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Receive fax online free – Facsimile, or we know it in short as fax, is a machine where we can send a copy of a letter or such through the phone lines. However, nowadays, it is rare for most companies now to use it. However, you probably still need it for something urgent through the facsimile. Well, setting up your fax machine can be complicated because it can take a lot of time. Luckily, we can send or receive fax online free through the internet. 

Sending a free fax through email

Well, we actually are able to send fax from phone through the email account we have. For the email service, I personally prefer to use Gmail more than anything. I used to have a Rocketmail, but now, it is gone, including my linked social media, like Facebook. 

Since we don’t have a fax machine, the fax that we need to send must be a digital file. Alright, let us just start how to send a fax through the email. Well, open this link, right here. From there, you need to sign in with Google. After that, download the addons/extension of Hellofax for your browser. 

Receive Fax Online Free

From the extension or the addon of Hellofax, you can send your fax there. First of all, click ‘Send a Fax’ option. Remember, the stuff you want to send must be a digital file like doc, pdf, jpeg, and many more. You can use your scanner to make it digital if you only have the hard file. If you already have it, then attach or upload the file you want to send. 

The last thing you will do is to input the fax numbers you want to send to. If you need to send a fax to your office, then input your office’s fax number. After you input the number, then click ‘Send.’ Bravo, you just send fax. However, receive fax online free is a whole different matter.

Sadly, we can’t send faxes more than 50 in Hellofax. For that, we need to pay for the subscription. 

Receiving fax online

Sadly, we may be able to send a fax for free. However, when it comes to ‘receive fax online free,’ there is no such thing. As we can see, it is rare for people to use a fax service nowadays, so no wonder why we have to pay for it to keep the fax service company alive. So, that is the tutorial of how to send a fax through the internet.

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