Windows 10 Upgrade Folder

The “C:\ Windows10Upgrade” folder appears after you install the Windows 10 Update Assistant to get the latest version of Windows 10. Containing a program for Windows 10 Update Assistant App, this folder is only 19.9MB in size.

Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant is an automatic update feature launched by Windows to help the Windows 10 update process. This application allows you to update at once automatically. Furthermore, by installing Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant, you can secure the entire Windows system.

In terms of its function, the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant feature has many benefits. However, many users also feel annoyed since this program consumes enough RAM, reducing the performance of their laptops.

Besides, this application frequently updates without notice once the laptop connects to the internet. The users complain that the unwanted updates reduce their internet quota without them knowing. Therefore, if you experience a similar problem, you should turn off the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant before starting the update process.

However, some people are hesitant to delete it for fear of having an impact on the Windows operating system. If you do not need Windows 10 Assistant App, you can delete this folder easily and securely by uninstalling the application. To have a better understanding of how to remove windows10Upgrade folder, here are some explanations that you need to know.

Windows 10 Upgrade Folder Location

As discussed in the previous paragraph, the location of the Windows 10 Upgrade folder is in Local Disk C. This folder contains Windows program files that you install on PC or laptop. If you want to delete program folders in Local Disk C, you must also uninstall the programs related to that folder. Do the same way if you want to delete the Windows 10 Upgrade folder.

Do I Need the Windows 10 Upgrade Folder?

This folder is part of the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant after you update the Windows 10. If you think that the operating system is running well, you may delete this folder. Microsoft will not allow you to remove this folder directly. However, you can automatically delete it after uninstall the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant.

You have a choice to delete this folder or not, but it is safe to remove it from the computer. Do note that the folder containing program files from Windows 10 is meant to protect these programs from viruses. Worry no more since you can reinstall the Windows 10 Assistant App if you want to get it back any time.

Can i delete windows10upgrade folder ?

How to Delete Windows 10 Upgrade Folder

If you think that Windows Update Assistant interferes with your PC’s performance, you can turn it off or uninstall it. In some cases, the PC users are at a disadvantage since Windows Update Assistant updates programs without asking for approval. If you feel the same way, you may turn it off temporarily or permanently.

  1. How to Turn off the Windows Update Assistant Temporarily
  • Open the Task Manager, then select the “Services” option on the right side.
  • After that, look for “Windows Update” program. Click and select the “stop” option and then “okay” option.
  • Next, you can return to Task Manager, then open the “Process” tab.
  • Look for the program called “UpdateAssistantApp.exe” in the table, then click and select End Task.
  • This method is only temporary. In other words, when the computer restarts, the Windows Update Assistant download process will resume. Therefore, if you feel at a disadvantage, you should turn it off permanently.
  1. How to Turn off the Windows Update Assistant Permanently
  • First, click the “Start” menu, then open the “Control Panel” option.
  • After that, select the “Apps & Features” menu.
  • In this menu, you can see a list of all applications installed on your computer.
  • Select “Windows 10 Update Assistant”, then click uninstall.
  • After uninstalling Windows 10 Update Assistant, Windows 10 Upgrade Folder will disappear.

Besides, there are the other steps to turn off Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant as follows:

  • First, look for the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant application on the computer desktop. After that, right-click and select the “Open File Location” menu to see the location of the program.
  • After that, find the folder called “Windows10upgradeapp” and right-click. Find the “properties” option and enter the “security” menu tab.
  • Next, you will see three names in the “group or usernames” section, namely System, Administrator, and User.
  • Check all the “deny” columns in all three sections, then click “ok” to save all changes you have made.
  • After following the steps above, you still need to turn off the application access permission so that the application does not automatically turn on again.

Those are some ways to remove Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant. Try these steps if you feel disturbed by the update process, which is often without approval. By doing this, you can prevent the losses of internet quota for the unwanted updates without prior notice.


From the explanations above, we can conclude that you must first uninstall the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant program to delete windows10upgrade folder. Furthermore, you may delete Windows 10 Upgrade Assistance if you are disturbed by its performance.  For More Details reference you may going to microsoft community

Windows Update function:

  • Check for updates that your computer needs.
  • Resolve an error during the update process.
  • Improve the security of your computer.
  • Update and add operating systems.
  • Help the device operate more efficiently.

The advantages of Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant:

  • Help to overcome Windows operating systems experiencing bugs or errors.
  • Automatically update security-related databases to increase security protection.
  • Keep the computer up-to-date since the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant will download the latest available software.

The disadvantages of Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant:

  • Turning off the automatic feature will make a buildup of programs that your computer must update. It makes files you have to download bigger.
  • Turning on the automatic feature will make the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant work behind every time you connect to the internet. Sometimes, it burdens the computer performance.
  • The Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant application can download and install any available updates without the user’s consent.
  • Due to unconnected computer with the internet, accumulate updates can cause longer update processes, which sometimes also interfere the computer performance.

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