Problem with Recording Device Skype Windows 10

Skype is a cool application that is used by most of the people at the present time. Actually, by using this application, someone can call his family or friends without losing too much money. Maybe you are also a user of this application, aren’t you? The definition of this application as it is described by Wikipedia is that a communication program that is used the P2P or the peer to peer.

SOLVED Problem Recording Device Skype Windows 10

This is the free program and can be downloaded for free in your smartphone, computer and many more again. Skype is made for making the voice communication device with the great quality and the affordable price by using the internet base. This program can be used by all the people all over this world. The Skype user can talk with the other Skype users for free, calling the traditional telephone by using the fare (SkypeOut), accepting the call from the traditional telephone (SkypeIn) and accepting the voice call.

In fact, for the Windows 10 users or for the other computer system users, there is an issue about the Skype program. Sometimes, the Skype is not working and there is a problem with record webcam windows 10 or recording device Skype Windows 10. Some problems that are appeared are like the Skype is not working when you are trying to make the call, the call is maybe hanged up and then there is a message that says “problem on recording device”. It can be the annoying thing that is happened.

Some users reported that the issue can be happened for once or maybe twice and then it will be disappeared. In the other case, some other users reported that the problems happen constantly. If you have the same problem or issue, we will share some solutions or methods that are maybe useful for you. So, check this out.

Method 1: Run the Fixit Tool for Skype

The first method that you can try to solve the problem with recording device Skype Windows 10 is by running the Fix IT Tool for Skype. This method is usually being able to solve some other problems as well such as:

  1. You muted the audio mistakenly
  2. The audio device isn’t plugged in
  3. The volume of the speaker is too low because the audio device volume that you use is set very low
  4. The audio device that is installed has not been set as the default playback and the default audio device.

Besides those 4 issues, this first method can be also fixed some other problems in your windows 10. All can be done just by running the Fixit Tool. After you run the Fixit Tool completely, the next step that you can do is making the test call. Below are the complete steps that you can do:

  1. a) In the contact list, usually, you will find the Skye Test Call. You can choose it. That option may be also written as follow: sound test service/ Echo/ Skype Test Call (echo 123). How if you are not finding the option in your contact list? If it has happened to you, you can write echo 123 in the search field.
  2. b) You will hear some instructions. The thing that you can do is just following the instructions correctly.

You can try the first method above in order to solve the problem with recording device Skype Windows 10. If the first method is not working for you, maybe the other methods below are the perfect option that you can try.


Method 2: Checking the Skype Configuration

Just like what we shared above, you can try this second method if the first method above does not fix the problem with recording device Skype Windows 10. The second method is by checking the Skype configuration. Usually, the recording device error problem occurs when the microphone or webcam isn’t configured correctly in the Skype.

Below are the steps that you can follow in order to check the Skype configuration:

  1. a) Go to the Tools option in Skype
  2. b) Click the Options menu. After that, you have to check for the sound device configuration that you can find there.

Usually, the two steps above are quite effective to solve the problem with recording device Skype Windows 10. Just try this second method to find out whether it is the perfect solution or not for you.

The Other Solution for Solving the Problem with Recording Device Skype Windows 10

Actually, there are also some other solutions that you can try for solving the problem with recording device Skype Windows 10. First and foremost, you have to do a test whether your microphone is working correctly or not. Some tests that you can do are as follows:

  • Checking the microphone. There is not any problem with any kinds of PC that you use. First of all, you have to check if the inbuilt microphone is muted. If you use the wireless microphone, you need to check the battery and please ensure that it is fully charged. If your Skype is unable to detect the microphone, you usually will get the notification.
  • Making the test call. This is the other thing that you have to do. You need to make the test call for confirming if there are not any errors in the Skype program. You can call the Echo 123 and please ensure that you record your message. If you get for hearing the message, it means that your microphone is configured correctly. If you fail to hear our own message, it means that you need to continue to the next step.

Those are some solutions and methods that you can use to solve the problem with how to record webcam windows 10  or recording device Skype Windows 10. We hope that this article is beneficial for you to solve the problem with recording device Skype in the Windows 10. To find the perfect and suit method, you can try the method one by one. Usually, the solutions above are effective to solve that problem. So, have a try.

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