The Profsvc Service Failed the Sign In

We cannot deny that some issues have happened on the Windows 10 system. One of the issues is the Profsvc Service Failed the Sign In. This issue is commonly known as the user profile service failed and it will make you are not able to do anything. That is why; this problem can be so annoying as well.

Before we are talking about the solution for fixing the problem, let us talk about the cause first. What is the main reason for this error? We can say that the main cause of this Profsvc Service Failed the Sign In issue is about the corrupted user profile. It means that when your user profile gets corrupted it will make all of your passwords and also its components will not work in the right way. It means that you will not be able to sign in to the Windows.

Profsvc Service Failed the Sign In

So, the next question is how to fix this problem? Yes, maybe the Windows 10 has several issues due to its usage. However, it also comes with various solutions to fix the problem. Before talking about that you have to know that the main reasons for this error are the corrupted user profile. When the user profile gets corrupted, all of your passwords and the components will never work properly.

One more thing to know is that our main aim is to get into the PC or computer. That is why; you have to enable the hidden administrator account which is it is also known as the Super Administrator. Once you enable that account, you will be able to sign in into your Windows. After that, the next thing that you can do is creating the other user account.

That is the main concept or system that we can do to fix the Profsvc Service Failed the Sign in the problem. Knowing the concept above will make you are easier to solve this issue. In order to do or apply this solution, here are the complete instructions that you can follow.

  1. First of all, please ensure that you are at the Login Screen. After that, click the Power Logo that is available there.
  2. After that, hold the shift key and press the restart option.
  3. When you do the second point above, the PC or computer will be boot into the other mode. This action makes you able to repair or troubleshoot the PC. If you experience any problems, you can do this action. Click on the Troubleshoot and then choose the advanced option.
  4. You will see the command prompt. Choose it.
  5. On that command prompt, please type the following command: net user administrator/active: yes (please note that you leave one space after the word administrator)
  6. Press the enter button on your keyboard
  7. You will receive the message that says the command completed successfully
  8. The next thing to do is restarting the PC or your computer. You will find out all of the accounts that are corrupted and then a new account without any passwords.
  9. Sign-in to the new account
  10. Then, create a new user account to check whether the Profsvc Service Failed the Sign In problem has been fixed or not.

We also want to inform about using the super admin account. Using this account is not advised for solving the issue.

  1. After making the “navigate” to C:\users (it is because mostly your Windows are installed in the C drive), you need to choose your old account and then copy the files. You can copy all the files that are needed such as the documents, download and many more.
  2. Save it to the other location such as place it on the different drive.
  3. If there are any important things such as the game caches that are kept in the documents, you can simply choose the option of copy the files by using the instruction on the point 12.
  4. In your new account, you can copy those important files


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For your information, some users reported that the methods above are not working really well. If this condition also happens to you, you can recover the problem by doing these steps:

  1. First of all, please boot your windows installation of the CD/DVD drive or the ISO file
  2. When the setup loads, you can press the shift key and the F10 key together on your keyboard
  3. The action above will display the command prompt on that type
  4. Move C:\windows\system32\utilman.exe d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe.bak



copy C:\windows\system32\cmd.exe d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe

  1. The next action is pressing the enter button
  2. After that, close your Windows and remove the installation media
  3. Then, try to start the PC or your computer as usual.
  4. When you are in the login screen, you will find the ease of case button. That is the one that you may use for loading the magnifier, narrator and many more.
  5. Click that button.
  6. That action will display the command prompt and it is because of the command that you type on the previous steps above
  7. After that, you can type the same user command as what you can see in step four above
  8. The next thing to do is that you have to follow the remaining steps.

Those all the steps that you can do in order to fix the Profsvc Service Failed the Sign In a problem that is usually appearing on the Windows 10 system. The methods or steps above are usually working with some of the users. However, sometimes maybe the solutions above are not suitable or it is not working for some users.

How if it is not working for you? If it is not working for you, you still can be able to find the other solutions that you can use to solve the “Profsvc Service Failed the Sign In”on the internet or from the other sources. We hope that you can find the best one that will make you are able to use your Windows 10 comfortably.

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