Whatsapp for Laptop Windows 10

Whatsapp for Laptop Windows 10

Whatsapp is a popular chat application that can be used on several devices such as in the smartphone and tablet. The interesting thing is that Whatsapp can be also used in your laptop, included for the laptop that uses the Windows 10 operation. It is maybe a new thing for some of you, but in fact, Whatsapp can be easily installed in the Windows 10. In addition, some users reported that it is easier than installing Whatsapp in Windows 7.

Whatsapp is really interesting because it is easy to use and it has various interesting features too. In fact, there are two ways that you can try to install Whatsapp for Windows 10; the first way is by downloading it from the Whatsapp official site and the other way is by downloading it from the OS Windows 10. If you want and really need to download Whatsapp for laptop Windows 10, below we will share some instructions that can be beneficial.

Whatsapp application for windows 10

To try downloading Whatsapp application, maybe this first method is the best for you. Here are the complete instructions and steps to do this first method.

  1. You need to find the link for downloading Whatsapp for Windows 10, here is download WhatsApp Windows 10
  2. Automatically, the system will detect the kind of Windows 10 that you use. It can be the 32 bit or the 64 bit
  3. After that, you need to choose or click the button of download for Windows …
  4. Then, if the Whatsapp application has been downloaded, open the file location where you save that installer. Next, click the Whatsapp setup; wait until the installation process was done. If it is finished usually the Whatsapp application for PC will be appeared.
  5. For running the Whatsapp application in your PC, you need to open the Whatsapp application on your mobile phone and then choose the option of WhatsApp webs.
  6. After that, scan the QR code that appears in the PC Application or laptop. You can direct your mobile phone to that QR code until it is connected.

That’s it. This method can be different from when you try to download Whatsapp for the Windows 7 which is usually the white screen will appear when you try to download this app. However, downloading WhatsApp for Laptop Windows 10 will be easier and usually, there will be not any further difficulties that happen.

Method 2

If the first method above is just too difficult to try for you, maybe this second method will be perfect. Here are some steps that you can do to download and install the Whatsapp application for your Laptop Windows 10 and for the Windows 8 as well. Please remember that you need to ensure that your smartphone is connected to the internet properly.

  1. First of all, you have to visit the official page of Whatsapp site and then download the installation file of Whatsapp for Windows.
  2. Run the download or installation file that you have downloaded
  3. Connect your smartphone to the internet and then open the Whatsapp application. Please make sure that you have used the newest version of Whatsapp application to avoid further problems.
  4. To use the Whatsapp application in your smartphone, you have to move the QR code that is shown on your Windows PC. If you use the iPhone you can do this way: open your WhatsApp > settings > WhatsApp web to scan the QR code.
  5. If you use the Android or Windows Phone you have to open the WhatsApp > menu > WhatsApp web for scanning the QR Code.
  6. Scan your QR Code that is displayed in your computer and then taps the OK, Got It or the button that is identical when you see the confirmation box.
  7. After the QR code is successfully scanned you can use the Whatsapp application in your PC Windows 10 or Windows 8.

Open Whatsapp on the browser

  1. That was a simple way that you can do just type https://web.whatsapp.com/
  2. If you use the Android or Windows Phone you have to open the WhatsApp > menu > WhatsApp web for scanning the QR Code.
  3. After the QR code is successfully done, all steps already finished

It is done. The steps above are so easy to do. That is why; you can even try to download it by yourself.  Just follow those instructions to download and install Whatsapp for laptop Windows 10. However, if you find any difficulties in downloading WhatsApp for Laptop Windows 10 you can ask for a help from the people who know about it better.

Whatsapp for Windows 10

We can say that Whatsapp web has already had the comfortable interface, but still, there are so many users who still don’t want to use it. One of the reasons why the users did it is because of the mobility. At the present time, Whatsapp is launching the chatting application for the desktop version so users can use it freely. This Whatsapp application nowadays is just available for the Windows and Mac users only. By using the desktop version of Whatsapp will make you don’t need to open the certain web page to chat with your friends.

The Whatsapp application for Windows and Mac has the almost similar appearance to the smartphone version of Whatsapp. Using this application will make you able to send and receive the text messages, photo, video and the audio file in the easier way. One more thing, this application is also completed with the live notification feature.

With more than a billion users in all over the world, Whatsapp is now becoming the most popular chatting application and this is also the most used application for chatting that you can find at the present time. This chatting application is owned by Facebook Inc and it exclusively presents the services for the smartphone. However, one year ago, Facebook decided to make the Whatsapp web version so that the PC or computer users can freely do the chatting activity via this Whatsapp application anytime and anywhere.

That is the information that we can share about downloading and running Whatsapp for Laptop Windows 10. We hope that this article is beneficial so that you can start to use WhatsApp in your Laptop Windows 10.

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