Logitech G930 keep Turning Off Windows 10

Windows 10 can come with some issues or problems, from the easy one up to the complex one. One of the common issues that usually happens is the Logitech G930 that keeps turning off in your Windows 10 system. Various conditions can make the Logitech G930 wireless headset is disconnected all the time. In addition, it can always disconnect and reconnect again where it is annoying for the user. Here are the conditions due to this issue:

Logitech G930 keep Turning Off Windows 10

  • When you brought the new Logitech G930 wireless headset and then installed the Logitech game software. After that, you connect the headset to the computer. Sometimes, every few minutes the USB dongle will beep, the sound is stopped, and then the dongle beeps again and the sound is on again.
  • When you installed the newest version of the Logitech G930 headset. It maybe works for a while, but then it is losing the connection and never connected again. In the other case, it can also keep disconnecting and connecting on Windows 10.
  • The Logitech G930 can be cutting out when you upgrade the system for Windows 7 & 8 to the Windows 10.

This issue has happened to various users. However, there are some solutions that you can do to fix the Logitech G930 keep turning off Windows 10.

The question is maybe “why this issue happens?” Actually, there are several reasons that can trigger this problem. Those reasons are as follows:

  1. The interference of your wireless devices such as the Bluetooth or WiFi devices. The fact is if there are more wireless devices or the Bluetooth devices on your computer, it can interrupt your headset and make it turns off.
  2. The USB is not able to provide enough power that causes the Bluetooth receives is unstable.
  3. The Logitech G930 driver issue.

Now you know the reasons. Next, we will talk more about the solutions, so that you can get the Logitech G930 function is back.


SOLUTION 1: Plug the Logitech G930 another “USB 2.0 Port”

This first solution is a test. If the Logitech G930 headset keeps turning off, you can plug it out first and then connect it to the other USB port. If you use the Blue USB port or the USB 3.0 port at this case, it is better to connect to the USB 2.0 port. In addition, if you use the USB HUB before, you can try to connect the receiver of the headset to the PC USB port straightly.

Please ensure that the Logitech G930 is fully charged, and it is powered off before you reconnect it to the computer. If the LED next to the power switch should be unlit (it is not blinking or solid green) means that the power is off.


SOLUTION 2: Roll Back the Logitech G930 Driver

If the first solution above is not working, you can try this second solution. In fact, this method is for you who updated the new driver and it creates the disconnected headset constantly. For this case, you can try to roll back the river to the previous version. Below is the complete step for this solution:

  1. First of all, enter the DEVICE MANAGER
  2. After that, expand the option of “Audio Inputs and Outputs” and then find the Logitech G930 device.
  3. Once you found it, right-click on it and then choose the Properties > Driver > Roll Back Driver

If the rollback driver is unable to use, maybe you have to download Logitech G930 the old driver version from the official site of Logitech.


SOLUTION 3: Turn off the USB root HUB Power Management

The Logitech G930 is a wireless headset. That is why; when the Logitech G930 keeps cutting off, maybe you need to reset the USB Root HUB and the generic USB HUB Power Management. To do this third solution, below are the complete steps that you need to do:

  1. First, you have to enter the Device Manager.
  2. After that, Expand the “Universal Serial Bus Controller” and then choose the USB Root Hub > Properties > Power Management.
  3. The next thing to do is uncheck the “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”
  4. After that, check the power safe for the entire USB root hub and also for the Generic USB Hub one by one.

Those are the solutions to do this third method. You need to try it to find out whether it is the best one for you or not.


SOLUTION 4: Disable the USB Selective Suspend Settings

The Logitech G930 keeps turning off on your Windows 10 can be caused by the USB Selective suspends power setting. That is why; disabling it may solve the Logitech G930 issue. To do this method, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the start menu and then choose Settings > System > Power & Sleep > Additional Power Settings
  2. In the power plan that you are using, you can click the “Change Plan Settings” option
  3. You can see the option of Change the advanced power settings, choose that.
  4. In the power settings, you can find the USB settings and then click the “USB Selective suspend settings” option
  5. In that setting, drop-down the text menu to choose “DISABLE”.
  6. After that, click the APPLY option and click the OK button.
  7. The last thing to do is reconnect the headset to your computer. Usually, the Logitech G930 sound will not cut off again and the connection will keep turning on all the time.

This solution is so easy to do and you have to try this to find out it is the best one for you or not.

Those are some solutions and methods that we can share about the ways to fix the Logitech G930 turning off Windows 10. You can try at least one of the methods above to find the right one for you. We hope that this article is beneficial and you can use the Windows 10 more comfortable.

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