PDF File and Its Information

PDF File and Its Information

Some people like to make their documents on the PDF format because a file on PDF is usually used for the formal occasion. So, what is PDF? PDF stands for Portable Document Format, just like the name that has “portable” in it, the file on PDF format is easy to carry or move because it has the smaller version. Nowadays the soft file of books, application letter, CV, job vacancy, letter of acceptance from specific institution uses the PDF format. Those files are usually proper for reading, that is why the author made it into the PDF format. The truth is, sometimes there are still some people who do not know about making a PDF file because mostly they use the Microsoft Word to make a file, in this article we are going to see how to make a PDF form creator and the advantages of PDF file. Let us see how to make a PDF file first, here are the steps:

  1. Type your file like usually on the Microsoft Word
  2. When you are about to save the document, click the “save as type” under the “file name”
  3. Then choose “PDF”
  4. And then save the file
  5. Your file will be automatically saved as PDF file

Those are the steps that you can do if you are getting used to making the file on Microsoft Word but you want to make the file on the PDF format. You can also convert your document into PDF by finding the converter on the internet, just simply type “convert to PDF” then there will be some websites that provide this service. Another thing that we are going to talk on this article is, the advantages of the PDF file, here are some of them:

  1. The main advantage of PDF file is, it is able to be opened on any computer and also smartphone without any changes on its file—the text, information, and pictures.
  2. You can make a password for your PDF file, so other people can not edit the file or even open it,
  3. There are already plenty of PDF readers to convert the text of the picture and also to do the editing since PDF is getting famous, so people also make additional features for it
  4. A PDF file can be opened on any software because the PDF is such a self-contained software, for the example is you make your document on Microsoft Word 2010 and then you send the file to your friend who uses the Microsoft Word 2007, some things will be different. But if you make and send it to PDF, the things are still the same.

If you are going to make a form for any occasion, you can convert your file using the PDF form creator with some ways. You can follow the steps above or find the websites on the internet, overall, it is all very simple to make the PDF file even though you are not getting used to making the PDF file. If you want to make your PDF file more secure, you can make a password of it, here are the steps to make it:

  1. Open your Adobe Acrobat then open the file by clicking “File” then “Open”
  2. Once the document is open, select “File” then choose “Document Security” once it is opened then choose “Security Option” there will be “Security Standard Acrobat”
  3. Click the box that is written “password that is needed to open the document” and a box will show up, type the password that you want to open this document in the box provided
  4. After that, save the document on your computer

If you are going to send the files to other people on a formal occasion, it is a must to send it on a PDF format because the receiver will really able to edit or do something for it and it shows that you have sent the fixed document since it is on PDF file. Especially nowadays people use email to send the documents, the PDF file usually has a smaller size than the other documents. So basically, the file on the PDF is such a flexible document because it can be opened on any computer without changing the information on the file itself. Just like its name, a PDF file is a portable file which means it can be carried anywhere without needed a lot of space on the computer or on the phone. If you make any documents and it will be shared for a specific occasion, you can make the documents into the PDF using the PDF form creator, so it will also be easier and portable for the receiver. Another thing that is getting very common nowadays is, the e-book is using the PDF as the soft file version because the author wants everyone to be able to access it when they buy the soft file version. It is also really comfortable to read on the PDF version than the other version. When you are reading a book on the soft file version and it is a PDF file, you can easily make the highlight to the important things just like what you do when you read the version of hard copy then use the highlighter to highlight important things. Another thing that this PDF format has is, if you are looking for some specific information, then you only need to type “Ctrl+F” then type the word that you want to find, it will simply show up and it also shows you on the specific page. Indeed, having the PDF version of the specific files will also make you easier and save your time because of the reasons that are mentioned before this sentence. That is PDF is getting used for most people and everyone seems starting to like the PDF version because of its advantages. Now, you can start making your PDF file using the easiest way or any way that you think is very easy and comfortable.

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