Windows 10 Night Light vs Flux

Some computer users are maybe not so comfortable enough with the light of their computer. Actually, having the too bright lightning in your computer can trigger some problems such as hard to go to sleep, eye strain and many more again. If it has happened to you, then you have to do something.

Well, what we mean here is that maybe you have to change your color temperature on your screen so that it can match the sun. For this case, you can do several programs that are available. Today in this article, we will talk more about the Windows 10 Nightlight vs Flux in which those programs are claimed as the best one to fix the color temperature problem. So, which one is the best?

The Windows 10 Night Light

How to Enable Night Light on Windows 10

We can say that it is a relatively new program. This feature was first appeared with the Creators Update in early on 2017. Well, maybe it is the answer that Microsoft gives to Flux although maybe the Windows 10 Night Light does not have the same advanced capabilities as the Flux. However, maybe it is the good tool that suits with your needs.

It is so easy to access the Windows Night Light. What you have to do is just pressing the Windows Key + I together. This action will open the setting menu. After that, you have to go to the system, choose the display and then click the night light setting option.

Here are the complete instructions that we can describe:

  1. Press the windows key + I to open the setting
  2. After that, go to the system > display > nightlight settings
  3. Enable it immediately by clicking the option of the turn-on now
  4. Next, you can move the slider for adjusting the color temperature.

Usually, the further left you to go, the blue light will be less emitted. However, maybe some users are not able to find the setting. If it has happened to you, it means that you don’t have the Creators Update yet.

In addition, you can also make a schedule to the Windows 10 Night Light where it will activate at sunrise and then slowly decrease its blue light until the sunset came. To do this command, you need to slide the scheduled night light option to the ‘On’ button. This action will detect your local sunrise and sunset times automatically.

However, you can also set hours to manually the time where the Night Light can activate and deactivate itself based on the sun. If you want to quickly turn the Night Light from the Action Center, here are the instructions that you need to follow:

  1. Press the Windows Key + A button together
  2. After that, it will slide in on the right of the screen
  3. You just need to click the night light option to turn it on or you can click again to turn it off.
  4. How if you don’t see the tile? If it has happened, you can press the ‘Windows key’ + I button together to open the setting
  5. After that, you need to go to the system > notification and action
  6. Then, choose the ‘add or remove quick action’
  7. Once you are there, slide the night light to the ‘On’ option

That is the information about Windows 10 Night Light that we can share.


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Flux adjusting the color temperature

Next, let us talk about Flux. We can say that Flux is a popular program for adjusting the color temperature. In fact, this tool is free, simple and effective as well. For the first time, you maybe will feel that there is a drastic change. However, once you get used to that, you will feel that it is OK.

Flux adjusting the color temperature

After you have FLUX in your computer, the first thing that you need to do is right-click in the tray icon and then choose the change location menu. In that Window, you have to input your zip code or location. After that, choose the search option and then press the OK button for confirming. This action will be able to make FLUX is able to adjust depends on your local sunrise and sunset.

After that, here are some instructions that you can do further:

  1. Right-click the FLUX icon and then choose the flux color and schedule option.
  2. To choose from the preset color schemes, you can use the top-right drop down. It will serve you the different amounts of the Blue Light.
  3. You can choose the classic flux if you feel that the recommended colors option is too strong

In fact, Flux also has some other options that you can do to have your own adjustment. For the example, you can set the earliest wake time in the bottom part. This action will shift the timeline of the color change.

How if you want to disable Flux for an hour or for certain of time? Here are the steps to do that action:

  1. You just need to press the alt + end button together
  2. If you want to disable flux for its full-screen applications, you can right-click the icon and then go to the disable and choose the for fullscreen apps.

You can know and learn all the features that are owned by Flux naturally after you downloaded this program.

Which one is having the best Blue Light Filter?

Well to answer this question is maybe a little bit hard because it depends on someone’s taste. However, for us, Flux is the better one. In fact, it has a lot of useful features such as the automatically disabled for the full-screen applications, the ability for switching between the preset schemes colors and also adjusting the speed at which the color is changed.

However, if you thought that you don’t need some of the advanced features above, we can say that the Windows 10 Night Light is the best option. It does the job really well and we are pretty sure that this program will be growth from time by time.

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