Programmers Need These the Best Keyboards for Programming

In the future, a programmer will become a good job for a great payment. This job will become more popular due to every person’s task will be done by using a computer. There will be many of the best software for a programmer. You who study this major and become a programmer should buy the best keyboard for programming to support your job.

You recognize that this kind of keyboard supports and give advantages to your comfort and speed to type program. It has good durability and lifetime also compared to an ordinary keyboard. It will become a good weapon to empower your skill as a professional programmer.

You should buy the right keyboard and don’ wait until your old keyboard dies. The function of this keyboard is crucial due to encode language that is understood for a computer.

The Importance of a Good Keyboard

We can say that the keyboard is like a sword or weapon for the programmer. Whatever you are still studying on your major as a programmer, you will need this stuff. A good keyboard can boost performance due to comfortable and can be pushed easier by fingers. It provides better durability towards finger push.

Besides a good computer, a programmer should concern about keyboard specs also. There will be many programming keyboards that the programmer can buy. Almost the more spec, you have to pay more money to obtain this kind of keyboard.

Anyway, this kind of keyboard may not easy to be bought offline. You can buy it through the online store so that you don’t have to go outside your home. After you have done with your task, you can play games together comfortably with your friends. This keyboard is enabled you to do those things.

There will be a list of programming keyboards on this website. You can say the list below.

  1. Leopold Fc660c
  2. Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo
  3. Logitech Craft
  4. Unicomp Classic 104
  5. Corsair K83 Wireless Entertainment Keyboard

That keyboard has its own specification and price. You should understand every specification to meet your needs. Anyway, you can understand the whole specification on this site.

Specification and Price Range About Programming Keyboards

You want to buy one of the best keyboards so that you should understand about every keyboard review. There will be a plus and minus for every single product. You can choose whatever keyboard is suitable for your programming needs.

  1. Leopold Fc660c

One of the best keyboards for programmers is Leopold FC660C. This keyboard has a sturdy board and some time you need more effort to press one button on this keyboard. This programming keyboard has a demure weight rather than other programming keyboards. The weight is around 45 grams.

Leopold FC660C Best Keyboards for Programming

This board provides all arrow keys which is so important for the programmer. There is some additionals button on the keyboard which is almost similar to a laptop keyboard, such as Fn+Arrows that give you Page Up, Page Down, Home, or End.

Anyway, this keyboard also has weaknesses such as media controls and volume. Fortunately, you can solve this problem by using AutoHotKey by using mapping issues. This board will give a sound of “thock” due to needing more effort to push the button on a keyboard.

  1. Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo

The next keyboard is Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo that will not produce a sound of “thock” because it uses new technologies. This keyboard has released to aim gamers and programmers. It has good arrangement of the board and cool aesthetics. You can see RGB lighting shines in a combination with red, purple, yellow, blue, and so on.

This keyboard provides a mute button, toggle to switch, and volume control. You can say that this keyboard has a complete button rather than Leopold Fc660c. You can buy this keyboard with a price of $159.99. Anyway, it is worthed to buy this keyboard that can support your job.

You don’t need to press the keyboard too hard to solve your program such as Leopold Fc660c. This keyboard does not release “thock” sound so that it is more silence. You may not find pass-throughs on this keyboard, because this keyboard does not possess macro keys.

  1. Logitech Craft

Sometimes more expensive is better. Otherwise, you may also find a case where the stuff like the keyboard is not fit enough with the price. That is why you should search for the whole specification before you buy keyboard. One of the best keyboards for programmers is Logitech Craft.

You may not see RGB lighting that can lure gamers to buy this keyboard. It persuades people to buy because of the minimalistic design. You can say that this keyboard is really similar to the ordinary keyboard. It means that it is not interesting design. It offers good media control button for programming.

This keyboard also has characteristics of the tactile board. This keyboard does not provide an extra button that can confuse users. You can also use control customize control such as Fn key by using this keyboard.

There will be no complaint about this keyboard. You also know that Logitech is an awesome company with perfectionist performance.

This keyboard offers a higher price range than Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo that is $200. This keyboard is also useful for creative design. Anyway, many of the programmers use this keyboard.

  1. Unicomp Classic 104

Another best keyboard layout for programming is Unicomp Classic 104. This keyboard has released by an American company so that you can ensure the long life of this keyboard. It offers users to use incredible configuration and comfortable for typing in long term.

It has a simple and minimalistic design also like the Logitech Craft keyboard. The base made of black plastic and the keys are white in color. This keyboard produces a little noise due to you need more force to push the keys.

This keyboard is more affordable than others so that you can buy it without any further consideration. The price range is $99 that makes this keyboard becoming popular for any programmers.

  1. Corsair K83 Wireless Entertainment Keyboard

You may see different shaped for Corsair K83 Wireless Entertainment Keyboard. This keyboard is not suitable for gamers, but this keyboard offers strong power for programmers. This keyboard has the best key feel and lightweight that make it portable.

You can connect this keyboard with your computer in several ways. You can connect it through Bluetooth or USB port. This is suitable for the typing program due to its trackpad ability. You can replace annoying small arrow keys by using an analog stick that is easy to use.

Anyway, there will be several options for the best keyboard for coding. You can consider it based on your needs and your budget. Those can be easily bought through online store whenever you have to change your old keyboard. You can use keyboard shortcuts also to improve your encoding productivity.

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