of an online fax service on the internet. Well, let’s just say the Hellofax. We have to register a Hellofax account. Since it needs an email account, you should try to register using your email account (I still prefer Gmail). 

After you registered the Hellofax account using your email address, it will ask you to confirm the email. So, head to your email and find the confirmation email. 

So, let us send fax. Well, as I mentioned, you need the digital file that you want to send. If you have it, then upload it to your Hellofax. After that, input the destination fax number you want to send the file to, such as your office’s fax. After you input the number, make sure that nothing is missing. And finally, click Send. 

Remember, to send more than 50 faxes, you need to pay for the subscription. This includes receiving fax too. Well, that is the end of how to send a free fax.

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