How to Install Optional Updates in Windows 10

Microsoft has moved the functionality of their update from the Control Panel to the Setting Application and it is applied in the Windows 10. It is really interesting to compare the functionalities, but if you notice, you may see that the Windows 10 lacks the options for displaying or installing the optional updates. We will talk more about this optional update in this article.

Install Optional Updates in Windows 10

What are the Optional Updates? It is maybe a question that always appears on your mind as the Windows 10 users. The optional updates are actually the Microsoft Updates, the third party products or updates and the other products.

In fact, you can install these optional updates by using some methods. One of the examples is by downloading the updates or programs directly. Based on the data, it is the most comfortable way to install the optional updates in Windows 10.

Knowing which Optional Updates are Available in Windows 10

Before knowing how to install optional updates in Windows 10, the first step that you can do is that find out which optional updates are available to choose. In fact, the Windows update setting is lacking the functionality to list the updates. It means that you have to look elsewhere for that thing.

To find out, there is an option that you can do in which you can download and run the show or hide updates troubleshooter. This option is offered by Microsoft on the support page that they have. After that, you can run the troubleshooter and try to list the available updates. You have to get the driver updates, other products or other updates. You have to know that you cannot be able to use the program for installing those updates.

If you want to know how to install optional updates in Windows 10, one of the best options is by using the Windows Update Mini Tool. What is this actually? Actually, it is the third-party program that is used by Windows and made for Windows. You can run that program for listing all the optional updates that are not installed yet in your Windows 10 device. You can run the programs without any installations. However, it is suggested to check the Include Drivers checkbox before you try for activating the refresh icon that is located in the sidebar.

So, the question now is that what is the function of the Windows Update Mini Tool? That tool or program has so many advantages in related with installing the optional updates in Windows 10 devices. The Windows Update Mini Tool will check for any available updates using the Microsoft updates. After that, it will list all the available updates which it finds in the interface part. You have to get the same listing that is also listed by the Microsoft Hide and Show updates.

The other benefit that you can get from the Windows Update Mini Tool application is that it will divide the drivers and updates and then made them into the groups to improve the accessibility. That is why; it is always recommended to check the installed programs and drivers before you are deciding to choose any for the download or installation process.

While you are able for using the program for downloading and installing the optional updates, you can also use the Device Manager for installing the updates, especially once you identified them. Actually, the instructions or solutions above are maybe not working all the time though. However, it can be an option if you want to update the optional updates needs directly and not by using some other third-party tools.

Should you install the optional update?

After knowing about how to install optional updates in Windows 10, the next question that needs to answer is that; should you need to install the optional update?

When you purchase the Windows, you have to know that it is not perfect. That is why; Microsoft always tries to help the customers in improving their operating system as they use it. Microsoft does it by sending your computer some software updates that can be installed automatically. When you set the Automatic Updates, you will have an option for choosing the option that you would like to install.

Some updates are essentials and it means that the rest updates are optional. So, you don’t need to install those optional updates if you don’t need those optional updates in your Windows 10.

The Benefits of Windows Updates

The updates from Windows built into the operating system to save your time because it will eliminate the need for searching the Web for system updates and then will install them manually. You’re PC or computer can install the updates as soon as Microsoft makes them as the essential updates to be downloaded and installed. You may not be worried about Windows sending or adding the software to your PC without your knowledge. The history feature that is owned will ensure that all the update lists are noted and you can also view them at any time you want to.

Knowing more about the Optional Updates

The ‘windows update’ window shows the essential information about all the update process. It will tell you when Windows last checked all the available updates. If there are any essential or optional updates, you will see the links that will display the number of the updates that are available.

The optional updates are maybe not fixing the security issues, but they can fix some minor problems or correcting those problems. After you click the link that informs that you have the optional updates, you can look them in the list. To see the details, you can click the link. So, if you thought that your Windows 10 needs some of the optional updates, you can easily install it.

Those are the information about how to install optional updates in Windows 10 and some descriptions about the optional updates. We hope that this article is beneficial and you got the thing that you want to get.

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