Windows 10 Stuck Removing Bluetooth Device

Windows 10 Stuck Removing Bluetooth Device

Have you ever experience about fail to remove the Bluetooth device on your Windows 10? We can say that it is one of the issues that sometimes happen to the Windows 10 users. If the Windows 10 Stuck Removing Bluetooth Device problem has happened to you, you don’t have to be panic because there are several issues that you can try for fixing this problem.

Below, we will share some effective solution that is maybe beneficial for you. Co, check this out.

  1. Set the Bluetooth Service to Automatic

The first solution that you can try in order to solve the Windows 10 Stuck Removing Bluetooth Device issue is by setting the Bluetooth service to automatic. To do so, here are some steps that you can do:

  1. Press the windows and R button together at the same time. It will launch the Run action
  2. After that, type the “services.msc>” and then press the Enter key
  3. You need to check if the Bluetooth Support Service is turned on and also set to automatic
  4. If it does not happen, what you can do is by simply right-click on the Bluetooth Support Service and then go to the Properties
  5. Next, use the drop-down menu where it is an action to set the Bluetooth Services to Automatic

This first solution is quite simple, so you have to try it.

  1. Uninstall the Bluetooth Devices

You need to know that the hidden Bluetooth devices can prevent you to remove the other Bluetooth device. That is why; one of the best solutions to fix the Windows 10 Stuck Removing Bluetooth Device problem is by uninstalling the Bluetooth device.

To do so, you need to set your device manager for showing all the hidden devices and then uninstall them. Next, it is better to restart your computer. Below are the complete steps and guides that you can follow in order to do this second method:

  1. First of all, go to the start > type “device manager > and then double-click the first result
  2. After that, choose the view tab and click on show hidden devices
  3. Do the right-click on them and then you can choose the “uninstall’ option. This action will uninstall the Bluetooth device.
  4. Then, you need to restart your computer. Usually, all the Bluetooth devices will re-appear after you reboot the computer.
  5. The last thing is that you need to check whether the issue persists or not.

If this second solution is not working for you, you can try the next solution below.

  1. Use the Built-In Troubleshooter

Thank God because in fact the Windows 10 comes with a built-in troubleshooter. This tool will really beneficial to solve some general technical issues. That is why; you can use this Built-In Troubleshooter to fix the Windows 10 Stuck Removing Bluetooth Device. Here are the ways:

  1. First of all, you need to go to the setting > Troubleshoot > select Bluetooth
  2. After that, run the troubleshooter
  3. You can also run the Hardware and devices troubleshooter. This option is located below the Bluetooth troubleshooter.

You need to try this solution to know whether it is the best one or not.

  1. Removing the Other Wireless Devices from the Room

There are also some cases where the other wireless or Bluetooth devices can interfere with the Bluetooth device that you try to remove. That is why; if it is possible, you need to ensure whether there are not any other wireless devices that are located bear the Bluetooth devices that you want to remove.

  1. Updating the Drivers

Installing the latest drivers seems a really effective to fix the general issues on Windows 10, including the Windows 10 Stuck Removing Bluetooth Device problem. To install the latest driver updates you can launch the Device Manager. To do so, please right-click on the Bluetooth device that you want to update. After that, choose the “Update Driver” Option.

In addition, you can use the Windows Update for automatically downloading and installing the latest updates as well and it is included the newest driver. To do so, go to the setting > update&security > click the “check for updates” button and after that, you can install the updates that are available.

What we also recommend is by using the TweakBit’s Driver Updater when this tool is legally approved by the Norton and Microsoft. It will help you to download all the outdated drivers on your computer automatically. In addition, this tool will ensure that the PC or computer is secured and protected. However, we have to inform that some functions on this tool are not free.

  1. Clean the Registry

The registry keys that are missing or corrupted can cause the Windows 10 Stuck Removing Bluetooth Device problem. It can happen if the third-party of the software or malware is operated the inappropriate changes in the Bluetooth registry keys.

The easiest way for repairing the registry is by using the dedicated tool such as the Wise Registry Cleaner or the CCleaner.  One thing to remember is that please ensure that you back up the registry before doing the action.

Furthermore, to check for system file corruption, you can also use the Microsoft System File Checker. Below are the steps to run the Microsoft System File Corruption scan:

  1. You have to go to the start menu and then type the cmd
  2. After that, right-click the command prompt and choose the run as administrator option
  3. Next, type the sfc / scan now
  4. You need to wait until the scanning process is complete.
  5. Restart your computer and usually, all the corrupted files will be replaced in the reboot

To check this solution, you can try to remove the Bluetooth device again to find out whether this solution is working or not.

So, those are some simple methods and solutions that you can try for fixing the Windows 10 Stuck Removing Bluetooth Device problem. We hope that you find the right one.

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