The Simple Way to Setup FTP Server Windows 10 and 7

FTP server Windows or File Transfer Protocol server for Windows helps you to download and upload files anywhere to your computer. Just take a look at the explanation below before using the SFTP server Windows.   

What Is FTP Server?

FTP Server or File Transfer Protocol server is a server that helps to transfer files from one virtual place to your computer. This platform is an alternative for those who need Cloud storage. This server allows you to create a private cloud and you have full control over the storage. It is not only used for transferring files but the system also protects your network data. As a result, you can connect and transfer files anonymously. The system will encrypt your username and password. The platform is suitable for Windows, Unix, and Linux operating systems. Nowadays, we are about to discuss the FTP server for Windows.    

What are the Uses of FTP Server?

So, what is a FTP server used for? You can use this platform for several things. The main function is to transfer files. It is a little bit different than Cloud storage services. You don’t have to think about the file type or size before transferring the files. The system allows you to transfer a 1KB text file or even a 1TB backup file. Moreover, you can also create as many accounts as you want. Due to this function, the protocol server is suitable for family and friends to store and share files. It is also a good option for those who have a business or company and often share something with employees. The server is compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 10. Let’s learn how to setup FTP server Windows 10 and 7.

How To Setup FTP Server on Windows 7


How To Setup FTP Server on Windows 7?

The first thing you have to learn is how to set up FTP server Windows 7. Click the Start icon on the taskbar and click the Control Panel option. Continue the step by clicking the Programs and Features and click the Turn Windows Features On or Off. Expand the Internet Information Services and FTP Server. Next, select the FTP Service and click the OK button.  

How To Setup FTP Server on Windows 10?

Let’s learn how to install and set up a Windows 10 FTP server. The first thing you consider is that you still have to add the required components manually, although Windows 10 supports an open source FTP server. First, you have to open the Control Panel menu from your Windows 10. Then, click the Programs. You will see two different options which are Program and Features and Default Programs. See the Program and Features option and click the Turn Windows Features On or Off link. 

The next thing to do is you should expand the Internet Information Service feature and FTP server option. Check the FPT Extensibility and FTP service options. You will also see the Web Management Tools. Just check on it as well as the IIS Management Console. Once you check all the options, click the OK and Close button. Now, the device will install the FTP server. The explanation below is about the way to configure the FTP server after learning how to setup FTP server.            

How to Configure an FTP Server on Windows 10

Now, you also need to learn how to make FTP server and configure it on your Windows 10. In case you want to set up an FTP site, you have to open the Control Panel menu and click on the System and Security. You will see several options there. Click on the Administrative Tools. The next step is to double-click the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager shortcut. See the Connections panel and right-click the Sites and select the Add FTP Site option. You should also type a short description of the name for the server. Now, go to the Content Directory section and find out the Physical Path. Click the button on the right, so you can locate the folder you want to use to store the FTP files. Click the next button and use the default Binding settings sections. Check the Start FTP Site Automatically option. Find out the SSL section and check the No SSL option. Click the Next button and find out the Authentication section. Check the Basic option and use the drop-down menu to select the Specified Users option. Input the email address of your Windows 10 account, so you can access the FTP server. Check the Read and Write options and click the Finish button. That’s it! You can operate the free FTP server Windows 10 on your computer.     

Best Free FTP Server 

You also have to use the best free FTP server to transfer files safely. Let’s say, you can use the SolarWinds server. This server can transfer files up to 4GB and you can transfer multiple files simultaneously as well as manage user accounts. You can also use FileZilla in which it is compatible with several operating systems including Windows, Linux, and Mac. Another trusted free FTP server you can use is the IIS FTP server. Just like the name, IIS FTP server Windows 10 includes Internet Information Services. There is also Crush FTP Server for Windows which is compatible with SFTP, FTPS, SCP, and HTTPS. Couchdrop DFTP is also an FPT server Cloud service that includes SFTP, SCP, Rsync, FTP, and WebDAV. For a more reference, you can also choose to use the Rebex Tiny SFTP server, Titan FTP server, and OpenSSH. Remember! Those FTP servers are free to use and you will get a maximal result from it in which you can transfer files safely, easily, and faster.    

Now, you know that installing and using FTP server Windows 10 and 7 is not as complicated as you can imagine. You only have to choose the best Windows FTP server and follow the instructions above. Just make sure that setting up FTP server Window 10 process is done correctly. The explanation above is a simple FTP Server Windows method to apply, so you can use the FTP server Windows immediately to transfer important files without any significant problems. By

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