What is SFTP Server Windows and How Does it Work?

SFTP server Windows

Have you ever heard about SFTP server Windows? How does it even work? Well, you do not have to worry about a single thing. We are here to tell you all you need to know about SFTP, SFTP server, and how it all works. So, sit back, relax, and let us help you understand all you need to know about this interesting topic.

SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol): What is it?

The first thing that we are going to talk about is what SFTP is. As you have read above, SFTP stands for SSH File Transfer Protocol. SSH itself is an abbreviation for Secure Shell protocol. SFTP is a method that you can use to transfer files. You can do this over remote systems.

SFTP is an extension of the version 2.0 of the SSH. This extension allows you to enhance the security of transferring files. SFTP is a very popular method. It supports a lot of actions, such as file access, file management, file transfer, and many other things.

How Does SFTP Work?

Now that you know what it is, you have to know about how SFTP works. And it has a lot to do with FTP server Windows. You probably already know the things that SFTP supports. What you might not know is the fact that SFTP allows you to do all of that without data channels or command. The commands and data in SFTP are encrypted. They are transferred in special packets, which use SSH to create a secure connection.

Security in SFTP

If we want to talk about SFTP server Windows, then you need to know about the security system in SFTP.  You can do several things to authenticate an SFTP connection. The basic authentication uses an ID and password from the client. That way, the client will be able to connect to the server. When it comes to SSH authentication, then you are required to use SSH keys instead of an ID and password. However, sometimes this authentication process requires a combination of SSH keys and an ID and password.

Final Thoughts

If you are interested in SFTP, then you need to know the basics. You need to know what it is and how it works. That way, you will understand this concept better. With the help of our explanation, you will be able to learn all you need to know about SFTP server Windows without any problem at all.

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