Windows 10 the Wait Operation Timed Out

As a Windows 10 user, we are pretty sure that you have ever experienced some issues in related with the usage of your Windows 10. One of them is the message that says the wait operation timed out. In fact, this problem can happen when you do some actions such as opening the picture and so on. If you are having this problem as well, you are in the right place. Below we will share some solutions that may be beneficial for you to fix this issues. So, check this out.

  1. Restarting Your Computer

Actually, the “the wait operation timed out” issue is the minor error. That is why; sometimes you can fix it by just restarting your PC or computer. After doing this action, you have to check again whether the problem has been fixed or not. Sometimes, you even need to restart your PC several times or more than one time. At least, it is the thing that is reported by some users.

However, if you find out that it is the best solution and work for you, you need to know that it is just a workaround or in the other words we can say that this issue can appear again in the future.

  1. Manually start the application and run the desired file

Some users reported that the “the wait operation timed out´” problem appears when they are trying to open the multimedia files. If you have the same condition, this simple workaround is may be suitable for you. Here are the simple steps that you can follow:

  1. Start your multimedia player
  2. Navigate it to desired multimedia file
  3. Open the desired file
  4. If everything is in order, the playback will usually start without any problems.

Well, it is the workaround and maybe you need to repeat the same things if you experience this same issue in the future.

  1. Opening the File Again

Sometimes, the “the wait operation timed out” error happened when you try for opening the images. If it has happened to you, maybe you need to wait for a few moments. It is because sometimes the certain glitches occur randomly and it is one of the glitches. After waiting for some moments, you need to access the file again. If you are still having the issue, you maybe need to do the next solution.

  1. Restarting the Explorer

Restarting the Explorer Windows 10 the Wait Operation Timed Out

The wait operation timed out issue sometimes happens because of the problem with your File Explorer. If it is the condition that is happened to you, here are the suggestions that you need to do:

  1. Open the Task Manager by pressing the CTRL + Shift + Esc button together
  2. After that, navigate to the processes tab.
  3. Choose the windows explorer from the list and click the ‘Restart’ Button
  4. The Windows Explorer will now restart

Besides restarting the explorer, you can also end the explorer and start it again manually. Here are the ways that you need to do:

  1. Start the task manager
  2. Go to the details tab and then choose the explorer.exe.
  3. Click the “End Task” option
  4. After you are ending the process, click the file > run the new task
  5. Enter the explorer in the input field and then click OK or you can press the enter button to start it
  6. Once this explorer is restarted, you need to check whether the issue is resolved or not.

Some people say that it is really effective to solve the issue.

  1. Switch Back to the Windows Photo Viewer

Some users found that the “the wait operation timed out” happened when they want to view the images. In more detail, usually, it will have happened if the users use the Photo App to view the files. Furthermore, the Photo App is the default photo viewer for the Windows 10. You can enable this app by doing the steps below:

  1. Download the file archive. Here is the link:
  2. Once you open the file, you can run the file of the activate windows photo viewer on Windows 10.reg
  3. If there is a warning appears, you just need to click the Yes option.
  4. After you do that, the Windows Photo Viewer will be enabled.
  5. The next thing that you need to do is set it as the default application for images.

To do the fifth point above, here are the steps:

  1. You have to locate any images
  2. Right-click o it and then choose the open with>choose>another app
  3. Choose the “Windows Photo Viewer” and check the option of always use this app to open the files
  4. Click the OK button

It is so simple, isn’t it? You can try it to find out whether it is the right one or not.

  1. Disable the Antivirus Software Temporarily

We knew that the Antivirus Software is essential. However, sometimes certain antivirus tools can cause some issues to include this “the wait operation timed out’ problem. Some people reported that it is because of the Avast Antivirus.

In order to fix this problem, first of all, you need to open the antivirus and then disable some settings. We have to inform that it is the advanced process that is why; maybe you need certain knowledge about the antivirus security or you can ask for a help from the professionals.

If the way above is not working, maybe you need to uninstall the security software and then check whether it is working or not. How if it is working? In fact, you need to download the latest antivirus software again to ensure that your PC is protected. The other solution is maybe downloading the different antivirus software and check whether it can solve the problem or not. Maybe, it can be the perfect solution for you.

Those are some solutions that you can try to fix the “the wait operation timed out” problem. We hope that it is beneficial for you and the solutions above are worth to try.

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