Energy server service queencreek windows 10

energy server service queencreek

queencreek windows 10 – The Windows 10 maybe comes with all of its goodness, but in fact, various issues always come with several issues. One of the issues is the Windows 10 User esrv_svc_queencreek or we call it energy server service queencreek. The common problem is that sometimes you will not able to find the Windows 10 User esrv_svc_queencreek. Does it also happen to you? If it is so, you are in the right place.

Fortunately, some issues or problems with the Windows 10 always come with some solution to fix it where you can find the solutions in some sources. We will share some solutions to fix this issue and maybe you will find the right one. So, check this out.

Solution 1: Stop the “Windows 10 User esrv_svc_queencreek” services after the PC worked fine

Yes, this first method is maybe quite ‘wild’ and creative as well. However, surprisingly this method is really worked. That is why; it is better to try this method and find out whether it is the right one for your or not.

Below are the steps that you need to follow:

  1. Press the windows and R button on your keyboard together
  2. After that, type this command services.msc
  3. Press the enter button
  4. After that, scroll down and then do the right-click on the esrv_svc_queencreek service and choose the ‘properties’ option
  5. Click the STOP option
  6. On the startup type, you have to choose the ‘disabled’
  7. Click the apply option and then choose the OK button
  8. After that, you need to restart your computer or the PC
  9. Or, you can open the PowerShell as administrator
  10. Type the following commands and then click the enter button. The command is “stop-service ESRV_SVC_QUEENCREEK”

Get-WmiObject Win32_Service -filter “name=’ESRV_SVC_QUEENCREEK'”.Delete()

  1. Besides that, here is the alternative command that you can use in the point 10 above; sc.exe delete “ESRV_SVC_QUEENCREEK”

Well, that’s all. The last step that you need to do is just restarting your computer or the PC and you will see that this problem is fixed. If it is not working, you can try the other solutions as follows.

Solution 2: Replace the Intel Driver Update Utility with the Intel Assistant

Some users reported that this solution is the most effective so far. In fact, the Intel Driver and Support Assistant or DSA are known as one of the great ways to fix some issues or problems, including the Windows 10 User esrv_svc_queencreek. Furthermore, many people said that replacing or updating the Intel Driver Update with the Driver and Support Assistant will eliminate the errors.

Below are the complete instructions to replace the Intel Driver Update with the Intel Driver and Support or the DSA:

  1. The first of all, you need to visit the Intel official download link where you can get the link from the internet. Then, don’t forget to download the Intel Driver and Support Assistant as well.
  2. After that, open the installation executable. Next, you have to agree with the TOS and then click the install button.
  3. You might be prompted by the UAC window; if it is prompted you can hit the yes option.
  4. After that, usually you will be asked whether you are willing to participate in the Intel’s Computing Improvement Program. You can choose anything and whatever you choose will not affect anything in this whole method.
  5. After the installation is complete, you can choose the Launch button where you will start the DSA utility.
  6. Choose a browser that will be used by the DSA Utility. Next, wait for the software for scanning the system on your computer. If there is a display that states there are any pending updates, you can follow the instructions on the screen to update your system. What you need to remember is that this software is lightweight and we can say that it does not have its own interface. That is why; it will use your browser for displaying any needed information.
  7. After the drivers are installed, you need to reboot the system manually if it is not prompted to do so.
  8. In the next boot, you need to monitor the computer to see whether it is solved the Windows 10 User esrv_svc_queencreek error or not.

If the second method above is not effective, you can try the other solutions below to fix the Windows 10 User esrv_svc_queencreek problem.

Solution 3: Stop the Windows 10 User esrv_svc_queencreek Service

For some users, both of the methods above are maybe effective to solve the Windows 10 User esrv_svc_queencreek error. However, for you who find that the two solutions above are not working, you can try this third solution by stopping the service of Windows 10 User esrv_svc_queencreek.

Here are the complete steps and instructions that you can do to do this third method:

  1. Press the R and the Windows Key together for opening the Run Window.
  2. After that, you need to type the service.MSC and after that press the enter button for opening the services screen
  3. In the right panel, scroll down and you need to find the energy server service queencreek entry.
  4. Do the right-click action on that energy server service queen creek service and then choose the “Properties” option
  5. In that Properties option, you have to go to the general tab and then click the “Stop” button
  6. Wait for a while until the service is stopped. After that, access the drop-down menu that is located near the startup type. You need to change it to the disabled.
  7. The next thing, choose the “Apply” option to confirm the changes.
  8. Reboot your system and you need to check whether the Windows 10 User esrv_svc_queencreek issue has been solved or not.

Those are three different solutions that you can try to fix the Windows 10 User esrv_svc_queencreek error in your windows 10. You can try the third method above and find which one is the best for you.

We hope that this article is beneficial and you can operate your Windows 10 comfortably. So, have a try. By

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