How to Stop Chrome from Opening on Startup Windows 10

Stop Chrome from Opening on Startup Windows 10

Have you ever experienced about the long displayed startup windows where the desktop appearance has been displayed but it is still loading? Maybe, it is caused by the program or applications that you have installed where those programs or applications are automatically set to be opened when the computer is turned on or we can say that when the computer is on the startup period.

Actually, this kind of feature is quite useful, especially for you who do not so care about doing the automatic update for your software. By using this action, the software will be automatically opened in the background and then do the update if there are any updates that are available. However, if there are too many applications that use this feature, it will make your computer or laptop performance is slower.

Every program that you can find in the startup list add a little bit more time between the time when you are pressing the power button and the time when your computer is being ready to use. Thank God because in the Windows 10 it is easier to see what is the things that cause the delay and you can delete the culprit quickly.

If you want to find the answer of how to stop chrome from opening on startup Windows 10, you are in the right place because in this article we will talk more about that. Here are some methods and solutions that you can use for solving that issue.

Viewing the Startup Programs by Using the Task Manager

The Task Manager is a kind of option or menu where you can change the startup program. For launching it, you have to press the Shift+ CTRL + Esc button together. The other way to do is right-click on the taskbar where the taskbar is located at the bottom of your desktop. After that, choose the Task Manager that you can see from the menu who appears.

Those are not the only ways because you can do the other way to do the action above. To do so, right-click on the Start Menu icon; then, you can choose the Task Manager. For accessing more information, you have to move the cursor down. Direct it to the bottom left corner. There you can see more detail and you can click on that.

By doing the action above, you will see much information that is displayed. The information is included in the background process and also the resources that are used.

If you want to find the startup items, you can click on the tab that is located along the top where it is marked as the start-up. It will display a list that contains everything which can be used to load when you turn on the computer.

For your information, it is also essential for noting the status column because not all the things on the lists are enabled. If there are some items that are marked as disabled status, you can ignore it.

Removing the Startup Programs by Using the Task Manager

If you watch some applications that you don’t want to show on your startup, it is really easy to delete them. To do so, you need to right-click on the relevant applications. After that, choose the disable option that you can get from the pop-up menu.

That application will remain on your list. However, it is no longer launch automatically, especially when you are turning on the computer or laptop machine. If you want to enable the app again, you just need to right-click on that application and then choose the enable option.

One thing to remember is that you have to reboot your computer or laptop for all the processes to take the effect.

Other Method to Stop the Chrome from Opening on Startup Windows 10

In order to solve and get the answer of how to stop chrome from opening on Startup Windows 10, there is still one more method that you can try. This method is by managing the application that can be run automatically when your laptop is started. To do so, below are the further steps and instructions that you can follow:

  1. First of all, click the start button
  2. After that, click the run word in the searching box
  3. After you did the second step above, the run box will be displayed. Once you saw it, type the msconfig.
  4. Then the System Configuration box will be displayed. You can click the startup tab.
  5. After that, you will see any applications that are opened or automatically run when the startup process is done
  6. The next step is that erasing the check symbol. You have to erase or delete the check symbol in the application that you don’t want to be opened automatically when you turned on the laptop or computer. In this case, you can erase the check symbol in the Chrome application.
  7. Vice versa, you can give the Check symbol for the application that you want to see or automatically opened when the startup process is done.
  8. After all the things above are done, click the OK button
  9. Them the command box or warning box will be displayed where you have to restart your computer or laptop. It is better to follow the instruction and then click Restart
  10. All is done.

That is the way for answering the question of how to stop chrome from opening on startup Windows 10. Usually, the methods above are effective to solve that issue. You just need to follow the ten steps above.

Furthermore, the way above will make your computer or laptop performance is better and faster, especially at the first time you turned it on. We hope that the information above is beneficial especially for you who want to get the answer of how to stop chrome from opening on Startup Windows 10 or for you who want to make your laptop or computer performance is faster and better than before.

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