How to install xbox 360 Drivers in Windows 10

Xbox 360 is maybe a familiar thing, especially if you are a gamer. However, maybe some of you do not know about this tool. That is why; before going further about how to install Xbox 360 drivers in Windows 10, we will talk about the definition of the Xbox 360.

What is the Xbox 360? Actually, it is a home video game console that is developed by Microsoft. In fact, the Xbox 360 is the second console for the Xbox series. In the market, you will find that this product competes with the Nintendo’s Wii and the Sony’s PlayStation 3 in which they are the part of the 7th generation of the video game consoles.

FIXED install xbox 360 Drivers in Windows 10

In fact, the Xbox 360 is so interesting and it offers so many attractive features and functions for the users. It will be more convenient for every gamer who prefer to use the Xbox controller than a mouse or keyboard to play a game. What makes it is more comfortable is that you can play games via the Xbox controller in some different PC devices. You can use the available USB Ports regardless of the version of your Window OS.  In the other words, we can say that you can enjoy playing the game by using this Xbox controller in some different Windows OS such as the Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or the Windows 10.

Today, we will talk more about how to use and install the Xbox 360 drivers in the Windows 10. If it is your first time of using this gaming tool, you can continue to read this article to know how to install Xbox 360 drivers in Windows 10 and how to solve the installation issues that maybe occurs.

Installing the Xbox 360 Drivers in Windows 10

Here are some steps to install the Xbox 360 wired controller on your Windows 10:

  1. Plug this Xbox 360 drivers controller into the USB 2.0 or the 3.0 port on your computer
  2. After that, your Windows 10 will be automatically installing the Xbox 360 drivers for your controller. That is why; you don’t need to download or install any software other than the updates from the Windows 10.
  3. Once you see a pop-up notification that the Xbox 360 drivers have been installed, you can start to use it.
  4. Open a game to test the Xbox 360 drivers’ controller to know whether it is worked correctly or not.

Actually, there are some notes that you need to know in related with this installation process:

  • If the Xbox 360 drivers are not detected by the PC, you can try to plug it into the different USB port and then try it again
  • If it is still not working, you can check the updates of your Windows 10. Install any updates and you can try again.
  • Try to refer the game documentation about the information of how to configure the Xbox 360 drivers for certain games.

If you still have the errors in related to how to install the Xbox 360 drivers in Windows 10, there are two solutions that you can try. Below is the further description:

SOLUTION 1: Update the Xbox 360 Controller Driver Tool Manually

Please ensure first that the Xbox 360 drivers’ controller is not plugged in. To do this first solution, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Uninstall the Xbox 360 drivers accessories from the control panel if you have installed it
  2. Press the windows key + x from your keyboard and then choose the Device Manager
  3. Click the view option and choose the ‘show hidden devices’
  4. Check for seeing where the Xbox 360 drivers could be. Usually, it is under the category of Universal Serial Bus Controllers
  5. However, some people notice that it is under the Universal Serial Bus Devices option or under the Xbox 360 Peripherals category
  6. After you knew which driver is the right one for the Xbox 360 drivers controller, do the right click and choose the uninstall option
  7. There will be a notification. Tick the box to delete the driver software and then choose the OK Button to continue.
  8. Then, restart your computer
  9. After the computer is restarted, try to plug-in the device. Usually, windows will help to install the latest version of the Xbox 360 drivers’ controller. However, there are not any guarantees for it.

If this first solution is not worked, you can try the second solution below.

SOLUTION 2: Update the Xbox drivers automatically

In fact, you have to know that Windows just provide the driver for Xbox 360 on build earlier than the Windows 7. That is why; if you are using the Windows 8, 8.1 or the Windows 10, the driver that is provided by Windows can be not helpful.

Actually, you can do or solve the installation problem by using the Driver Easy. It is the right solution if you don’t have any times, computer skills or patience for solving the Xbox 360 driver’s installation process.

The Driver Easy will recognize your system automatically and then look for the right drivers for it. It is much easier and will make you stay away from any risks. Actually, you can install the pro or the free version of this Driver easy. If you choose the PRO version, here are the simple steps that you can follow:

  1. Download and install the Driver Easy
  2. Run the Driver Easy and choose the scan now button. Then, it will scan your computer and detect any drivers’ problems
  3. Click the update button that is located next to the Xbox 360 drivers’ controller. It will make you automatically download and install the right version. This step can be done with the FREE version as well
  4. You can also click the Update All to download and install the right version of all the drivers automatically

So, that is the information about how to install Xbox 360 drivers in windows 10 that we can share.

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