Msvcp100.dll is Missing Windows 10

Msvcp100.dll is Missing Windows 10

Windows 10 can have some issues and problems that maybe make it are a little bit uncomfortable to use. One of those problems is the “msvcp100.dll is missing”. If you are having this problem right now, you have to know that you are not alone. Hundred of Windows 10 users out there maybe have it too.

Actually, this problem can happen in a certain condition. For the example is when you just had your laptop upgrade to Windows 10 and then when you tried to start the origin. You may find the command of “DLL was missing”. So, can it just be re-installed? Or did that thing changes something? We will find out more in the description below.

Before talking about the solution, here are some conditions where the msvcp100.dll is the missing problem usually happens:

  1. a) A certain program is being used or installed
  2. b) Windows is first shutting down or starting up
  3. c) When there are a new Windows that is being installed

Although this issue sometimes appears and it is quite annoying; but, there are some solutions that you can do in order to fix the msvcp100.dll is missing Windows 10 problem. Here are the further explanations about the solutions. You don’t need to do all the solutions below, but you just need to find the best one that is working for you. So, check this out.


Solution 1: Re-install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistribution Package of MFC Security Update

We can say that it is one of the solutions that are most recommended and loved by many Windows 10 users. Here are the steps to do this first method:

1)         Press the Windows logo key on your keyboard and then choose the “Control Panel” option

2)         After that, view by Category and then click the option of Uninstall a Program

3)         You need to check and see what the version of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable program that you have installed on your device is. For this case, we are having the 2005 and 2012 version. Choose one from that list and then choose the “UNINSTALL” option.

4)         After that, you need to repeat the uninstall process with the other Microsoft C++ Redistributable program.

5)         In a lot of cases, this problem can be fixed really well by installing the Visual c++ redistributable 2015 Redistribution Update 3 that can be downloaded from Microsoft. For your information, it is the latest version of the update so far. You have to note that it is always better to only download the file from Microsoft and not download it from the random websites.

6)         When the download is done, you have to double-click the installation file for installing it on your device or computer.

7)         When the installation is done, you can reboot the computer so that the change can take an effect.

If this first method is not working for you, you can try the other solutions or methods below.


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Solution 2: Copying the File only from the Trusted Computer

The other way to fix the msvcp100.dll is missing Windows 10 problem is by copying the same file from the other trusted computer. Here are the complete steps to do this second method:

1)         You have to find the other computer that has the same operating system like what you have

2)         What we mean here is that the Version (Windows 7/8/10) and the Architectures (64-bit/32-bit) of both system operations must be similar.

3)         On that computer, you need to open the File Explorer (by simply pressing the Windows button on your keyboard and the E button together). Next, you need to go to the C:\Windows\System32 and you can copy the msvcp100.dll there.

4)         After that, paste that copied file to the same location (the “C:\Windows\system32”) on your device or computer. For this action, you may need the storage device such as Flash Drive.

It is done. You can try to launch the program again and find out that the issue has been fixed or not.


Solution 3: Running a Virus Scan

You have to know that the Malware and Virus infection can stop the .dll file from its running. To fix it, you have to check and run the full system for your anti-virus program. You can do it by using the Windows Defender, but if it is not working, you have to try the other anti-virus program. Below are the instructions to do this third method:

1)         Re-install the program which shows you this notification. Sometimes, the msvcp100.dll is missing Windows 10 problem can be solved by just re-install it.

2)         You can also try the startup repair with a system program

3)         If those steps are not working, you may need to re-install your Windows 10.

Those are the third method that you can try.


Method 4: Update the Device Drivers

We can say that this method 4 always become the prior option when there is something wrong with your computer. You can update the device manually by using the Windows Update, or you can also do it from the trusted website manufacturer. For this case, you will need sometimes and the computer skills as well because there are many things that need to ensure.

However, if you are not familiar with the step above, you can do it easily and automatically by using Driver Easy. This tool can automatically recognize the system that is used and then find the right drivers for it. It means that you can stay away from the risks of downloading the wrong device drivers for your system and many more again. In order to do this fourth method to solve the msvcp100.dll is missing Windows 10 problem, below are some steps that you need to do:

1)         First of all, you have to download and install the Driver Easy from the internet

2)         After that, run that program and you need to click the SCAN NOW button that is available there.

3)         Driver Easy will scan your computer automatically and detect if there are some problems with the drivers.

That’s all and maybe it is the best method to solve the msvcp100.dll is missing Windows 10 problem.

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